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JANUARY 10, 2009 7:14PM

Fuck you, OS. I'm out.

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You know what I am tired of posting shit that is completely underappreciated.  You people don't know a real writer when you see one.  Your post all your bullshit about politics and world events and personal experiences as if you knew something.  Well I'm here to tell you it's all crap compared to my superior intelectual writing skills.

If you all just understood my brilliance you would never pass up one of my posts.  The mild entertainment the rest of you provide pales in comparrison to the wonder that is me.  

This is obviously a pond of mediocrity and I must move on to the ocean of praise I so rightfully deserve.  So that's it.  Peace bitches.  I'm out unless I get at least 20 comments worshipping me for the paragon that I am.



If you read this and thought 'man, what a self serving cunt'.  Let me just say how right you are.  This site is full of wonderful, amazing, brilliant, clever, heartwarming, intelligent, thought provoking, wonderfully offensive, funny as hell people that should never be degraded just to make one's own writing feel better than.

I understand the frustration of not having your shit read, but guess what, all of us feel that way sometimes.  It's only human to feel that you aren't getting the attention you deserve.  But to sit there and say that the writing of the wonderful people on this site are "without note and merit" isn't cool.  

I haven't met most of the people I adore on this site, but I feel that I've made a few friends out of it and they are amazing writers.  I don't like it when people degrade my freinds.  I don't care if you're writing is fucking Einsteinian. 

You want to leave, fine.  You want to post about leaving, fine.  But you post about leaving because everyone on here is too ignorant to understand your brilliance and then say their writing is inferior... You'll get the finger from me.

 And it ain't the monkey finger.


 Edit:  Upon request, this post was in reference to this post:

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Ok, darling, how many beers have you had??? Nobody appreciates a good rant more than me ... and I'd say that's a damn homerun!!! Take the bases with you, girl!!!
You are SUCH a bitch, Mung.

And I mean that in the best way.

BIG hug!

THUMBIFICATION to the MAX i fucking MUM!
I thoroughly enjoyed every word of your post. No wonder you liked my "bitch slap" line in my post. I promise that when I leave I won't announce it to anyone...not a peep...I'lll just be gone. But for you, I'll send a private message. Rated.
Mung, I thought you were kidding on the other blog when you said you're gonna write this- oh too too funny ;D you are luvved and appreciated woman
Damn, I leave for a while to help a friend and what has happened? Why do things go haywire on weekends? Are too many drinkin' & bloggin'? Love you, Mungular, especially w/o the monkey finger.
Don't get frustrated - you're good and must have been laughing as you typed.

Are you off to that ocean of praise on the first iceberg passing by?
I'm not worthy, but I love you. You're a paragon, is what you are.

Beam me up, Scotty!
Is everyone here old enough to remember Joe Walsh's tune "Life's been good to me so far.."? My favorite line in that song is where he says, "everybody say I'm cool.....HE'S COOL"! This kinda reminds me of that. Very funny.
we're not worthy, (low bow)
we're not worthy (lower bow)
Man you're funny...and you've got a great point; several, actually.

Everyone has their own style of writing, and strong points. There's TONS of great material here.

Personally, when I write depressing stuff, people read it. When it's bright and cheery...(on my "day blog", before I got into my current drama), not so much. It's all relative.

Anyhow...I agree with you. Nice post!
One time I ran away from home. Nobody noticed. I came home when it got cold and crawled into bed. I quit OS once, nobody noticed. I came home and wrote some more. I commented on my own stories and found my comments insightful and profound. It became fun again. By the way I am going to find that Ceiling Cat eventually
The first lesson in writing a post that attracts plenty of attention---include the phrase "OS." We will all flock to it like sheep. Then add a touch of the whimsy too, like "Fuck You," and you are well on your way to super-stardom. Just try to remember the lowly of us as your star soars.
I was waiting for this, Mung! You go, girl! Kickin' arse and takin' names, one in particular. Rated all the day long.
Flouncing the Flounced. Love it. Rated.
Awww.. please don't go, Mungular! You're too funny to leave.

