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JUNE 5, 2012 9:44AM

'Poem for the Homeless'

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You asked me, didn’t you

What was the matter?

Did you think you were asking

The Mad Hatter?


Nice shiny car you’re driving mister

Say you got a home,

A wife and children three

Ye got some job

Working for the man



Homeless and hungry

My status today

Add this to FaceBook

Clueless and angry



Millions of us

Line American streets

No one cares

In the Land of the Freaks



It’s all about money

Who has it and who don’t

American trash

Sacrificed on the alter of Greed



Did you say you were just

Taking a trip to the store?

A gallon of milk, loaf of bread and eggs

Yeah, we know the score



I go to the food bank

When I’m hungry you see

Churches and non-profits

They care for me



Nice shiny car you’re driving mister

Say you got a home,

A wife and children three

Ye got some job

Working for the man



I used to have all that

Back in the day

I was somebody too

Don’t you understand?


Nice shiny car you’re driving mister

Say you got a home,

A wife and children three

Ye got some job

Working for the man



I used to have all that

Back in the day

I was somebody too

Please understand






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There are days I am happy for files.
This is one of 'em.
Thing is I don’t understand why all these things have been taken from us. Rome had no need to fall it could have been maintained for a hundred, perhaps a thousand, more years. It really made no sense for them to muddy up their own backyard. By 2008 we were well on the way to wiping Islam from the face of the earth while we cheered for fixed football games and barbecued whole sides of beef in our backyards. You would think that maintaining the status quo would have been the number one priority for the proverbial “they.” It is impossible not to sense the hand of God in all this. Perhaps he did not take kindly to the casual way that we murdered others.

A reminder of how close we all are...
All about the Dead Presidents on the Little Sheets of Green Paper!

This is NOT the America I wanted!!
Can you set this to music? It would make a great song.
Jack, homeless is the status quo now

Phyllis, at least you did not add 'there but the grace of G*d go I

Amazing Tink, to measure a man by them tiny sheets of green paper
Don't have a clue as to how to set this to music Erica.
I DO invite anyone to do so that does.
I wouldn't say that. I've been where people could say that about my situation and I find it mildly offensive. I'm thinking, though, that I may send a donation to a food bank this week. I used to anonymously donate a package every month through Share Food, but we lost our regional pick up point.
Food bank donation is an excellent idea Phyllis.
I do know that the homeless get mad hearing that phrase.
Being homeless sucks. It did not fit me well at all. I was to full of pride to go to the food banks, not that I had a kitchen to prepare any food. We ate off the $1 menu at fastfood places for almost a year. Just got told I have so many food allergies that all I can eat at this point are fruits and veggies for the rest of my life. High stress from losing EVERYTHING, living in condemed buildings, no medical care, eating crap for poor people will kill you. I'm glad I'm not homeless anymore, that was 4 yrs ago. Glad I can afford the fruits and veggies and have a kitchen to prepare them in now.
I have been there too Lucinda.
It ain't a pretty place.
Hits home. Terribly sad. Getting sadder.
Three paychecks and six months... that's the average difference.
How many more
Till we all are the score
By profits of greed
Somebody's need
Three paychecks
You say
That's the difference
Some lose it in two
Or just one
There's no reference
Six months ride long
Walking the streets
Homeless folks song
American beats
I am in a bit of a mood
to rhyme the answers
If only I could..
Mission,you stated the issue of most states.When human count for how much money they count well we should change the name of the governement and call it MONEYCRACY cause DEMOCRACY is such scarce as money for these humans.Excellent work a great reminder that when they do not understand is not cause they do not understand it is cause they do not care.As long as we can understand this.Rated for making me feel !!!!
Cold, hard, harsh. Starkly true. Your anger comes pulsing thru in this, Mission. I feel it, too.
You say democracy
Has morphed into
Sadly that's true
In today's society
Actually Chicken Maaan
This is almost word for word
Of a homeless man's rant
With a slight Mission slant
Very powerful stuff, Mission. In America, if you're poor or homeless or otherwise struggling it's taken as a sign that God doesn't love you. This is the land of the so-called Prosperity Gospel, and the only saints here are the rich.
Why it's envy
We got for the rich
TV tells us
Banks throw the pitch
The dream's outta reach
For so many now
It's the gospel
Of greed or fail
This would, indeed, make a great song.
There used to be a website called Noteworthy Composer which had free software downloads, making it simpler to compose on one's computer. Wonder of it went out of business?
Just a thought.....
*goes to check on said website*
Yep! If one has Windows, their software is usable. I highly recommend it.
I don't have Windows. *sigh*
it's perfect the way it is. Don't change a word.
Poor Woman
I'll look when I can
And hope for the best
Thanks for the link
Time's a slimy pest
Scanner my friend
It is perfect this way
You say
Get out that guitar
A few bars you play
I had a dream the other night; I took over his office after my last and dogmatic as hell boss was fired. As he walked out, I reminded him to be sure to apply for COBRA. He glared back at me as I smiled and dumped all his stuff into the trash can. I awoke with a smile on my face.

