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APRIL 27, 2012 7:50PM

Chinese Acupuncture does work: a personal report....

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A report from the back blog





My lower back has sure been keeping me from moving very far this week.


While out having an early morning stroll surveying the streets on Monday morning, I stepped off the concrete curb down maybe four inches….


And found myself sitting on the same curb doubled over in pain wondering how in all the flying bazillion chances I had managed to do myself in so incredibly bad by one simple step to cross a side street….


Then found myself lying down cruising the news and reading long articles and doing some serious catching up on OS and and several other favorites sites of mine….


While alternately getting up for coffee while thinking my leg was never going to work well again. And realizing there are worse things than sore lower backs making me want to scream and yell…


And finally making it back to sit by the sea for a few precious moments and reconnect with the world of this mother earth yesterday, after I went to the oh so nice petite thirty something Oriental woman with the dark brown warm eyes of an ancient sage peering at me under her classic page boy black hair that fell just over the collar of her while lab coat…


Sunset over Tampa Bay 04/25/2012


Here is my report:

I walked into the doctor’s office which looked just like any of the rest, white plastic water cooler standing in the corner just inside the door as a testament to the hot dry wind that was blowing outside adding to the drought ongoing…


I have now reached a point of total skepticism on western medicine. I just don’t go anymore. Not having any sort of medical insurance to hand over for me means few trips of any sort except for serious infections or injuries.

America is not kind to the ones with no ability to pay.

Anyone who seeks help with a long term chronic condition has wised up to this idea, or maybe not.

And filled out a clipboard full of paper and put done self-pay with a huge sigh. My left leg was dancing away all by itself at this point and the pain was too bad. I needed some kind of magic bullet.

And finally walked back, met the new doctor, educated in Bejing and listened to her perfectly correct soft spoken English as her blond receptionist led me to a room. The exam room was larger by far than most and across the carpeted floor a long white massage table covered in clean white sheets sat empty. I was directed to have a seat and the doctor would be right on in…..

I closed my eyes and tried to relax while sweet low Chinese meditation music played in the background. I tried to stop my toes from bobbing up and down on both feet at this point. No luck. Felt like I must be a sight to see:          

Old woman, fading dirty blond hair.

Grey at temples.

Plain blue tee shirt soaked from walking up the sidewalk.

Khaki cargo shorts pockets bulging with too much crap already.

Toes doing some kind of weird St Vitus dance…

Kind doctor lady steps into room


“Hello, I’m Doctor Wang.”

‘I’m Suzy, happy to meet you.’

“Where are you hurting?? You look in so much pain.”

Serious soft dark eyes peer into mine…

‘I have somehow twisted my lower left back. I can’t put my foot down all the way without pain. I hurt so badly. I sure hope you can help. I don’t go to western doctors anymore. I decided to try Eastern medicine. I heard you were good.’

“I think I can help you. You must lie down on the table. Take off the shoes and socks. Remove those shorts and get on the table face down. I will be back in a few minutes. Don’t worry. I understand this is your first time. I will do my best.”

I get on the table and pray. Those long thin needles scare me. I am total chicken when it comes to needles. I don’t care who is coming at me with them in hand…..

Kind doctor lady steps back into room

She rattles some plastic and I can’t see a thing but the floor as I look down through the hole supporting my face. My arms are resting below me on a floating vinyl shelf. She starts touching my scalp and I feel not much of nothing. I know she is sticking those needles in but there is no pain…..


Soft but firm hands touch the back of my neck and I have to same feelings.

There is no pain from the needles being inserted. I am amazed.

The hands move down to my waist and lower back. I feel nothing but touching and her fingertips.  I know there are more needles going in though.

A few more as she ‘touches’ my left leg working down towards my ankle. My feet are resting on a large triangular pillow.

“I must warn you: this one is probably going to cause some pain.”

My left leg arcs high into her waiting hand. I feel a bee sting type pain that fades immediately.

“Is it still hurting?”

I shake my head no.

There is a click behind me.

“You are going to feel the heat from this lamp. I just set the timer. I am dimming the lights and I just want you to relax. I’ll be back to check on you soon.”

Suddenly the room slips into darkness. The soft twanging sounds of Chinese string music plays with the added bonus of flowing water…

I almost fall asleep and the time passes quickly.

