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JANUARY 1, 2012 5:05PM

GNS: I fixed my coffee pot... and I didn't kill anyone...

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The Pilot and I got up this morning and I went to make coffee only to discover that, for some obscure reason, my brand spanking new (I have had it a WEEK) coffee pot would not brew coffee.  

I do not function well without coffee...   and after an hour of my coffee pot NOT making coffee ...   well, I think it was an hour... we got a little distracted after I started the coffee...  my Pilot went and got me two cups of coffee (even though he cconsiders coffee to be poison) from Beaners (Honest to Goddess that's the name of the coffee shop).   I unplugged the coffee pot and put the problem of my lack of functioning coffee pot on the proverbial "back burner" while I got him something to eat before he headed off into the "wild blue yonder" flying people hither and yon.  His first leg today is TVC (Traverse City) to ORD (O'Hare) which is only an hour but then he goes ORD (O'Hare)  to DCA (Reagan in Washington DC) for the third time this week.  Poor man. 

Anyway, back to the tale of my coffee pot...  

Yesterday one of the ever-present teens decided to make coffee.  Not a problem except for the fact that he didn't know what the HELL he was doing and put coffee grounds in the water reservoir!  

Anyone care to take a GUESS as to how long it takes a coffee pot to brew coffee when there are GROUNDS IN THE WATER RESERVOIR?  

Suffice it to say "Never - unless you remove the grounds" is the correct answer...  

Suffice it to say I spent THREE HOURS removing coffee  grounds from the water reservoir on my NEW coffee pot... 

Suffice it to say the NEXT time I clap eyes on that particular kid I am going to tell him he's NOT ALLOWED to TOUCH any part of my coffee pot!  

The good news is that my coffee pot is fixed... the better news is that I haven't killed the little shit who misused it. 


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I got a new coffee maker (glass carafe and filter) as a gift, and put the grounds in the wrong spot (remarkably they go in the carafe, not the filter). Thankfully, the sweetie is a genius and read the book and we finally got some good coffee out of it. However, I have an electric drip, a stovetop espresso, a pour over drip, and a french press for back up. Assuming, of course, there is coffee in the house. My sympathies for your harrowing journey, glad it was fixable. Happy New Year.
Poor kid, getting between a person and their coffee. It's a lesson he needs to learn now, while he's young and impressionable.
Maybe the Pilot put him up to it so's to have a little extra time with his lady love?
Speaking from a point of view that must be ancient to you folks, let me say that you've forgotten how to make 'real' coffee. Here then is the secret method you need to keep in mind for all times when your wonderful, computer chip controlled, high-tech, oh-so-sensitive, "coffee maker" decides to reward your coffee making efforts with sullen recalcitrance........

Put enough water in a regular cooking pot for as many cups of coffee as you want. Put one scoop of ground coffee beans in the water for each cuppa joe you want. Put on stove top burner. Turn burner on to 'High'; wait for mixture to boil for about 4 or 5 minutes. Pour out into coffee cups, add yer customary add-ins, stir, wait a minute for the grounds to settle to the bottom of the cup, drink. DO NOT drink the last quarter inch in the cup - it will contain coffee grounds unless you filtered them out while pouring.

t may surprise you to know but this is the method used for about 200 years before the invention of the coffee pot that 'perked' coffee and which was the forerunner of the coffee-maker.

Ain't ancient history wonderful?!!!
Sorry for the coffee mishap, and a very Happy New Year, Mrs Raptor. R
"Anyway, back to the tale of my coffee pot... "

How about back to the tale of the pilot?
Oryoki... somewhere around here I have a ho ink french press coffee o from Avon... If I cold have remembered where he heck I put it I would have used it. I also have one of the old fashioned coffee pots that I use on the back of the wood stove BUT I hadn't built a fire in the stove yet at that point so it was useless.

Phyllis... Yep... he needs to learn it now.

Matt, I doubt it - Kid did it the day before and didn't bother to TELL me he'd screwed it up.

Skye... I know how to make coffee in the regular pot... and USUALLY have a pot sitting on the back of the wood cook stove... but I hadn't lit the fire yet and I won't use that pot on my regular stove. *Shrugs* I also couldn't remember what I had done with my french press pot... besides... being distracted was FUN. *Smiles wickedly*

Happy New Year Thoth...

Heidi... His first flight wound up being canceled due to the weather (snowstorm here... zero visibility no flying. LOL) and he had today off... so he came back and we're having fun "grossing out" the teens. ROFL