December 03
Peace has been said to be indivisible; so is freedom...


FEBRUARY 23, 2012 12:57PM

the present

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another death

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i loved your comment on the previous post:
"I need a bit of peace and a little tender loving care
at this stage in my life - am tired.

I shall delve deeper into work and try to find love warmth
and solace and comfort and answers
in that and through that .."

ask yourself: what exactly IS your work
in this wicked world?
Define it definitively.
Then live it.

Grace light and charm. you.
minimalism that consumes us all

Your lonely word echoes in the white space, too exhausted even to sport a capital or a period, and probably doing a poor job expressing just how worn out and worn down you really are. But sometimes brevity does a better job than a river of words, and I suspect this is just such a case.

So I let that lone word rattle around in my mind for a while, and imagined its connection to you, like a talisman offered up for an act of sympathetic magic. I let it sit quietly, resting in the recesses of my imagination, while I surrounded it with candle light and the gentle sound of wind chimes and the gurgling of the stream of consciousness that ambles past on its way through the wooded glen that sprung up around your word.

It's nighttime in the clearing where your word rests, and the crystal sky overhead is awash with the milky way. Draw strength from the universe, let it cleanse the muck that living has flecked you with, and bask in the soothing sights, sounds and smells of your private sanctuary.

Be well, N.

Phil Zack