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JULY 21, 2011 11:27AM

French Broad River views

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Sunrise at early thirty


Mallard ducks race away from Mission's barking


Sunbeams and the bridge in B$W

Last of summer's roses


Closeup of the drainage from the dam in B&W





 Sign reads: Sorry, no gas....


 Round hay bales in a field by the river 

 Fading Echinacea blooms

 Welcome to Marshall, NC.


 It was at least cooler here


A wide place in the road of life, methinks


These flowers were so pretty beside the hay field. 


I posted a variety of sizes here. You can right click on any one of them to view a large size image....

All photos property of Suzy Ward 2011 

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Like a nice walk around the town and more.
Gee that was fast Algis. Glad to see ya tho'..
Mission. Love the hay bales the best and the last is photo is a classic!
Beautiful and cooling pics. Already 100 here in the flatlands today. Wish I were tubing down the river. And the Star Diner must have a million stories. I enjoyed your river.
I only wish, Scarlett, that I could post the smells here too.
Good to see ya in these parts Grif. There is rafting right below town, come on over and we can go together. It is hot here today too already. The air is thick enough to slice with an ax....
Ah, I was in the mood for a stroll like this.
Glad to see ya Janie. I checked these and they all enlarged for me.
Harry dear, if you ever desire to leave Texas, you can stroll right along beside me seeing this for real...
Stunning pictures, Mission. I particularily love the shot of the bridge and the one of the round bale in the field, they remind me of the country around here.
I got so many, Torman, that is getting hard to pick them to post here.
I do aim to please the eyes....
I get excited when I notice one of your montages, they seem to arrive just when I need a peek of my old stomping grounds...your peeks are better than my actual old stomping grounds : )
That shot of the round hay bale I could look at for ages, so timeless and peaceful.
thanks for this!
JT, the field did go a long ways and I had to find a good angle to get as many bales as I could. It was long and narrow.
I still wish I could add the smells of the hay. It was sharp to the nose as bleu cheese....
Cannot wait to get back up there in October...Your photos provoke a longing.
I wish I could load up so many on this site and bring them here to enjoy Linnn. It is a nice scenic place.....
Love your visions.
Ah Buffy, I thank you.
Oh, I love the hay bales and the cool water picture the best. All of them are nice, but those two are my favorites. Thank you, Mission.
You are always welcome Fusun dear!!
How refreshing! I feel transported while sitting here at my office desk.
That is the game I am playing Erica....Glad to take you away for a time...
That gas station brings back great memories, and if I were you, I would be taking pictures while sitting in the river water. Man, that looks cool~~~
I'd like to drag you up Scanner and let ya sit with me. I laid down the camera and waded in. The water was nice. I am sure I will be there later today wading some more.
Lovely. I'm on a tributary of the Rocky Broad and just might go wade for a spell.
Have at it Scot. It is a hot one today.
Bottom picture: Rudbekia Hirta (blackeyed Susan) and as Carlos Santana once said “and I hope your feeling better”
I enjoyed them alll, for some reason the hay in the fielld really struck me. Beautiful.r
I am always getting better Jack. I am a work in progress.
Hugs dear, I hope these brought a smile for you today, hay bales or not.
All of these are lovely, but the pictures of the river itself are gold to me today. Thanks, Mission.
You are my hero Anna1.
It's indeed a soothing and relaxing wind-down after a long day, looking at these beautiful photos. Thank you for walking us through your beautiful environment.
Just getting some rain right now here Phoenix. It is a wonderful place to be.
"French Broad" -- best named river EVER! And also the most beautiful (I think).
I simply love Marshall. I love the Broad. I love the preservation of a mountain's soul. Beautiful post!
Is that more fun than pretending to have Lupus and conning an old pensioner out of hundreds of dollars?

He was my uncle. You are not forgotten.
Interesting collection of photos. I like them all. Thanks