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FEBRUARY 15, 2011 10:23AM

Today's views from the Hill

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This is my view today from this hill. One person already remarked this place looks like the north pole and Santa's wonderland. After all the snow of this winter I have remarked my self as to how this part is supposed to be some part of the South. I would beg to differ with the past winter weather. My welcome to NC was  a bucket of cold well water freshly drawn and dumped on my  head early. Yet the pleasure is all mine......



 I just saw Ms Clinton on the early news calling for Internet freedom. Iran is chasing anything that looks like a journalist and beating them both before and after arresting them. In Egypt, we had Ali Jazeera. In Iran, we got college kids holding cell phones. Via de revolution....
I have never been a Clinton fan of either stripe. When I announced to my feminist friends I was an Obama supporter, all their jaws dropped at me and I was ridiculed for being a hypocrite.
No one seems to remember that in Jun 2010 Ms Clinton was praising Internet freedom openly on the media. Then Wikileaks started releasing cables and suddenly Internet freedom was bad. Now suddenly it is good again. Egypt had the Internet supposedly completely cut off but luckily they had a Google blogger/hero to get the word out.

Ms Clinton has now seen the Internet as good/bad/good all in the space of less than nine months.


 Yet with the Patriot Act up for not just renewal but a vote for permanent law the call is still security. And the spotlight is anywhere but on that fact and not just one law but a sweeping group of laws that weaken and completely remove many parts of our basic so called freedoms will disappear in one signature, there is no debate. No coverage. Our news spotlight in the middle east blares. We got the Grammy Awards for more consumer stimulus. There is no outcry over the loss of search and seizure, identity documents made mandatory, government spying, the right to freedom of papers, books, community association.....

I have relatives who tell me that the y define the word 'terrorist' as a person who wants to come and 'destroy our way of life' and 'They hate us because we have freedoms they don't.'
That list above is one that was sent in a protest to one of the Greek emperors, FYI. In some cruel twist of fate, all of it applies to the Patriot Act. History does repeat. Twisted in some way, tho'.
I been looking at the coming budget. More Bull shit. The US is completely bankrupt. The banksters robbed the US taxpayers blind during the bank heist and there is still no outcry. The US borrows on the bond market every Wednesday morning. These bonds are short term debt and resell again 30 days later. The US is only paying the low interest on them and selling them again. Every 30 days many notes or bonds are sold medium term. A mix of 5,10. 30 years bonds are sold and these are long term. Our own government is buying our own bonds in some crazed insanity fluke that will result in hopeful criminal arrest for all involved.

 It is like a couple who are broke writing bad checks to each other out of the joint account at the bank. Then selling the checks at a cheap flea market and promising to buy them back later for more money. Sad part is all this borrowing is ripping out huge chunks of available monies for all countries and the others are jealous at the flea market. Soon they are gonna refuse to buy the bad checks and then the seller will have to pack up and take his shit back home.  And when you are running the huge beast that has become our federal govt, the SOB will stop in its tracks like the huge monster it has become.

The complete bankruptcy of the US govt is not a secret. I have watched complete discussions on Internet TV on Bloomberg news. Lots of fat Asians and middle Eastern types discuss this at three and four am when I turn it on. Every time a new quarterly rate is discussed by the Fed I am watching these discussions. I have seen the so called Fed boys Bernake and Paulson slime their way thru these interviews. I go read the traders on Wall Street give tips to each other over on MarketWatch e-zine and ponder it all.If I have learned any damn thing from Open Salon it is read blogs but especially the comments. People get into details there and you can learn one hell of a lot of ground details.

 Reading details of what is coming down the pipes in this economy next has been an addiction of mine I admit openly here. Reading and listening to one side or the other be it banksters or the masses is like some scary movie.
Yet I think of asking anyone if the revolution will ever make the shores of the US, people look at me like I have lost it.


The revolution they see is one where everyone else wants to become American. Supposedly.

The don't hear others laughing at the blaring propaganda coming from media in our country. They laugh. No one wants their laptops taken and searched coming thru American airports. No one wants scanned at the huge snafus that have become open searches to fly on a plane. No one worships the Dream anymore. Yet the madness of horror in other countries where speaking out brings lead poisoning your personal way. Or the horrors of indefinite detention and torture. God save us all from that.

 Brought to you by Cheney and


I think so many are holding out with baited breath. If only the economy will pick back up. The hope of the coming recovery is all that is keeping the patient laying still and not running thru the streets screaming. If the masses knew the true story of this madness, open riots and insanity of all stripes would surface.