The Many, The Mediocre, The OS Typing Pool.
You are funny. I know you were being sarcastic back at Z's but my response was written before I saw yours and I WAS still wrong over there–I didn't mean to say what I said. I'm a guest over there. Even if he was wrong, two wrongs...

BUT! But wait! If EVERYONE did the same thing...everything lost their marbles like you just did so that every post was a rant like this so that Monday morning Kerry and Thomas see nothing but shit like this ...well, that's kinda of funny, no?

Forget a suggested that. I kid.
Perfect , you lil' lesbo bitch; I lore the fact that you are "pretending " to get nterested in any direction other than your own lesbian goals.
Let me just say how right you are. This site is full of wonderful, amazing, brilliant, clever, heartwarming, intelligent, thought provoking, wonderfully offensive, funny as hell people that should never be degraded just to make one's own writing feel better than.

I understand the frustration of not having your shit read, but guess what, all of us feel that way sometimes. It's only human to feel that you aren't getting the attention you deserve. But to sit there and say that the writing of the wonderful people on this site are "without note and merit" isn't cool.

I haven't met most of the people I adore on this site, but I feel that I've made a few friends out of it and they are amazing writers. I don't like it when people degrade my freinds. I don't care if you're writing is fucking Einsteinian.

You want to leave, fine. You want to post about leaving, fine. But you post about leaving because everyone on here is too ignorant to understand your brilliance and then say their writing is inferior... You'll get the finger from me.

And it ain't the monkey finger.
awesome post, dude. i've come to loathe people who believe they are terminally special, that no one else understands the hell they are feeling. The "i'm taking my ball home. i don't want to play anymore." because they are not getting enough attention. I've been there and, I hate to admit, I'm somewhat there now since I'm new, but, shit, that is no excuse for denigrating other people with talent. so, you rock, man.
i adore you idaho spud! i'm still trying to figure out if ceiling cat really IS omnipresent :)
T-Bucket just made me blush.
Mother: I think I'm at five now with one whiskey shot. I just couldn't stand it. Had to show my ass. You know me ;)

Verbal: I take it as a wonderful compliment coming from you. Thanks!

Greg: Big hugs right back atcha babe.

Stellaa: haha. You guys aren't ever getting rid of me. My bitch ass is here to stay. And the avatar is me and my dogs. They are attacking me while I try to take a nice family photo.... You see how that worked out. Thanks for the comment!

MTK: You also better send a forwarding site address too, damn it! You are one of the greats.

JK: I was trying to whore a bit with the title. I just couldn't stand another flouncing post on the freaking rated list when they were denouncing the people on this site. But I humbly welcome you to this wonderland of fantastic writing.

Hya: I had to. It was the beer ;)

Julie: Yeah, I've wrote worse after a couple of beers. I won't feel the need to apologize for this one tomorrow.

Attention: Oh I was never off to my glorious ocean. I prefer the pool of mediocrity, and of course by mediocrity I mean brilliance.

Rich: Very nice. I love a good sci-fi reference.

Joe: Exactly.

bah: lol. Actually the point is you are all worthy. Very, very worthy.

Karin: Glad we're on the same page.

darkside: That's the beauty of this place. There's something for everyone. And that's why calling it crap is worth shit stained toilet paper.

idaho: ceiling cat??? I'm totally confused.

m.a.h.: I know it was a cheap shot. But it's all Bob Eckstein's fault.

Ann: I'm with you. I'm surprised I was the first. Thanks a lot!

Janie: Beers... 6 now. Comments I believe I've hit the 20 mark. lol Not that I was actually ever gonna leave.

