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SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 10:20PM

Random facts--read all 12!

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#1  I didn’t know until I was 22 that pineapples grow on the ground. I thought they grew in trees.

#2 I once helped Dolly Parton buy panty hose in the Galleries Lafayette in Paris. She complimented me on my ability to speak English.

#3  My favorite comfort food is tapioca pudding.

#4  I won 2nd place in a Campbell’s soup recipe contest when I was a junior in high school. I made my family miserable trying to create a dessert. The winning recipe used cheddar cheese soup.

#5  My name originates from Taiwan and means ‘goddess of love and beauty’. It was the name of a heroine in the romance novel my aunt was reading when I was born a girl to parents who were waiting for a boy.

#6  I started smoking when I was 16. I was working at a newspaper, went on break and none of the sandwich or candy bar vending machines worked. So I bought a pack of cigarettes because that vending machine worked.

#7  In junior high I checked out a Russian book so I could teach myself Russian. It didn’t work.

#8  I had to attend charm school twice because I got kicked out the first time.

#9  I once dined in a Navy submarine and had drinks with the Captain.

#10  I have horrible test anxiety. Usually my scores on standardized tests go down each time I take the (same) test.

 #11  I worry that I am abnormally attached to my iPhone.

 #12  I have roach phobia and will not ever attempt to get past one. I wait until it has scurried by so it doesn’t run up my leg.

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I really like #9. It is awesome...was it fun? R
Man you guys are on the ball. I am putting mine up tomorrow.
Tapioca pudding.. I think I will have some now..
Dolly... what a scream..:)
Rated with hugs
"I didn’t know until I was 22 that pineapples grow on the ground. I thought they grew in trees.


Seriously? They don't grow in trees???? No kidding?

(god, I feel like an idiot now!!!!)
#2 would have made a fabulous short film or video on YouTube! I love your name!
I officially grant you a doctorate in Charm.
Love #2. (The list #, not a bowel movement.)
In all 3 apartments I grew up in in Evanston Il, we had roaches. I didn't have a proper grasp of how gross they are until I didn't live with them for several years.

I miss tapioca pudding. Thanks for the reminder.
Pineapples don't grow on trees? Say it ain't so! Tapioca is is rice pudding. I am so with you on the testing phobia, which is part of the reason I dropped out of college. And for attachment is to my blackberry....same problem. And I'll read your cards if ever I go to Austin!
Dolly, panty-hose, Galeries Lafayette, and you! Guess Paris has never been the same:) And--the third time's the charm (#8) so they say, but if you did it in 2, good for you. I went to charm school too, and remember the Corn Silk compact that was part of the SWAG.
What size pantyhose does Dolly Parton wear?
I must be tired, I can't think of a good Dolly Parton joke...
Loved #8 mypsyche and #9 deserves a whole blog.
Great list! I love #2. Dolly is the best.
i can't see you getting kicked out of charm school.
Well, seems like I'm not alone on being "pineapple challanged"
That pineapple thing has me thinking! Great 12!
Please send me your #4 recipe because I've had a can of cheese soup in the pantry for at least 5 years and I've never seen a recipe that calls for it.

Too bad you couldn't return the compliment to Dolly huh?
I love your name. It's beautiful.
I think the fact that you started smoking because the candy machines didn't work shows that you have the ability to adapt to any situation. Even scurrying roaches, as you very-practically wait for them to pass before moving on. (And I didn't know about the pineapple, either.)
Okay, I have to come up with a list of twelve myself...
-- In Hawaii, if people have pineapple plants growing in their front yards, they have to remove the fruit as soon as it is possible because another person will come along and take it.
-- I just wrote a blog about my Russian roots. I keep thinking I should learn some words. What a terrible Russian Blue kitty I am for not knowing any words!
Best Wishes,
#2 classic!
#4 what did you make?!
#6 I started when I was 12
#12 they FREAK me out too!
I started smoking cigarettes because they effectively masked the smell of the pot I was smoking. Great list.
Yeah, I knew I liked you. Wait a minute... pineapples don't grow on trees?~r
#4 - I am so impressed.
#9 - I would love to do that.
I'd love to hear more about dining in a Navy submarine and having drinks with the Captain! That sounds like it might be a very fascinating story!
Fabulous list - I am incredibly impressed by #4. You made a dessert using canned cheese soup? Who cares about tests and charm school if you can do that?!
You are so frickin' cool . . . and that's the most interesting reason to start smoking I've heard in a long time. Tapioca pudding? ::shudder:: Something about the texture just freaks me the hell out.
So will you write a separate post about your Dolly Parton experience? These are fun! Thanks.
Pineapples grow on the ground? Wow.
I join you with the roach phobia. When I was in college, I would just move if I saw one.
These were great! How cool and hilarious is #2?! And the smoking one is very interesting. It's true it's easy to get addicted to something when that's all there is out there. Thanks for these very insightful facts.