Mick Stevens

Mick Stevens
Saint Augustine, Florida,
March 11
Mick Stevens has been working as a New Yorker cartoonist for eons. His work has been seen in many other publications and many cartoon collections. His blog, "I Really Should Be Drawing" has been running for a couple of years and parts of it are and will be reproduced here.


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OCTOBER 10, 2009 11:07AM

From My Idea Box...

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Ed's Roving Eye
Gulliver's Travails
Meet The Arthur

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I appreciate your wit. Thanks for sharing some of your work here.
Ha! Thanks for the laugh.
Always wanted to meet Arthur. ~R~
And also concerned; how is that eye going to buy her a drink? (Maybe it's part of a pair, like Geico; sitting on a pile of money. Creepy, yes, but at least not totally broke).
we Love the roving eye

These are funny...loved all three of them!
Very funny. Meet the Arthur being my favorite.
what will Arthur sign?
Good stuff. Cartoons are a whole 'nuther kind of humor, and you've got it.
The "roving eye" reminds me of what used to happen many moons ago whenever I would go into a bar. Nice one.
To Arthur's Roving Eye: A Caution

After a couple of those martinis she's drinking, you will probably be indistinguishable from an olive.
Funny! Love the gregarious eyeball!