Shiral: Oh, believe me, I'm down with the pool. This is my kinda place.
Dang gal...tell how you really feel! I adore you young mung.
Maybe we will have to start our own site. Underappreciated Whiners Salon. A place for self pity.
And the tag: priceless.
Bob: God would that be funny. Obviously I have documentation now that it would be your fault now. lol I had fun writing this. Thank you for the inspiration.

T: HAHAHAHAHHAAH. Omg, I almost spewed my beer on that one. Damn good comment.

Theodora: No excuse. You're absolutely right. I hope you like it here. I know I do.

Luluand: I was just done with the bullshit. Maybe it's the full moon.

gracie: lol. You are definitely one of the people I adore. You fit into many of the categories I mentioned above.
Saturday night is here and the first blog i read is this?????
I thought this was a 'flouncing off' post. Now I am laughing and wondering about the full moon.
did somebody do that? i must have missed it while busy reading funny shit like this.
Bob pointed out to me that it might be helpful to mention what this is in reference to.
This should answer your question Lonnie.
You are awesome, Mungular. That is all.
jim: no shit. we can call it assholeswhothinkthey'

K8: that's what I figure all the flouncing is about.

Suzie: The full moon is probably the reason.... Plus the booze.

JL: Ah, my partner in crime. I just couldn't hold it in any longer. Thank you for the compliment, sweetie.
Zyskander the Friendless? I always wanted to get into that guy's shit, but he made it so difficult with all those capital letters and the writing in that foreign language thing.

A Clockwork Orange was one of the very few movies I ever enjoyed more than the book for a similar reason.
You rock, Mungular!
rated for coolness
I love how you follow up on your threats. Awesome possum.

- no-talent hack poser farmer
I like this post. It set me wondering---is there a difference between a writer and a blogger? The feeling I have is that bloggers don't worry too much about grammar and speling.
Before I reply again, I just wanted to ask that (though you have no idea how much I appreciate it) nobody rate this post anymore. The comments, as you know from my bio are desperately needed as they validate my existence, but there is some really good stuff out there that needs to be way ahead of me right now and I don't want to take away from that. Seriously, thank you guys so much for the comments. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Rob: No you are awesome. Are you kidding me. All of OS needs to be referencing your posts ;)

Lonnie: I'm sure he has something to offer, as everyone does. I just thought it was a lousy move to shit on everyone's stuff. But yeah, I don't get it at this point, and now I won't try to.

MB: lol. Thank you so much. I love to rock.

PF: Join the club of talentless hacks that I love. There are obviously a lot of you out there.
People still flounce? And here at OS?

Sheesh, that's like so 90s AOL.

Anyway, your opening paragraphs belong in the Rant Hall of Fame. You pretty much captured all the usual flounce histrionics in three short paragraphs.
I once saw a bumpersticker that read:

"Just because nobody understands you doesn't make you an artist."

Sounds like the ultimate flouncer slogan.
i don't aspire to be an amazing writer OR assemble legions of fans...i'm already quite contented - thanks to being born with a rare condition that causes the sun to literally shine out my ass
LOVED your post,
Angus - king of the bar bet
I tried some of that stuff you're doing and it had practically the same effect on me...LOL


If I ever get down Georgia-way, we MUST have a beer together!
Ah hell, Mung, you post this rant two hours ago and already I am 212 in the comment line.! What am I supposed to say now other that right on and give em hell and tell em to shove it and and and and?

Great righteous rant.

Babe, you a nice creamy, warm brownie!

Or a knock-me-out-kick-a-hole-in-the-wall . . .Orgasm!

Better yet, have both!

Thumbed because YOU KNOW we love you! I have a collar, wanna borrow it . . . . hehehehehe!
UK: Texas hold em???? if so I'm in.

Keith: It was actually the easiest thing I've ever written. I just pretended my head was stuck up my ass and Poof! Words came out. ;)

Just Pamela: lol. He is awesome isn't he.

mhellman: Now that is great!

angus: C'mon man. I've been drinking. Gimme a break on the grammar ;)

TS: Doesn't it always lol

Rick: I'm there man. We'll hit up the best dive bar in town and talk till we can't drink anymore.

