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December 05
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JANUARY 7, 2011 7:55AM

'fertile ground'

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jagged shards of memory


scarred buried dreams


slivered bits dug from deep


anger well composted


ready for new seed


fertile ground......

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The best way I can hoist an answer to the open call for divorce stories, mine.....
Wasn't sure where you were going with this: could have been political. Tags make sense, too.
I like the feeling of hope here. Well done.
All I got for today and a way to answer the open call Pilgrim.
You are always welcome for dropping by Cartouche'.
This is really good, Suz. Never been married, but I sure know the feeling of a relationship gone wrong. You capture that very well.
I am a true blue bitch at heart Michael.
The bitch comes to the surface here.
Dang! Till that earth!! May-haps you can breed some forbidden fruit. Total connex, and rated!
I long for a warm Spring with flowers and warm sun Songbird.
I wasn't even thinking about divorce until I saw the tag. That opened the piece wide for me and gave it new meaning. Well done.
I do not see the point in going into the sorry details here Harp.
anyone that has went thru the pain of separation and divorce can relate to this.
15 years and counting. Than the lord!
Hope is a scary word IQ.
But it is there waiting...
I fear even the word 'date' Elijah.
Good job Mission only my anger is still not buried..:(
rated with hugs
I buried the anger and finally in rotted away Linda.
Now it means nothing.
I am aiming to move on....
This is an Open Call I can't do. Talking about the first wife is hard. I love the way you did it. Maybe I'll do it this way!:-)
I just was not up to digging Scanner.
Seemed like an apt post to me.
Is anyone else @ Open Salon feelin' EXTRA goofy?
I keep 'hitting' Heather B's EP on the Front Page.
I get a pop-up that reads`
Go back to the Home Page. It just happened twice.
Anybody else?
Hearts are earthen
Hearts can be fertile
Plant fertile good seed
Some seed always withers
The sower may sow weeping
At Harvest there's Joy rejoicing.

Thanks Mission. I wonder what?
What ever happened to Geezer?
geezer 64?
a great poet
He sent me his book. I miss him.
You knew Geezer64. O, Faithfully.
I really wonder about Tomorrow.
The politicos are crazy bastards!
Sick jokes. O, "an american Pax!"
It's crumbling Empire real soon!
these sick-beast need to drop.
They are lame geese flop crap.
They aren't worth composting.
Compost from dung and matter?
That will decompose to form `
Bless Ya
May the coming year bring flowers well sown for us all Art.
I will send ya a PM about Geezer94.
Check your inbox in a few...
I like the idea of anger being composted. Enjoyed this on a universal level. Best wishes.
**leans in a little closer and whispers to the crowd reading breathless**
I wrote a rant for the answewr to the current open call runnin' fer divorce stories....later I reopened the document, written at my best time 3a.m., and deleted most all but the most outstanding lines....
This time, I throw down the gauntlet here for fiction or fraction fer fillin' in the blanks....
I went off to check the trash heap of failed relationships and discovered it had rotted down to good soil Fernsy.
I thought "divorce" even before I read the tags. Well done.
I did not want to put that word in the poem Trilogy.
I tried to let out feelings...
I understand this. Metamorphosis in a good way.
Life is constant change Harry.
Chiseled into the screen! Powerful words.