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JUNE 30, 2010 7:43PM

Get Your OWN Show... A Contest

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Oprah has a new network... in case you diddn't know... :)  There's a contest for getting your own talk show.  

My cat happened to die the day I shot my video.  I'm actually...a mess shooting this... but I decided to go with it.  My friend shot and edited it quickly and I put it up...quickly.

 Looking at the view to vote ratio.... It's not a very good video.  over 400 views about 180 votes.

Will I get the most votes?  No.    But I know the reason I shot this thing.

Next month I graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Program (IIN) in NYC.  This program has changed my life and opened my mind to a world of yes I can.   

My parents, god love them, are constantly worried about my well being. In part because it's a reflection of them, and in part because they love me.  They are constantly confused about what I'm doing to "make a living" .  And if I had a dollar for every time they said to "get a real job"  I would be a trillionaire by now.  

They don't believe that people actually pay me to cook for them, and always roll their eyes when they hear me refer to myself as "chef".   Years past I would need to explain myself, try to make them understand me.  The funny thing about turning 40 is you are at the point where you are tired of explaining yourself with folks who don't understand you.

"At this point," like my friend Liz says "I'm grown. I'm happy to glide and flow..."

So when I came home this time... first time home at 40... when my Dad was ready to initiate our yearly fight about the state of my life....I chose the path of least resistance.  Asked him if we could fight tomorrow cause I was too tired to come up with witty reparte for him when I got home from a 4 hour bus ride.  He laughed and went to bed.

 This morning I decided to do a presentation for my parents, after their bellies were full from breakfast...

 A FB friend posted a link to this guy Cameron Herold, an Entrepeneur  giving a speech ( )

 So I started my presentation.  I asked them for 15 minutes of their uninterrupted time with a time afterwards for their questions.  I started with the Cameron Hearold clip where he talks about encouraging kids who don't quite fit into certian molds to be entrepeneurs, and show them how to use their creative minds.   

Then I showed Mom and Daddy the websites of many of my friends who are Graduates from IIN who have sucuessful businesses and are building wealth while helping others take control of their health and their lives.  I showed them clips I have shot in school, and a dance clip I did for a dancewear designer,, who want's to dress me for my JourneyDance Classes at Pure Yoga in NYC...

And I ended the presentation with my audition for Oprah.

I watched them watching... faces of stone.  

Moments of silence...then my father said, "That's good.  When will you know?"  I said "Voting's over July 3."   He said.."Hmmm.  What can we do to help you?"  And my mom nodded yes.

I know this isn't the magic pill that will make me get along easily with my folks for the rest of our time together on this planet.  But, learning how to communicate with them, and not judge them...will help me grow and deepen my appreciation for them. 

Being patient and kind.  Knowing that my parents are like everyone's parents... so clueless when it comes to kids but doing the best they can without the manual.  I am finally able to see my parents as individuals.

It's clear to me  that with them... I have to show instead of instead of ask to be  and know I am ...and I don't have to be.

I may not be on the OWN network with my own show... but I can show up in my own life  and Dance, Cook and Eat my way around the world.  Sharing what I can thru my cooking and dancing and learning from all around me... how to just be.


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