Monte: Hey, it's totally appreciated good sir!

LadyMiko: "I have a collar, wanna borrow it ."
God it's so hard not to comment on that one.!
You so damn right, Mung. OS is so full of pretenders, (not the good kind, with Chrissie Hynde), usurpers, pseudo--intellectuals, schizophrenics, neo-con apologists, pinko-lefty apologists, fairies, lesbos, punks, psychos, literary wannabes, no-talent hacks and others too despicable to describe. They wouldn't recognise a genius if he sat on their faces.

Guess I'll be leaving, too. Hold on while I pack my bags.

(Flounces off to search for long-forgotten luggage.)
Just when I was sittin' here, feelin' sorry for myself... *wink* Here's hopin' that those who are very much in need of this reality check can read this for what it is. Well said!
I am a small fish in a pond of mediocrity, clapping my fins together at your post.
Perfect and priceless!!

"We'll hit up the best dive bar in town and talk till we can't drink anymore."

Or..., drink till we can't talk anymore?
Damn, SweetieBabyCookieHoney, you make my polite little rant over there look like Brit's tits. (I have to send my entire family here so they can see a REAL flouncer in action!)

I bow to the Best.
Lady Miko: Oh, I'm trying to be good. Don't want the beer to loosen my tongue too much ;)

Wayne: You have luggage? I never got OS luggage! I'm gonna write Joan about this.

MsLissa: Yeah, tell me about it.

Sandra: I'm happy to be a small fish in this pond too.

Shelle: Thank you darling!

Rick: You say potato, I say potato vodka...

Coogan. lol. I'm actually not quite sure how to respond to that one.

Stephanie: Done and done =)
I've read a lot of insightful comments by you. Do you really mean what you say about validating your existence through comments? Isn't that asking a lot?
You certainly got my attention! Way to go . . . . Homerun!
Sally: hahah. I'm far from the best. I'm just bitchy tonight. Thank you for the comment though!

Ben: It is sometimes! lol. But no, of course not. I'm just a world class smart ass.
Mungular: LOL :D

But being naughty is so much more fun!
Oh. Read z's thing. Got it more now.

*shrugs* flouncing indeed. Wow, should I get that like when people don't want to read my drama anymore, because they're all "troglodytes"?

Man, I may be down in the shitter in my life these days...but I'm glad I'm not in THAT space.

Keep on keeping on ;)
I started actually giggling out loud at "Peace bitches." ha
Don't forget that it's lonely at the top.

Don't go Mungular, we love you.
I want to find out about the "lesbian goals" T-bucket is talking about.

Slippers for everyone? Naps?

I'm for those.
Lady Miko: How right you are.

darkside: Yeah, I should have put that one in the original post. Thank Stephanie for that one.

odette: yeah, I actually say that a lot.

persephone: I think he read some of my past posts about my lesbo lifestyle. I pimp it out sometimes.
Thoth: Thanks man! Don't worry, I won't be on top for long lol
First three paragraphs were brilliant. Anyone who didn't catch the satire doesn't deserve to be clued in by any further commentary.
I pissed myself laughing, course it could have been aided by eight cocktails I had earlier.
Thanks for the notice Mung, I thought we had an agreement?! Now I'm late to the feed bag again. No biggy, you know I'm a huge fan. You rocked 'em with this kiddo. Just look at you all proud and all puffed up!
Feels good, don't it!!??
satire is a slippery slope...
You are a wild and crazy gal, Mun! You had me going there for a minute!
I'm new to writing, even newer to blogging. This place is a bit like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into a fast moving rocky stream. But I've been thinking for a lifetime, and I can throw down some decent shit...and have, I guess, so far...bound to get better.
But if it's cream, it will eventually rise...if not...broken glass and soggy paper.
Love me! Please somebody love me! .............
he typed as he softly chuckled........
Y'all are a very interesting group of folks....this can be a lot of fun.
I've seen all sides of this clash - visceral "I'm leaving the forum" statements followed up by scores and scores of replies and mutually-congratulatory statements all around - so MANY times, in so many different venues....the only thing that impresses me here is that y'all consider this "exchange" important enough to vault it to the top of the "most read" list. It's common. Passe in fact.