The good doctor steps into the room.

She walks quickly up to the side of the table and touches each needle. It does not hurt.

“Are you doing okay?”

‘I am so relaxed I don’t want to move. This is great. Thank you.’

“I’ll be back in a few more minutes. I am glad I can help you.”


She returns again in ten minutes. The needles are removed. My lower back feels almost brand new.

“How are you feeling? You can get up now and get dressed. Take as long as you want. We are going to lunch soon.”

‘I’m happy to say I have not been out of pain like this in years good doctor Thank you so much…’

I wanted to slide off the table into the floor and sleep the sleep of a young babe.


My early Good News report in honor of the missing but not quite absent Jane Smithie.


 Walking into the light 




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This would be a fascinating post even if I didn't have back pain!
Very nicely done. I am trying acupuncture next week, by the way. :)
Good luck Joan. Your post and my comment inspired me to write this view from my angle....
acupuncture works!!
I've also given up on western medicine, who can afford it? Don't know much about acupuncture, but what I've heard sounds good! Glad you got some positive results and are getting around without the pain.

I know some folks up in Congress I wouldn't mind poking with some needles.,,
Do tell Michael...

Yes. The relief was worth the price on USD,
Sure worked well for me.

After a while, any thing bringing relief started sounding good.
I sure was chicken to go there though...
i have also used acupuncture with excellent results. i remember that first warm rush of being pain free. this was a great picture of what the experience is like,
I aimed for the man-on-the-street view Loraine....
I loved the warm feeling in my back. Sweeter than wine...
Iwas going to forward this to Joan H, but I see she's on top of it. Hope you both feel better.
As you say Jmac.

Lower back pain will mow you down to a nubbin
I wanted to report some good news today...
This is the best account of acupuncture I have read, Suzy. You've sold me on it. Please keep us posted on followups, if any. I'm wondering how long the treatment will last.
Mission,wishes for health..I know the feeling of "my country is not kind to the ones with no ability to pay"Magical images..they made me forget me..and that is a need!!Rated both for images and writing..
I openly admit skepticism Matt.
But it worked oh so much better than going to a primary care physician, getting a couple of bottles of muscle relaxers and pain meds, and knowing the side effects would do more harm than good in the long run.
My next visit is Monday at noon. The pain is back this evening but not near as bad.
and yes, I will let the world know the long term after effects...
Stathi, I dp paln a photography post for the future.
I heavily edit most of my photos. I think of them as a drawing and alter the color extensively. I am happy you like them.
I will let ya know when I can get them together.
Thanks for the input on those few...
As I typo along...
I do plan....
I've been using acupuncture for around 30 years now, with mostly great success for the sort of pain you had. I had a little trouble buying into the principles at first since I am a pretty western-oriented guy, but I know now that there are lots of things about pain in particular that "we" don't understand as well as Asians. Thanks for the post and I hope it encourages other to try. (and do look for a real Asian doctor - there are some quacks who jumped on the bandwagon after their chiro business was slumping and don't really get it.)
It worked for me OrdinaryJoe.
This doctor was educated at Bejing University in China.
She truly knew what she was doing.
30 years is a long time.
Glad to gear this worked well for you too.
I'm so glad this worked for you, Suzy, there is nothing worse than that unremitting back pain. One of my sons is a doctor (hematological pathology) so I can't join in the chorus of protests against Western Medicine. I once asked him about Melatonin as a sleep aid, and he said "it will make your pee more expensive." I take it anyway, and it works. So--some of this, some of that.
What ever works John.
Back pain is hard to deal with.
I am certainly not offering medical advice here. Just my personal reporting...
Suzie- so great to hear that it worked! can they do anything for lupus? You know my opinions on western medicine, so your report just confirms it. Thanks for sharing this!
The best description I've read of this, ever.
I'm delighted to hear it worked for you, Suzy. It made me happy to read this.
I am gld you are feeling better. Thanks for posting this.
Ah, Saturday morning and already off in the distance there is the rattle of the causeway bridge as the passersby in there autos and RV's head out to the beach strip.
A large jet just came in for a landing overhead and roared overhead drowning out the chirping cricket under the patio table where I sit, in my PJ's....

