Military Missions

Military Missions
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
October 31
Military Missions Inc
I have what I consider to be the best job on the planet. I run Military Missions Inc, a nonprofit organization which supports military, veterans, and their families. I did not set out to start an organization, I simply did what came naturally when my son joined the US Marine Corps in 2004. I followed my mother’s heart. Previously, I taught school for 20 years (12 in public and private elementary schools, 8 in home education) and I have logged in countless hours as room mother, team mother, and parent volunteer. What started out as a mother sending care packages to her son has turned into a fast-growing nonprofit that keeps me busy 14 hours a day; and I love every minute of it! In addition to supporting our troops with care packages, providing support for their families here on the home front and getting involved with the veteran community, I’ve also been learning a lot about how our military functions and how to get some action out of our lawmakers. When I mailed the first care package six years ago, I had no idea that I would become an advocate for Wounded Warriors and Veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, the invisible wounds of war, but it’s obvious that God knew it all along. It is my honor and privilege to support those who have been willing to stand in the gap for my freedom. I figure this is the least I can do to say thanks. Felled Not was born out of efforts to help our combat veterans suffering with PTSD and TBI. Felled Not! No warrior shall be felled by invisible wounds.