But there's more. Often the party who perceives that he/she has been snubbed/injured surfaces with a new identity and makes a career of trolling others posts. By and by the troll gets banned, and then their I.P address rotates, and the whole bit starts over again. Forum members spend increasing amounts of time responding in kind to the troll, which is exactly what the troll's after- a reaction - and so the process continues.

Somebody wants to cut loose and have a tantrum? Let 'em. They've said their piece; they're gone. All the turds you throw back in righteous indignation are just wasted words and wasted time.

Having said all this, here's a prophecy: all of this is going to happen again, and it's going to be similar in form and content to all of this.

Or not, if y'all ignore it, and go about your business like nothing at all has happened. Which is about the state of it, after all.
Well Rob, you may be right. But I love how this idiot Z has brought us all together. Think about it. Some asshole slams us all and we stand up and say Fuck You. Take your weak ass, infantile bullshit and hit the road. We are a community and we are standing up and owning it. So we will blow off the next Z. But for now, it’s really fun stand together and let her rip. Let’s see just how outrageous we 'weak thinkers'[self-masturbating wankers’ can get! Everyone jump on board and take out all of your pent up anger at whatever out. It’s good for the soul and actually therapeutic. As Prince said, Let’s go crazy….. for our own amusement. Come on guys, bring it :)

I saw the title and thought "WTF, Mungular's gone right off the rails!" because that is SO not your tone.

So much relieved to read the rest of the post and see the lightbulb. :)
Well, I hope you stay just 'cause of your name!
I would rant and swear if I wasn't so fucking tired. Kudos.
Rod, I think it is interesting that Mungular says she gets so much from comments. Because she gives a lot in comments, too - it has been a great and humbling lesson to me, here on OS, to learn how the gift for writing is defined as much by some people's insightful, thoughtful comments on posts as the posts themselves. Mungular's is a voice I always look forward to hearing in the crowd.
This is a comedy bit, right? Either that, or a 2 year old with a poopy diaper throwing a tantrum was dancing on your keyboard. Either way, it was fun for about the same length of time 2 year olds throwing tantrums are fun.
Calling a stale icon a bitch does the trick too, mungular! You don't have to leave! There's all sorts of ways to catch the villagers attention :P
I really like Mungular. There, I've said it. ;-D
What's a "monkey finger"?
But you can't leave! We had a moment! Remember when you wrote cool stuff and I said,"Oh shit woman" and you said,"I love people who say oh shit woman" and we both laughed. Am I right? That was fun.

Tee-hee.Good times were had by all. Rated.
There is room in the boat for everyone...even the whiners (that accounts for most of OS btw)
Dahling - you are simply mahvelous! So appreciated and rated this rant!
Diotima: Thank you for the satirical appreciation.

Mick: Well you were about where I was last night.

Scruffus: Thhhhaaaannnkkk you.

JK: You should see me in person. Completely unedited, I'm a real asshole. ;)

Rod: You're right, it probably should be ignored. I just felt like being childish. And it turned out to be therapeutic. Just a bit of fluff.

Zumi: lol. You, me and a bar. A buddy fight would obviously happen before last call. ;)

Merwoman: Yeah, I wouldn't take off like that. ;)

Dakini: lol. now that's one I've never heard.

Susanne: I'm there, girl.

Sandra: It's just cuz I'm such a raging smart ass. I've always got something to say. Thank you though. It's always nice when you stop by.

John: I thought it was obvious that it was humor, but yeah the entire first half is satirical.

Ricky: I'm not going anywhere man. Thanks for stopping by.

