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December 05
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still breathing every day the last time I had it checked..


MAY 14, 2012 8:39AM

'Dreamtimes Abundance'

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Mine, yours,


Dreams of power

Dreams of peace

Dreams of desire

Dream seekers


For the failed dreams

Inside us


The scars living


Dreams healing

Shine bright



No more tear soaked

pillows this night

May was warm wind

Blow to you today

Dreams so relaxing

Hearth warming

Mead flows to

your lips

As you plant the seeds

Of the dream today

Spend time wisely

Fertilize well

Water the soil

With loving tears

Prepare full menu

Leave space

Extra helpings

Of soul food

Spread wide

Some grace

Open all doors

Fresh air wind's



The new day’s


Dreams of






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Yes this is so soothing, so calm, so beautiful...
Safe harbor for all LL.
Lower your sails.
The storms can't hurt you here.
I will share dreams with you anytime..Thanks so much here and dream my friend dream on!
'Tis a fine port of call here Algis.
Pull up a chair.
No need for haste
Peaceful dreams spread well.
"water the soil with loving tears" - beautiful.
Seeds need water Erica.
Tears are the best.
Very cool post, thanks.
Good to see ya Jmac and Herr...
The scars living


Dreams healing

Shine bright

That is how I keep moving forward. Living on dreams.
Drink deeply from the cup Phyllis.
Erica saw it too: "Water the soil
With loving tears" Tears are not only good; they are necessary.
I wrote this in part with you on my mind John.
You chose the line that I thought described you best.
Healing is dreamtime.
I knew it! Yes, it does pretty well describe me. Thanks, I'm honored.
There are many here I think need healing John.

I wonder how many, will find their lines....

There are all there for them to see.
Brilliant Neighbor … so special …
I left the light shining for ya neighbor.
I'm glad to know you found the way home after such a storm.

Safe harbor for us all, after winds blow.
I'll think of this the next time somebody in my office chooses anger and confrontation over peace and compromise. I usually say, take it off the burner. I like "open all doors."
Gold Star award Niles.
I love this, may we all dream well
May the soft wind blow this eve MCS.
Very beautiful. I relate. And peaceful dreams to you.
Sleep in the light Ande.
Excellent pics and soothing words.

I do wish I would dream more while asleep, chasin' pirate wimmen and swillin' cheap rum, arrrrrrr!

My awake dreams are not that peppy these days. Missing a dash of hope and a smidgen of opportunity.

Dream Well!
You delightfully describe dreams as food for the soul....splendid! R
Michael, you are funny as always.

Michelle, they feed everything in us.
A nice place to retreat to, indeed. And nice words too. I love cool wind on hot days; like an ice-cold glass of water, it refreshes the soul.
I love those warm May winds! They are so refreshing.
May the cool wind blow refreshments you way this eve Bob.

Stars, May comes your way gift wrapped.
Dream on dear.
You are getting to be a master at a lot of different things.
My education has expanded much over the last few years Scanner.

May your dreams carry you far this eve.
This was beautiful, Mission
Trilogy, I am sure you have many more dreams to see.

Thought of you posting this. May you sleep well.
abundance comes from such thoughts as:

"For the failed dreams

Inside us


The scars living


Dreams healing

Shine bright"

The scars unhealed is what we write of , often.
The Healing is a progress. We are here on os, i think, often,
to heal?
I think you found the thread that binds us all James.
And some of us dream of better.
Dreams of a better world and place.
Full of love and laughter
Seeking the ever after
Healing you forever
seeks those dreams James.
These pictures and this poem are a perfect bedtime snack.Think I'll skip the pretzels tonight. Thanks, Mission. R
I am glad to see you were 'refreshed' by visiting here Gerald.
May those dreams of yours take flight.
i love the cadence of this, mission. and the hope and the fragility. thank you for pointing me this way.
ah Janie. I hope for better for us all.
Sometimes I just want one dream to come true.
Just one,
The broken heart cries its heal, to grow. R Duke
that describes it well enough Duke. Thank you
Words of wisdom
read like a prayer
cleansing the soul
a canopy of hope.

Lovely, Mission.
Extra helpings of Soul Food has gotta be the best. Rated with a Jali smile of course. :-)
Beautiful as always