There was a very odd message there as I recieved an e-mail the day after from a medical equipment sales rep I used to deal with frequently, he told me my old boss had been fired.

Maybe I'll dream that the politicians and greedy rich pukes will get their due justice and you and I can remind them to be sure to apply for COBRA
crazy crazy times, mission. thank you for this.
Bob, COBRA is a while Nedder' blog.

**waves at Janie**
One day we're going to figure out we're all homeless and need to care for one another. People walking around like they're safe or something!
Nobody is safe Harry
In today's economy
A flick of the switch
You're history
So deep into the matrix
Our lives are so woven
There is no getting out
And no getting in
Homeless live here
Everywhere to see
Impressive poem speaking a very harsh truth. I wonder what would happen if all the homeless went to libraries or wherever they could borrow a computer, and set their status to "homeless and hungry"? Would it be more real for the fortunate ones if they saw it on facebook?
Bow my head to you for your courage. Rated. :-)
Perfect statement in this poem. This is not the America that we all had the dream about anymore.
rated with love
I hear Bob Dylan singing this....rated.
[r] mission, I, too, thought this was a powerful poem and also would make great lyrics!

An entire population (save maybe 1% or so) -- some walk on ice, for others the ice has broken. The still ice-walking ones can't engage with the icy water ones, tragically, because superstitiously they fear like the cartoon characters who race off cliffs inadvertently, if they look down for a sec, they will plunge down themselves. As fascism tightens its grip in this divide up and conquer by pols and corporate overlords war criminal country! I am lucky to have a job, but the job has become more and more sweatshoppy and sadistic. It is reminding me of Heller's Catch-22 tale. SNAFU environment. Situation normal all f*cked up. The management knows it has those of us desperately hanging on by the vulnerable body parts and the exploitation and inhumane demands escalate. The upper level is bonuses and enormous salaries fed ... and the rest of us grimly try to hang on watching others one by one get pushed out or decide to choose the abyss rather than the present demoralizing treatment.

A spiritual dark age!!!! Divided we all fall.

hope you are taking care of your precious self!

best, libby
I wonder to Sirenita. One day maybe everyone will see the homeless as human.
Thank ya to:
Libby> Continue this dear.,
I do too Michelle. I think this has a bluesy feel to it as a song.
Mission, you have just described the sad but true meaning of life
" It’s all about money
Who has it and who don’t "

We are living in dark ages !!! Great work. Rated.
You know your poetically balanced words get to the heart of the matter. Bravo!
I think you achieved a connection. You made a valid point. This is a poem that gets to the heart of the matter.

In life, sometimes we all are ahead and sometimes we all get behind.
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
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I needed an umbrella because of all the teary rain here...
/•*´`'*•/.•*║'*•.\.•*`'*•\.... .
...............║....(* " " *).......❤
...............╝(")(='o'= )......HUGS
....................../., `´,,(,,).....❤
.....................)........  ..(.......
....................(,,,,)^(,,  ,,)...................◕
Being homeless is not the worst thing that has happened to me Algis ...
thanks for the umbrella dear . rain later today ...
Your MISSION is complete.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
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You nailed this with insight and tragedy...heres a little enjoyment for you and yours..