Padraig: love the curtains remark.

onecorgilover: Awwwww.

Sharron: It's just a way of saying that you 'thumbed' someone's post. I think that Behind Blue Eyes is the first person I saw use it, but I could be wrong.

Rosie: Ah memories ;)

k1m: I just got tired of the flouncing.
For my money, Mr Z's poetry was far above his commentary. I don't mind trying to dig out meaning from beautiful words strung together, but trying to dig out meaning from ugly words strung together in a manner all but undecipherable -- well, frankly, it just wasn't worth the trip.

Or to put it plainly, you may find a diamond in a pile of shit, but that's not the first place I'd go looking.
dustbowldiva: Thank you, hon.

Tom: Is that why I never find any diamonds. Excellent comment.
Hey. Sounds like a nice person!
Rooty toot toot.
Great post! You can bet anyone who makes a parting shot like the one you reference can't really bear to leave this site and will continue to lurk and eventually be back, perhaps with another name and avatar? "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" There's no escaping OS, voluntarily or involuntarily.
I have posted some of the best writing of my life here in the last few weeks, hell, just today, and they float away almost instantly into the OS maw like cracked red-n-white bobbers, free of the line.

How the hell did you get 66 and counting on this? I tried a post called "Read this post or I'll shoot this blog" that was WAAAY funner than this and less rude and got a handful.

Nearly everyone who does leave me comments loves the work. Overwhelming, the comments. So: how come such little traffic? not even for my one (just one???) Editor's pick ("baby gone"

I comment on others. I REALLY read others' works, read then with care; make apt, precise comments, everywhere.

These should have done better:

Civilization starts with a meal. (
Anger makes you stupid. So marry well. (
ode to her womb (
--all just today --

My first kiss (
the funny thing about minor imperfections... (
a n d b r e a t h e . . . (
My father dies clean. (
Read This Post or I'll Shoot This Blog! (
What a bullet knows. (
Angels in Dark Masks (
Falsifiability and the Heat Death of the Universe (
Xeno at the Hotel (
if her cancer wins (
one of one (

Not that i am glomming on your traffic or anything.

On the other hand, this builds character. And who cares? and makes me a better writer. sob.
timsored: Not sure who you're referring to. But thanks for stopping by.

dc: I believe you!

Greg: pimp your stuff here as much as you want. I'm not trying to hold anyone back. Peace man.
love ya, Singular Mungular.
Hey people! You NEED to go read Greg Correll's stuff! As in RIGHT NOW! Seriously beautiful. Do not miss Ode to Her Womb.
I'll say Greg's stuff is inspiring, it inspired this :-):
Am I too late for the worship?

Belated kudos to you and all that superiority of yours!
i only read this after reading vbl's piece. now i see; rated.
Beth: You are too kind. Everyone's being too kind. I hope it made you laugh.

Nanate: I assume that was a joke, but I wasn't sure after what she said to H. Either way it's one of the most inventive rants I've ever seen. Thanks for stopping by.

Actually we don't live that far apart. I go to Atlanta quite often. Maybe we should party sometime. Are there any fun bars in Kennesaw?

Zumi! Holy shit. I just looked at your profile. I'm from Chattanooga. Went to East Ridge High School. We should totally get together some time!
*lmao* This is awesome AND well-written.

And I'm still stuck on the "peace bitches" line...

Mung, just yesterday I began my great adventure with OS.

I'm beginning to feel what I can best describe as the pull of a delicious yet inescapable vortex that will likely capture countless hours of time that I don't really have, but will miraculously manifest without effect in my day-to-day existence. Does this make sense? I'm scared and positively motivated at the same time.

Oh, and by the way Mung, I think I love you!

However, please understand it will have to be strictly platonic, as I am very happily married to my soul mate, the love of my life (who would kill me if I ever messed around)!
Cheers! You Georgia gals do know how to get people's attention. I promise I'll read ALL of your shit from now on. I got enough enemies already. Just what is a "monkey finger"?
Penn: The 'peace bitches' is apparently a lot of people's favorite part. It's my general farewell phrase. lol Thanks for the comment.

Drum Disciple: HAHAHAA. Nice. You will totally enjoy it here. It is an incredibly source of time suckage (my girlfriend already hates it) but so much fun and so many amazing writers. Welcome!

Texas Bubba: Love the name, man. Yeah, we southern belles do tend to get a little rowdy sometimes. Must be all the fried food. ;)
WOW you got my attention! Put the f- word in anything and I have to know what's going on. You are a nut, and I don't mean the kind squirrels eat. Keep on bloggin'...I'm with you!

I mean, c'mon, if no one reads your writing, are they gonna notice when you're gone?
In fairness, some days we all feel this way!
At Daily Kos this type of piece is seen so often it has an acronym--GBCW, for GoodBye, Cruel World!
Comment #117 - please stick around.
Ha! You had me.

I love that your tag was "narcicists"! But honey, you are going to have to learn how to spell that word. It is a very important word to know. I come from a family narcissists and I love to point it out to everyone!!
Carol: I'm the same way about the f-word. Can't help myself.

Leeandra: You'd be surprised, girl. They put up a post saying they're going to leave and cursing everyone on the site and the pleas come in waves.

Denise: We feel like we want to leave sometimes, sure. But copping out and saying it's because we're surrounded by talentless people just seemed enough to call bullshit on. But you're right hon, it sucks not to be read.

Stacey: Why thank you! I have no intentions of going anywhere. Was just trying to make a loud, obnoxious point.

Palindrome: Thank you for letting me know. I am a chronically bad speller. It really should be studied.
Ha! I've been out of OS action for almost a month, I think. Finally getting back online and I saw your post on the right column and thought, shit, what could have happened while I was away to make Mungular leave? She's so easygoing! Good to see this was a smart slap and not a whiny goodbye. Keep at it.
People whine about not getting read here?

I don't understand. I can have my stuff not be read anywhere on the Internet. Lots of people are not reading my stuff even as I type. But I come *here* to not have my stuff read by a much classier group of people.

Thank goodness for OS. ;-)
Believe me, I can dig what you are laying down. i have to say that if we feel that we deserve attention on the basis of who we happen to be we will face daily disappointment. Move on if you must, but, beware. Some attention is better than none and this is coming from a guy with a stack of rejections as high as my six foot head. Since my arrival on OS I've been mostly ignored save for the occaisional rebuttal or the rare witty comment on the work of another. I am cool with it. Just don't expect me to go away.
We spouters of the fuck must stick together!
This is so great! We all feel this way sometimes. And wow, your comment -- the one in which you ask that people not rate your piece so that other pieces get more attention -- that is so generous. thanks for your humor and generosity, as well as your writing.
Hey Mung,

Yep I've come full circle and now back in Chattanooga. I went to East Ridge, Go Pioneers, lol. However, I went a long, long time before you. But that dosen't mean I can't throw back a cocktail with the best of 'em :)

Ms. Snitten: I try to keep the laid back in the fore front. Just wasn't happy about a post I'd read and thus this piece of fluff came forth. Thanks for stopping by!

Jeff: that was awesome... just awesome!

Bob: That's right man. Keep on, keepin on.

Greg: Fuck it, man. ;)

Faith: Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Zumi: Sounds like a plan. I'll send you a message next time I'm up to for a visit, and you shoot me one if you ever come down Kennesaw way.

Turtle: Nah. You're good in my book, man. Nothing wrong with taking a break.

Posting under the influence of something...?
But I really am special. Am so am so am so.

And I can spell-check: "Well I'm here to tell you it's all crap compared to my superior intelectual writing skills."

And speaking of that Joe Walsh song, Bill Beck, my favorite line is "I can't complain but sometimes I still do."
That shit was funny!