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APRIL 6, 2011 10:31AM

Appalachian Spring

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I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves today....
Got a favorite here?? Let me know...
So much peace and serenity
and daffodils blooming on the side of the road
rated with love
TY RP. It is sure peaceful here. I hope to convey that peace with this piece...
Suzanne, great to see more terrific photos of your area! It's beautiful terrain there and you portray the area very nicely! Some of the shots remind me of some areas to the north of where I am that are still quite rural in character.
Rural it is dear. And scenic and a great place to find peace and healing for me.
the first one.. reminds me of home.:)
rated with hugs
I am happy you found somthing good here Linda. I hope many find memories here of home or something close...
Oh my goodness, that first photo is beautiful. It snowed here AGAIN yesterday. I know spring will come here but WHEN? R
It snowed here a little yesterdaySheba. I am so ready for the coming warm days....
Gorgeous pictures. I'll be in South Carolina, near Augusta, next month, and hope to see similar sights.
You and your camera make my heart sing. "for the leaping greening spirits of trees"
It is a pretty placed to spend spring Leon.
I don't know if that means good or bad Chloe...
Thank you Rodger. I love the spirits of trees too.
Weird. My post vanished. Essentially what I said was: your photos speak to my heart. My family of origin has roots in eastern TN and I love it there. My great aunt and uncle owned a country store, much like the one in your picture. I have a miserable cold today, and this post was a nice picker-upper. Thank you. *R*
Weird. My post vanished. Essentially what I said was: your photos speak to my heart. My family of origin has roots in eastern TN and I love it there. My great aunt and uncle owned a country store, much like the one in your picture. I have a miserable cold today, and this post was a nice picker-upper. Thank you. *R*
Great stuff again! The barn with the cows was very peaceful to me. I liked the perspective of the yellow flowers by the road too. And I just liked the earthy feel of many of the others.
I am glad you like the general store Chloe. I like them too.
You are too kind Harry...
These are amazing, Mission...xox
TY Robin.....xox to you too dear!! Glad to see ya stop by here...
Beautiful and soulful! That store looked boarded up tho. Kind of sad. I hope you post some more photos when the leaves are out. I loved the photo of the freshly plowed garden!
I could smell the freshly plowed earth standing there as I took it Zanelle.
I could drink the first one, I really needed to see this peace today. Thank you Mission.
That one came from a long walk I took Blue. I remember crows calling from the hills behind me....glad it helped you some dear.
Very nice once again. I have a fondness for #4. It's speaking to me...

Helloooooooooooooo Dee...You there Deeeeeeeeee...Come on in Deeeeeeeeeeee...

Know what I mean? ;-)

Glad you liked that one Dee. I liked the creek running by it. Had some trout swimming in the clear water.
Love the moment when nature is poised between two seasons.
Ty Sarah. I was trying hard to get that moment in time here.
I love these. Hard to pick a favorite. I think it's the one after the plowed garden, with the person and the sheep? I feel I've been there and am in each scene. Wonderful (especially for an easterner living in California!
The area you live is is just insanely beautiful. And your photos are getting good enough to frame. Great Job~
Oh, I miss those NC photos remind me of that Talking Heads song: "How did I get here? ..Letting the days go by..."
I can't think of the title, but when I see your photos of the (general) area I thought I'd live in by now (Asheville, Boone...), I keep singing that song in my head...
Thanks for the peek at your world!
I think they are cows but don't remember Spike.
You can leave comments like that one all day Scanner.
I live about halfway between both cities JT. Come on here.
It is a great place to sit in the sunshine(where I have been)...laughing...
Duane...come back again and I refer you to my previous post in sepia. I thought you might like that one.
Neat pics!! Love them all!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

some people pictures in the landscpae would have made this more meaningful to me. my you live in a beautiful picture-post card country :) For your posts there could be a America through the Lens of Americans SECTION :)
TY Tink dear

Rolling, this is one of those areas where you don't aim a camera at people without asking permission first. They tend to aim lead your way if you do so.
I would love a photography section for this got my vote dear...
I must say that place is one postcard after another and you capture all of it so well. Stunning!
Nice work Suzy, I love the mountains in spring.
You are a kind man Michael. You can comment like that all day dear.
Bob, I am always happy to show my work and this area. Appalachia is a nice place to watch spring unfurl....
Wonderful Neighbor!!!!!!! Your eye gets keener by the day.
Each picture speaks so beatifully on its own, Suzy. I love those pastoral scenes. Most beautifully done, thank you.

Gorgeous. This is great.
This was fun folks. I am happy y'all liked them. These were not the same amount of work as the last batch. I decided maybe a few colors of spring would be good for all the folks who live were spring ain't made its appearance yet....I am thinking of you all ....
Yes, the first. And the second--preparing the ground. But my eye was also arrested by the van tumbled down the bank and left there for a long, long, long time.
Wonderful! My favorite is probably the church, but it's a close call with many others.
The scenery took away my headache; these are stunning. Reminds of parts of Hocking Hills here in Ohio. I love the first and second to last ones. Thank you for sharing such beauty...
You know I love these! Keep them coming...
Beautiful! You really conveyed the natural beauty of the place well. It's hard to pick one favorite, but the one with the daffodils along the road stands out for me. It brings back good memories from my time living in another part of Appalachia - Pennsylvania. I like the stream, too.
These are!
Excellent, thank you. Hopefully you didn't get too badly beaten by the winds/tornados that were under reported in the UK.
so envious, god it's gorgeous
My God, you are a brilliant photographer!!
Rated, and in awe.