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MAY 27, 2011 10:03PM

'Listening to the butterflies hum'

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It is hard to listen to the world
when you are listening for a butterflies hum
it is hard to listen to the world
when so much is going on

it is hard to listen to the world
when you are listening as best you can
wondering who is near
when so much is going on

listening for a butterflies hum
so much is going on
listening for a butterflies hum
too much is going on

too many steps to climb
so much is going on
so many things going on
listening for a butterflies hum

too many things to do
listening for a butterflies hum
too much on my list
listening for a butterflies hum
too many things going on

How can I survive
too much is going on
how can I ever learn
to listen for a butterflies hum

too much is going on
all the stars are dim tonight
to listen for a butterflies hum
too much is going on
the butterflies left me

all alone.....

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Well, I thought this would be a great time as any to post a poem.
A perfectly beautiful poem! I loved this it was almost like a song..
That was what I was aiming for LL. But TY for reading it dear,
It has been a while since I posted here....
This is so good Mission. I love the title. Listening to the Butterfly's Hum. How great is that? Great Job~~
Scanner, you are too kind dear. But glad you like it.
would love to sit in the 3rd picture from the bottom of your last post and just listen to the butterflies with you
I was going to add a picture I had of a butterfly Julie.
I could not find it I got so many pictures.
But I did go swimming yesterday in a mountian creek. The water was colder than the beer in the icechest....I dived right in..
wish you could come right on down too.
Missionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Just got home from groceries and saw you had posted.
This has made my day.
My gawd Linda. I am glad to make Anybody's day. geez. TY woman.
Thanks for this poem to soften my day.
I'm with lunchlady - it reads like a song, with a rhythm like a wingbeat - when did butterflies hum ... were we children ?

I'm with you, too - too much going on ; too much on the list - you summed or hummed it up, Mission, but I don't think they leave - just the noise in our heads drown them out.
I heard them right here, on this page today, and it was lovely.
Made me remember being a child.

That's what poems can do. Thankyou :-)
I never heard a butterly hum, I must listen harder from now on.( =}
As we get older it can become more difficult to hear them hum, so this was a joy - less distractions.

Beautiful, and searing...
When we stay in tune with butterflies, the moon and stars we stay connected to what is real, not all the 'stuff'' going on, don't we? I always like your message, Mission. Thanks for this.
If I made anyone think, or remember when times were simple, then I did good.

I was told once by my great aunt to listen for a butteries hum. I am still listening to hear it.
TY Algis.
Kim, I wanted to dedicate this to you, as I thought of you for some reason as I wrote it.
Blufeather, yeah, keep listening.
Creekend, cheers back your way dear.
Patrick, you are always welcome here
Rita, you got it well.
...agreed. It is a song,and one we need to sing. xo
That's a wonderful sensory image, butterflies humming as if they've not a care in the world. Why wouldn't they hum? They are free with no known enemies I'm aware of. We would all be so lucky. They do fart, though. Don't laugh, I've heard them. Kidding, of course. Lovely poem, Suz. Makes me long for a simpler time.
If we could only listen Muse, we might be able to hear.
Michael, your comments are always relevent and welcome here dear.
The images are clear and precise. Thank you for this. :) r.
You are welcome Jon.
It's a chant, Mission, a charming, hypnotic chant. I was sitting beside our lane in my truck yesterday afternoon hoping the wild turkey hen and her chicks would pass near enuf for me to get some video. Windows down. Summer breeze. A lovely black and gold butterfly working toward me thru a patch of wild fleabane daisies nearby floated up and perched next to my arm for a moment, tasting me with a few laps of her proboscis while I complimented her on her beauty. Then she launched off the side of the truck and flapped nonchalantly back to the more promising pollen vendors.
If we only had ears good enough to hear the small things in life Matt.
I can sure relate to the open window and summer breezes. Yeah.
and wildlife...
Soft and lovely. Yesterday I was telling J our old farm was in the migratory path of the monarch butterflies and each fall thousands would fill our grove. You've captured beautifully the feeling of standing in the quiet looking up to see them flutter in the trees. Really lovely and true.
You got a good head above them shoulders of your Blue and a big heart inside that chest of yours.
I hope you listen for the hum...
Wonderfulness, you appear to be channeling Wordsworth with this one.

