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MAY 1, 2012 8:49AM

Picante Jalapeno Poppers

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Easy and delicious hors d'oevres

I have been serving jalapeno poppers to dinner guests at my casa for years and I would like to share this easy recipe with you today.  We New Mexicans claim that we will eat chile with anything and the combination of chile with another of my favorite foods, bacon, is this foodie's delight.


The first time I made these treats, I blithely began cutting the jalapenos in half when very soon the peppers' hot essence triggered a mighty coughing attack that brought tears to my eyes.  I wiped the tears away with my hand causing my eyes to burn tragically.  I highly recommend wearing a disposable mask and gloves to prepare the peppers.  If you are like my aunt who is almost impervious to the effects of the peppers, you can just clean them under running water. 


This recipe will yield twenty-four hors d'oevres. 

12 jalapeno peppers about two to three inches in length

1 package of cream cheese

1 cup of shredded mild cheddar cheese-- I use Colby or Longhorn.

12 slices of bacon cut in half

 the yard 002

Slice the peppers in half lengthwise.  Remove the seeds.

Jalapeno Poppers 008

Fill each half with a generous dollop of cream cheese then sprinkle the top with the shredded cheddar cheese.   I place mine to bake on a cake pan. 

Jalapeno Poppers 009

Wrap each filled pepper half with the half slice of bacon and secure with a wooden toothpick. 

Bake at 400 degrees for about twenty-five minutes or until the bacon is cooked and your poppers are done.  They are greasy from the bacon and so be sure to drain them on a bed of paper towels before serving.

Mis amigos, jalapeno poppers are not the prettiest finger food you have every seen but the cream cheese puffs up like magic and blends with the cheddar cheese into the most mouthwatering taste treat.  Que rico!  My friends love them.

I like to serve them with a tasty Sangria garnished with citrus.

 Jalapeno Poppers 010

I hope you enjoy them, too.  And to my Spanish speaking friends, my computer was worked on recently so I have not been able to locate my character chart hence the absence of the enes.

Smooth music to eat by

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Looks muy delicioso. Thanks.
OMg another fabulous nosh idea! Bravo..Gracias...
I ate those very poppers and believe me, they were delicious! I am one lucky esposo.
Yum! You made my mouth water! What a fabulous chef you are!
I want to rate this five stars!!

Those look mighty good....
Miguela~ the picture at the end made me love you more!! Look at your sweet presentation with the goblets of sangria!! I love poppers and cannot have them because of my new satanic diet that forbids cheese...:((
You are terrible::))! Reminds me of stuffed jalapeno peppers at Chimayo, an indelible memory......thanks
I have experienced (tragically) the eye-pepper burn! But that won't stop me from trying this recipe...looks amazing, Miguela. The bacon kicks these babies up a notch.
Mary--Thanks for stopping by. They are delicious even if I say so myself. Simple ingredients.

Algis--I promise you will love serving these to your friends.

Thanks, Bob.
Victoria--Come by anytime and I will fix you up with a platter.

Mission--Muchas gracias, chica.

BrazenPrincess--I have no business eating cheese or bacon because my forty year high school reunion in Santa Fe is this summer. Glad you liked the vintage-y presentation. The goblets are carnival glass as you probably know, the platter is Bauer from the 1940s, the little dishtowel with the Mexican motif looks like 1950s or 60s. The darling burro planter was made in Japan.
hyblaean-julie--I wish it was possible for you to reach in and try some. Thanks.

Roberto--If you ate some of these in Chimayo then you know how good they are. Thanks and yes I am terrible. I should be serving crudite.

Smithery--Thanks for stopping by to comment. Some people bread these babies with crumbs but they can't hold a candle to those made with bacon!
Looks like the kind of hors d'oevre that would make me devise a plot to eat more than my share.
I'm with Mary! Before you wrap them in the bacon, they look like ears of corn--very cute.
I wish su casa were mi casa. Gracias for this.
i want to blithely jump in mouth first and make all that
painstakingly prepared yummy food
disappear down my big greedy gullet
and i dont care if i get a tummy ache, either!
¡Ay, caramba! These look amazing. I'm printing off your recipe so I can make these and Bell's empanadas. I have a good chile relleno recipe that a friend's Mexican husband gave me, and I'll try to post that, too. R.
Those were good, mamacita.
My stomach and my liver refused to read this entry, but my mouth and my mind was intrigued. Some years ago, embarking on a daring journey of homemaking salsas, I roasted and hand peeled many peppers, small and large- sans gloves. A few hours later (and I had been assisted by my then new flame), after experiencing overly warm hands, we both had pretty much hallucinatory out of body experiences and some of the best sex ever. I do believe I was either speaking to god or I was becoming god, he agreed. Aphrodisiac in the produce section? (for further fun, the Simpson's episode when Homer eats a special chile and goes Carlos Castaneda on downtown Springfield was not that far off).
Jim--Come on over.

jmac1949--You have good taste. Thanks for stopping by.

Linnn--You are so cute. