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APRIL 6, 2012 1:49PM

Eavesdropping on kids...

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This is an overheard conversation between my soon to be three year old granddaughter, Apraih (uh-PRAY-uh), and her five year old brother Hassani, (Ha-SAN ee) AKA "Sani". I stole it from my daughter's FB post.

Apraih: Sani, I gonna be a mommy. And I gonna have my own hub-band.

Sani: Headband? yes, ok, we can get you a headband.

A: NO! Hub-band, and my own babies.

S: Oh, husband. Yes, you will have your own, when you're older. And your own house.

A: No, we gonna live in a castle. But who gonna be my hub-band? 

S: We don't know. It could be anyone. That's the great thing about weddings, they're a suprise. He might not be handsome though...

A: But Sani can you help me find who gonna be my hub-band? Please?!

S: You probably don't even know him yet. Maybe you do....


S: It could be lots of people. But you have to pick the right one.

A: The right one? How 'bout my daddy?

S: NO! You can't marry him, he's mom's. Plus he'd be a really old man by then. 

A: Who gonna be my hub-band? Which guy gonna be my hub-band? Who gonna be my hub-band? Which guy gonna be my hub-band? Who gonna be my hub-band? Which guy gonna be my hub-band? Who gonna be my hub-band? Which guy gonna be my hub-band? Who gonna be my hub-band? 

S: APRAIH! Probably no one! 'Cause you're super annoying.





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You should see me laffing. What a wonderful Good Friday gift, Sharon.
Hahahaha! Out of the mouths of babes... excellent advice for women who want to remain single for a time. Be annoying!

Much thanks to you, your daughter and especially the kids.
That's funny! Though why she wants to get married, I don't understand. ;0)
Oh, this is funny.
.... the child is almost three and starting in already??
Wishing you all many years first and then much joy when you all do meet her 'hub-band'...
and what a cutie brother too. : )
Hilarious and adorable! My oldest had it all planned out when she was 3. Her children's father - not her hub-band - was Da-bid - NOT David, DaBid - and her children were Jeddy, Stotch & Moomer. She is 42 now and, of course, has no children. She did get a puppy recently, though.
My grandson turns three in July... it will be interesting to see how he starts looking at his future... I can't remember that I ever had any aspirations until I got hooked on science.
Ha ha ha ha!! Love it. I can just hear my kids saying that.

"No one. Because you're annoying!" Love it.
Kids keep things in perspective. If that conversation had been videotaped, it would have gone viral.
And they sound that way at 15 too. :)
I am giggling like the three-year-old Apraih would. This is just too adorable for words. Mars and Venus already!

Hahaha! That's the great thing about weddings, they're a suprise... :) Thanks for sharing this, Mime.
How cute!! Happy Easter, mimetalker.
Oh, so funny!!! Thanks for a good laugh out loud!!
Hahahaha! Sounds just like a three year old to me. And that's just what my six year-old tells his brother. Kids! Gotta love 'em.
Don't listen to your Mom, Apraih. I was super annoying as a kid (still am) and I found a spouse.

Funny post!
Oops. I meant don't listen to your "brother".
Kids are too funny sometimes!
I wanna hub-ban too!
I'd rather have a funky headband

This is SO precious! No ... THEY are so precious!

Thanks for sharing the joy, Mime!
Thank you all for laughing with me. They are hilariously wonderful.
Kids are so smart. They get it. R
Funny! I need a hubban too. One who will clean up the house, have my dinner ready when I get home from work, and a warm foot rub.
Sounds like my 3-YO grandnephew and his 5-YO sister.