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December 05
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JANUARY 5, 2012 7:45PM

Empty Chains...

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For Aunt Pollie

back porch well bucket
bent handle cranked slow
bare feet worn pine boards

cast iron skillet fare
floured fowl browned well
lard oak fire rendered

slow browned biscuits
commodity white flour
buttermilk soured churn

empty nail head hooks
black coffee stained floor
closet door creaks open

wooden rocking chair

gathers dust

three hairpins

used no more

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This is absolutely wonderful, Suzy. Has such an Appalachian feel to it and tells the story of a simple, yet difficult life. Really fine work. Two thumbs up!
Quite the images. Tight as a hairpin.
You are my bestest fan Michael.
My Great-grandma came into my head as I read this. I could see her perfectly. Nicely done

LL, that was the whole reason this was written...
Oh. . .I know her and I miss her. Just outside of Fork Union Va. Down the road from Bremo Bluff. Near that church at the West Bottom Crossroads. We'd visit every summer from Chicago..
Thanks for this.
how simple, yet so profound and touching. LOVE!
Very, very nice neighbor.
Simple, beautiful memories speak for themselves in tiny flashbacks.
Man, I want one of those biscuits!
So nice to see you around here again, Suzy. I can see in my mind the place you describe.
Sometimes I get awed and shush up.
My innards get sucked into wonder.
My input may sully what's beautiful.

Get your Neighbor Geezer94 over there.
Elder Geezer94 can rock like Aunt Pollie.

If You don't know it Geezer94 is a poet.
Geezer94 sent me books of free poems.

I believe the best Gifts are free. Memories.
Aunt Pollie rocks with pleasant Geezer64.

Aunt Pollie never rocked on a tiny ant.
If Ya rock and kill ants God may watch.
Think about the microcosm of one ant.

I enjoyed pondering about Aunt Pollie.
She must have been nice as Geezer94.
I never met Aunt Pollie or Geezer94.
But I sure have enjoyed Geezer94's`
Now when I recall You-Aunt Pollie`
Mission, Aunt Pollie, and Elders`
all rocking in a wood rocking chair.

His poems are power, brief, pierce,
and he'd not intend to squash ants.
Three good old merry cranks rock.
I hear crank sounds on wood planks.
I have a old oak antique rocker chair.
It is so squeaky and cranky. I swears.
If I want to annoy Guest I rock in it.
Life is awash in memories. I'm glad I helped you remember some....
I like this, Suz, a lot. It put me in a hunting cabin, feeling the crisp air and smelling the wood smoke right up until the dusty rocking chair and three hairpins. Then suddenly it was Aunt Pollie's place. I'm not poetically sophisticated but this cuts right through into the heart. I can almost see Pollie herself from the details you render of her home.
First you help us see her world ...
a world to be remembered ...
cherished ...
and then ...
you allow us ...
to stand with you ...
round her wooden rocking chair ...
so many memories ...
just now ...
lovely of you to share ...
You are always welcome here
happy to share....
Such simple words but such strong imagery. ~r
nicely described Mission, I walked the plank floor beside you and saw it all.
I really loved this. Made me think of my grandmother gardening, cooking, playing the piano, telling funny stories, calling the dogs, etc.
I can see those three abandoned hairpins. I inherited my grandmother's cast iron skillet, and it is a prized possession.
Desert Rat
Y'all come back now, ya hear....
This is where I go to get away from the rat race of life.
OK, so I take a radio and FRed(tm) but this is a reminder of how to relax.
The chains don't clank like they used too. Excellent...
I'm so aware of this one. Thank you.
always scupper