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers,
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
It moves us not.--Great God! I'd rather be
A pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.
Hell Tom. I would be so proud to channel anyone at this stage of my flatter me darlin'.
I would love to hear the trumpet of Triton too. I got to listen up some myself...
Great to see a poem by you Mission. This was beautiful
May we all listen for the beauty in this world Trilogy. It is the small things in life that count the most, after all.
Off to walk a very whiny dog and listen for that butterfly..
Later fellow cyber sphere folks...
If we listen close enough, everything hums. It's just a matter of finding the stillness that lets us hear it.
One of the things I love about electricity outages is the quiet . . . you can listen to the butterflies hum . . .
In addition to a cordial comment from the kin-likes if Southern Hospitable`
Tom Cordle tc.,
You get that hoot`
Gaud it took almost forever to get here. I apologies for extra comments. Just skip.

Get coffee ice cream.
I an enjoying insects.
Metanoia - Emerging.
Dark Place - Fly aloft.
It is Monarch season.

You made me wander.
This is beautiful nature.
Nature entertains. Gifts.

Contrast man's a`hubris's.
Observe global commerce.
False economies crumble.

I have thought but Kerry?
his Open Salon staff hack?
Oy Pop-Up No sympathy?
Why I get Beware Pop-up?
Eli Wiesal mentions this idea
He deserved a Noble Laureate
"The opposite of good is not evil.
It is indifference." I do agree too.
I often ask someone this ref` Nature.
"Do Ya hear that sound that is humming?"
I swear ... sacred profanity cussing ... Athena?

I hear soft humming, leaves clapping, insect wings.
and then ...
Who cam chase a "false worldly-greedy commerce buzz-
a strife-filled, an obnoxious humdrum, screech, siren call,
It still is
Seek calm
Ay Sister
It's wise to`
wander to`
watch fly`
Thank You.

a short wish
a haiku poem
a request for
a eulogy for
a butterfly
mine too
no coffin
a big grin
no gin gal
a hum dig
sweet kiss
lay me now
a rest nap
a dream
a mission
a stolen
oho grin
nice post
dream too
hop in dirt
hope a kiss
a short kiss
a eulogy ay
a happy day
go be nat or
flea or stink
bug on red
sweet rose
sniff petal
be shy too
thanks hum
honey buns
burst heart
or something?
You hear crow?
Red rooster hum?
He hop and do run?
Bang wham honey-bum?
Bum Ya money and hiss!
He says Thank You? No!
Bejeweled O classic Fool!
Mission? Love neighbor!
Ya forgive? Me love You!
Ya know geezer Love You!
I shall read Nature's Book!

Tell Geezer-poet? Howdy.
Geezer64 is young hums.
He is a honey sweet poet.
round three of trying to comment back here. I got my fingers and toes crossed for good measure...
finding the stillness within is the hard part Nana..
I like electricity outages too Owl. The world gets louder...
Art, my fellow friend here. I love the long comment you wrote here and your perserverence trying to leave one. May the gift of the butterflies hum bring peace to your heart and soul each and every day and the sun shine light up your warm heart dear.
Geezer is doing well and I am sure would love to hear from you.
Thanks mission, for thinking of me. If you had me pegged as a butterfly man you pegged me right.
This post doesn't need photos - the comments are full of pictures ( I love the shot of Matt in his truck :- )
Beautiful job, Mission. Truly.
I have always thought you had the feel of a butterfly Kim dear. Always.
Pilgrim, after reading your latest I have more than a tad of envy.
But I am glad to know you found this wee bit of words enjoyable.
mission, yes listen to the butterflies
and the big bumble bees too. nice poem. the repetition works well.
May butterflies come back to you, Mission, as soon as ever they can. For a while now, butterflies have been so much in my thoughts. Some have come to visit me. When they do, there is nothing else except the ones who also think of butterflies. All gifts. And now the hum. Lovely this.
It is harded to listen for a hum from a butterfly than a bumblebee Scarlett.
and after looking at these lines again and seeing possessive problems, lack of a chorus, blah blah blah, I have decided my writing is a hapless mess.
Anna1, I don't more to say than a quiet TY dear...your gentle words are always welcome...
In the park later, I'll think of your lovely poem and listen for the hum of a butterfly.
Good for you Leon. May the warm breeze blow towards your face and lift your spirits as high as the soft blue sky forever smiling bringing peace deep inside the poet's soul you possess friend.