Ardeee!! Good to see ya woman. Ain't quite got around to asking about that. Was more worried that back was permanently broken and I was going to live the bitchy witch from hell life forever....

Kim, thank ye for the kind words..

RW, Sure worked wonders. 5000 years old, this treatment. I guess they must know something...

Candace, glad to see ya traveling woman. Hope you can show so much grace to us all in dealing with personal tragedy on such a magnitude...

Patrick, nice to see a comment from ya..Come again...
of course, it does. Had running nose, itchy eyes and non-stop sneezing whenever the weather changed. My mom took to see god knows how many specialists. No cures (temporarily yes but didn't last) until acupuncture. The problem, I think, is to find someone who really knows what (s)he is doing. The knowledge involved is immense and many are in practice before they have fully mastered the art.
Wow, have never tried it but will remember this Suzy. So glad you are out of pain.
Thanks so much for the comment mamafanfan.
I think this doctor I have now knows the art well.

Rita, I am happy to report the pain is much lessened and I get another treatment Monday.
Life goes on, with us or without....
I want badly to believe that there are things that work. Having no faith in chiropractors leaves me with little beyond drugs to quell the chronic aches and pains. I've had no luck with any of the "non-traditional" treatments and I am getting worn out by life in pain. I'm glad it worked for you.
I know full well what works for me often does not work for others Bob.
And my last dark past of failed medical treatments leaves me weary of miracle cures from any direction.

But it did work and the pain relief continues even today. The pain is back but not near as severe...Oh well. We'll see and I'll keep ya'll posted...
whatever works, works
glad you found some hard won relief
Me Too Julie.

Pain is pain and mind destroying after while.
In Casablanca, my roommate was the best woman basketball player, I've eve had the pleasure of competing alongside. One day, she started pulling up lame, and this condition worsened weekly.

Anne was from a long-time Chicago Irish lineage family, and Christmas was approaching. She, reluctantly went home and was fortunate enough to see some of the finest physicians in the Windy City; all of whom concurred that she had an incurable sciatic nerve problem that would eventually result in her being unable to walk unaided.

Anne was not the type of woman easily deterred. She found a clinic being run by a small group of Chinese practitioners quite a ways down the coast. After six weekly sessions, her problems were gone never to reappear.

I have VERY severe back problems and aggravating any problems, this is the most humid climate bin which I've ever lived. My experience with Japanese acupuncture (which is slightly different than the Chinese version) was, I guess six months long, several years ago, the last three months of which, were basically for the mental serenity which accompanied my sessions, as the pain was gone after three months.

I'm happy to hear that Your first visit was basically successful, and in my experience, the fact that some pain, is returning is not surprising.

Chinese acupuncture focuses on several hundred pressure points and a dozen meridians. These cannot be point into balance by a single visit.

The last point I'd like to make is that variations of this modality have been in use for thousands of years, and aside from my eyewitness accounts of Anne, and my personal experience, I feel the longevity of the modality lends credence to the practice.

I think Your second visit, Mission, will further improve the condition and a relatively short number of subsequent visits will alleviate it completely. I believe back pain is one of several conditions that acupuncture is especially effective in its application.

I am glad to know you have heard of this method working for others Mark as well as yourself.

I sure cannot stress how well it works for me. I will be glad when I am back to regular, when ever that happens...
I don't quite understand how acupuncture works, but I have had success with it. Glad you got some much needed relief!
I guess I am in the learning curve too when it comes to this method Mypsych. Maybe I can write about that too.
When I get to feeling better than today...
I was just about to comment about how this reminded me of Joan's recent post and back troubles. I've experienced back pain in brief spurts -- but the times I had experienced it were an illuminating introduction to BACK PAIN, the same way the three migraines I had (years ago) were an illuminating introduction to HEADACHE. You don't understand it until you've experienced it, now I don't want to be personally enlightened any further. I got it!

I'm glad you've found some relief. It does seem like pain is something Western medicine doesn't handle well (what? you can't cure it? medicate it away? must be in your head...), so why not explore other options.
Gorgeous pictures. Have not been following the daisyjane saga.
So far have avoided acupuncture..but it might be just the thing for a shoulder that will not stop bothering me. On the other hand giving it a rest might also help.