Measuring a man by the yardstick of a few numbers on a computer monitor is insanity. Selling your soul to the man and doing things with no morals to up them numbers is a American past time well over sold. And mental illness rises everyday. The connection stands there like the 800 lb gorilla and more TV blares for distraction.

 We tear out each others throats like the mad dogs we have become.
We forget our human self in this process and become monsters. Our soul is wounded and we lash out at each other from personal pain.
and the man behind the curtain laughs and smokes his cigar.....
We all sense the rape but refuse to admit it even to ourselves in the quiet of the night.
and continue to refuse to open our eyes.
Or ridicule to naysayers and call them insane.
And pass the time living in dreamtime saying only if.....


I wrote this fine rant with partial sarcasm early this morning about when I took this picture. I sent it in an email and was encouraged to share.

I do loves me rants.....









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More musings from the early morning looney bin .
so do I..

"We tear out each others throats like the mad dogs we have become"
So insane..
rated with as many hugs as I can send.
Every time I hear of one more personal friend brought to their knees by this economy, I scream silently at the banksters Linda.
I have had two in the last month.
It is hard to listen to grown men cry over a cell phone....
I read some comments about the numbered regions the US security is assigning the camps to hold us RW. I can only hope my cell is close to an few so we can shout at each other.
And the CEO's can plant corn for ethanol while eating some barley pea soup out of a plastic bowl from the Dollar Store once a day.
Sounds wonderful. And none are under arrest as of yet.....
You touch on several critical issues here. One of the most important for us (and it may become very important indeed sooner than we think) is:

"Soon they are gonna refuse to buy the bad checks and then the seller will have to pack up and take his shit back home"

Once that happens, we're talking about a situation that will make our current economic difficulties seem like the good old days.
Rated for the lovely photograph.

The rest was depressing.....very sad state(s) of affairs.
I love me some rants too, and especially like this one. The Patriot Act I last heard is being held up by the teaparty congresspeople. Maybe if they do nothing else, they can get rid of legislation that has taken the very rights away that this country was founded on!
With the new federal budget cut backs and the failure of states to balance their budgets and cut back more the results of just that will be sad enough Nana. Then you throw in the collapse of the bubble ponzi busting right in front of our collective eyes.
Nope. the results will be sad. with food pricces hitting the highs they are now and throw in a few price increases of gasoline we will all ride a devil beast.
He bucks hard and we all fall down.
I am happy you like the picture Myriad.
But the rest is true as far as I know.
Depressing?? Sure.
Yet must be discussed more then what is being watched on the tube of distraction for the masses. we have had the Superbowl and now the Grammies. I am sure hollywood can come up with more opiate soon. Maybe a new Disney wonder show to sooth all the hurts from the shit hitting the fan.
With the recent growth market being the watchword security Scanner I sincerely cannot see the complete overthrow of it at all. The ability of the CIA and others to throw out warnings of coming terrorist attacks like feeding a favorite dog bones is insanity.
More terrorists are lurking everywhere. Or so it goes. Hell, we just got rid of color coding. A completely useless idea. The Patriot Act will become law in my view. No choice in the matter. We are scared of the boogey men now.
Good morning sweet heart, BTW, we aren’t the crazy ones or the stupid ones:

“Measuring a man by the yardstick of a few numbers on a computer monitor is insanity.” That’s one of the most intelligent, sane, sentences I’ve read in a while.

I got stuck talking too a rabid man (who happened to be a republican) I refused to escalate and he looked at me in rage and terror and blurted “doesn’t it piss you off that you owe umpteen thousand dollars on the national debt? hahaha, what a crazy simpleton.

My response was something like; How is that my problem? I don’t give a rats ass about the debt or deficit, the money isn't real. I don’t illusion money to pay it back. I’m never going to have enough to pay back what some dimwit determined is my share (because they keep forgetting I need to be paid so they can take it from me), my kids are never going to have enough to pay it back so I don’t give a shit what they owe either.

If they’re going to confiscate it from my wages, we’re just going to buy less of their shitty crap and then their stupid companies will fold. If I can’t find food, I’m not going to break into my neighbors house, he doesn’t have any either. I’m going to get together with the other hungry people and go to the house with the huge pantry. The people with big pantries can just hire millions of security guards or something and they can certainly afford it so they’ll be fine too. I stopped arguing because it’s just not my problem. I shattered his poor little world view because I just ignored his problem. If he wants to buy in that he owes some part of that, that ain't my problem.

Bill Clinton was sleeping with a young impressionable woman, hell he was sleeping with a lot of women after he was married, if he will betray his family, he will betray anyone less important with ease.

Hillary knew it and didn’t do anything because she lusts for Power. A woman who cares nothing for her own self respect, or even her child (!!!), just to get power terrifies me.

Thank you, I needed to rant safely today and I agree with most of what you said. Warm sunshine to you, take care of those tender fingers. I'm off to rest my weary self.
No one asked me plenty that is done with my name attached Blue.
No one asked me who to put in jail or gives a rats ass if I wind up there.
The spin on the media shouting for freedom for the entire middle east goes on and on droning the masses to sleep.
And the lurvly righties can blow air thru both openings at both ends while the rain falls on their faces.
The storm will rage while we all roast.
Cheeful from my angle, but then I have my head stuck in a sand box up to my shoulders. I try to get by one day at a time and I didn't even stop drinking. In reality, I don't see good things on the horizon. Part of me wants to believe we can head off the mess we're heading for, then the reality part of me kicks in. That picture in my head is not so rosy. Is it possible that we've peaked as a species? Nature seeks balance and we are on the wrong side of the scale. Hugs, Kiddo!
Since I sent you this in an email Michael you are aware how I feel about this insane world we live in.
I am a big picture person and what I see in it ain't pretty for the coming times. I remember how the news of recovery was being shouted in three months after the crash. The news ain't working for me no more.
Cold hard facts and truth brings silience. It is too quiet for me today.
Yes, to anyone who bothers to look and listen the future is obvious and frightening. But most are sticking with their plan of deaf and dumbness and write off any who try to raise the alarm as out of touch with reality.

But it's the wilfully deaf, dumb and blind who are out of touch with reality. Problem is, we all will pay.

So I'll think of you sitting on your spot on the hill like the Beatles' "Fool" who sees the sun going down and world spinning round, and know I'm not alone :)
I loves your rants too. People everywhere are getting pissed at corruption and greed. Things like that have a way of spreading. Tick. Tock America.
That's a good way to put it Harry. I may as well look at the insanity below. I have been out of work so long I feel insane from doing nothing.

Yeah Antionette. Tic tock America. The masses are restless. Not a good sign and truth always comes like a shot of cold water on your back unexpected.
Rated for the rant. Love the picture, but then again, I like the quaint place so close to the city.
I have a bird on a wire view here Scupper. It brings strange thoughts to my little head some days.
I am hoping to get established here before the shit hits the fan Nutjob. And it would be a great day seeing banksters swing in the cool breeze.
I have got CNBC running in the background right now. The ponzi schemers keep pumping out the good news and market values.
And the poor keep their heads low looking for crumbs.
A splendid rant indeed. I enjoyed it. Light it up any time you are of a mind to.
Glad to see you enjoyed it Brass. I had a great time writing it.
I did love the documentary over at your place. it was fun to watch and listen to.
Your relatives are wrong when they say a 'terrorist' as a person who wants to come and 'destroy our way of life'. As Pogo put it, "we have met the enemy, and they are us."

As for the economy, all you need to know about where it's headed is that half of all mortgages are under water -- that is, the borrowers owe more than their homes are worth. If you have a $700,000 loan on a house worth $400,000, it makes NO economic sense to keep paying your mortgage.

And where is that missing $300,ooo? That's a rhetorical question.
I do expect the next terrorist attack will wear white desperate faces Tom.
And with all the coming defaults of not only homeowners but entire states, muncipalities our very own federal govt trying to figger out what to do the load of paper will be a shredding frenzy.
And the poor will suffer in the cold dark world.
Good rant. Part of me wants to buy hand tools, fishing line, hooks, traps, seeds, plant a garden, have a mule. I hate the helpless feeling that those entities with no public faces rule and that I'm being played like a guitar. I'm glad to be here, and that you are too.
I chose this area carefully Rednose. I figure these mountains will hold out no matter what happens. And I would urge all to buy that list. Just the thoughts of being without are enough for me.
Wow. I could have written that rant. ;) Love your photo. Glad you found me on Brassawe's blog. Looking forward to more rants & raves.
Glad to see ya over here Stonermom.
I do loves me rants. You are a great find dear.
At least from your fıne vıew you can keep yourself dıstanced from the guzzen.
I so feel and share your frustrations. It seems like a lot of us have been holding our breath for so long...too long...waiting for shoes to drop. Maybe they already have.