FEBRUARY 14, 2012 10:45AM


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Ha! I'd like to shoot that dam cupid too!! Good one!
LMAO!!!!!!!! You are such a character, Myr. I see we share the same mood this morning.

I knew I could count on you for the best post on the subject and also a good laugh.
Locked and loaded! Hahahaha!
Oh i so enjoy reading the Anti-Cupid posts.
I pity my gender, out there scurrying and worrying
and plotting plans that will
always come up short.

Why is there a word, "cupidity", meaning greed?
Very cool! Some VD's are like that.
rated with love
I could have used that with my first wife!
Awww - who the heck wants to shoot Cupid??!
Oh foof. I took a kind of semi-vow not to post or comment till my various techsavvy friends FINALLY succeed with me to substitute for my "greyhead" an avatar that at least helps anyone who might be interested to know that "I" (?) 'amn't a spammer'. But this one is too good to miss chiming in on. THANKS, Myriad, and all comment-ers. I'll spare you all my own tale [.despite the temptation to tell it ;-)].

Yup. Some days are like that.
OK already. I've lowered the bow, sheathed the arrow and am backing away. See ya!