MAY 23, 2012 10:38AM

Weird Shit Wednesday

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It IS Wednesday, isn't it?  Okay then.
I have some fairly long-standing tabs to get rid of.  Plus a brand new one from this morning:
Alzheimer's may be caused by interdimensional mind parasites.  Ah, so having found a possible cause, that means a possible cure.  But, damn, those interdimensional space beings have been messing with us in various ways from the beginning of time.  But OTOH, if we just en masse become aware of their manipulations...  Eh.  More coffee. 
Ronnie Reagan's blood for sale!  For those vampires that have been messing with us from the beginning of time, a special treat.  Has it turned to powder? If it's shaken by Dick Cheney on Reagan's birthday will it reliquify?  If it reliquifies, does that mean Yellowstone is about to blow?  Or the New Madrid?
The latest cancer cure.  Sigh, since the beginning of time, or at least my time, these announcements keep getting made.  But nothing ever comes of them.  The reason given being that Big Pharma can't make money out of corn-starch or whatever the latest cure-all is.  Bah, humbug - somebody would figure a way.  Wall Street makes money outta nothing. P.S. - Now I hear pot cures cancer.  
GROUND-UP FETUSES IN YOUR SODA POP!  You shouldn't be drinking that stuff anyway.  What's wrong with water, with maybe a squeeze of lemon.  (Note:  that advice does not apply to Pennsylvania.) (Note 2:  If Ronnie's blood reliquifies, Pennsylvania will go boom.)  From the news (or 'news') item:  (NaturalNews*) The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue.  LifeSiteNews.comreports that the ObamaSecurity and Exchange Commission(SEC) has decided that PepsiCo's arrangement with San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, which produces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsi using human embryonic kidney tissue, simply constitutes "ordinary business operations." Sounds unlikely to me, and how did Pepsi get its flavoring agents before Roe, or it got it via the clothes-hanger underground?  Anyway, that Obama - sounds just like him.  STOP SOCIALIZED SODA POP.
*How about a news site called Unnatural News?
Oh, and just last night, thanks (?) to jmac, I learned about doodah parades. Life is one big doodah parade, with fetal pop to soothe your thirst if you march too fast towards the caldera.

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You forgot the breaking news 'Church of Pastafarianism Finds World Soul in Packet of Ramen Noodles...Magical Package of Fast Food Noodles to be Auctioned for 100 Million Dollars on Ebay!'...wink
I knew this day was starting out strange.
Hey Guurrll, space vampires have been smoking pot and drinking fetal soda pop while organizing Doo Dah parades since Abraham left Ur for his Biblical road show!
I like this Weird Wednesday idea, Myriad but ...
Ronald Regan's blood?

Does this mean the Pro-lifers will stop drinking Pepsi?
I am waiting for the aliens to save us from the ongoing shit storm of our very own creation....
Love this post Myriad!!
Excellent idea for us all.
Don't know about Reagan's blood...Revival of Vampires, coming to a movie house near you....funny...
Odd here too. But not that Odd. Ha.
Pod person!

AKA - hope it improved!

Jmac - doo dah parades thru history. Israelites wandering in the desert may be an earlyish version. Oh wait - the segments of humankind who wandered up out of Africa and dispersed - marching funny and wearing strange costumes.

Scarlett - I certainly hope so! Why anyone drinks any kind of soda pop is beyond me. Though when I was a kid I liked coke cuz you could shake it and make it foam...

Mission - it looks like a toss whether the aliens will save us or sabotage us...

Zanelle - happy to hear your local level of oddness is lower (esp. with *neighbor* gone)

Joanne - yeah, who knew of all the horrors lurking...
how about the chinese woman that put menstrual blood in her bosses coffee?
Id think twice about any coffee now hahaha
Great God Almighty! How do they come up with this crap?
Yuck! Where do you go to find these "news" stories, anyway?

I like Weird Shit Wednesday...even if some of this news is very troubling....
As to Jejune- I have been a pastafarian for years and the soul is better found in Gluten free noodles. I think that if I could get a hold of Pepsi- secret flavoring stash I could rule the world.
Yike. This is weird Wednesday...
Pot cures cancer!?!?!?
I can start lighting up again like back in the old days and enjoy good health forever!!
Actually, smoking pot while in chemo *can* keep the appetite together and for a frail patient that might make the difference between living and not...
I've heard several cancer patients claim it made the difference for them, and these were not former pot smokers at all.
Georgia conservatives and pro-lifers, even.
I want some of Reagan's blood so I can summon Nyarlathotep from that interdimensional Beyond where the mind parasites live. Also, Pepsi's new ad campaign should center around the theme of "Now With More Embryonic Kidney Tissue!"
KEWL!!! I love weird shit! (and stop calling me Wednesday, dammit!)

Here's one for you: Did you know that there is a restarant in Memphis that advertises that they STILL use the same grease they started with around 100 years ago? (can you say, EWWWWWW!???)
More weird and interesting news ~
Oxford announce today its plan to analyze Bigfoot DNA.
LMAO funny!!
(but goofy)
So Pepsi cola is the preferred drink of cannibals. That's something I never even knew. So the theme song for Night of the Living Dead should be: We're the Pepsi Generation, comin' atcha, goin' strong. We got a lot to give to those who like to live,. And if you're livin', you belo-o-o-o-ong.
Definitely weird shit. What I read about cancer, though, wasn't a cure but a really good way to get drugs into the cancer cells using folate as a carrier. So still lots of money for Pharma.
Pepsi? Ewwww!!!! Still, I do love a good doo-dah parade! Who wouldn't!?
Linda - Gee, gonna look with suspicion at all the jolly ladies dispensing Tim Horton's...

Erika - there is no possible thought that has not been expressed...and even attempted to be manifested...

Lezlie - I think I got them all from Facebook, aka

Alysa - Troubling Tuesday. For the non-foodies.

Gary - I like it - the bleeding statue of Reagan. But that would devalue this auction item if there is a continuous supply...

Snarky - noodles and pepsi rule...they're the modern mass

Just Thinking - but so much better to smoke BEFORE, and then not have cancer. I was just reading how pot also KILLS EVERY all in all it would be the answer to America's health-care problem.

Nana - "Now With More Embryonic Kidney Tissue!" I like it!

Amy - now, now - they're being good recycling citizens. But I'm surprised anybody can eat their stuff.

Just Thinking - saw that (after your comment). Was wondering where the heck they got the DNA. But it's people giving them *evidence*. I'm waiting for the space-alien DNA project.

Poor Woman - we need a good laugh now and then, and if it be at the expense of crackpots, then so much the better.

Jack - Between you and Nana, you could come up with a whole new Pepsi campaign. I suggest bringing Michael Jackson back from the dead as a zombie and setting him on fire again.

Just Phyllis - never doubt Big Pharma's ability to cure any potential loss of revenue

ccdarling - I envisage a Pepsi float in the doo dah parade.
If you shake the the dried up blood of Ronnie Reagan on his birthday, an angel gets the shits!! Wait, what? :D
I like how in these times of exceptional bleh-ness, some seek to reinvent OS. Weird Shit Wednesday is an excellent new feature. While I missed it on Wednesday, even on Thursday, it is delightful. Thank you, missy. BTW, is there any way to check on the authenticity of Ronald Reagan's blood? Because I might have a few gallons in my basement.
Here's a reason to look forward to hump day, even though today is Thursday. When you are retired they all run together anyway. I am surprised to learn that Reagan had blood. R
Tink - Alas, the Reagan blood has been withdrawn from sale. Something about *outrage*. Who'da thot?

Greenheron - oops, the market for Reagan blood has just crashed.

Gerald - the Reagan blood was dry. Just sort of sifted thru his veins when he moved, I guess.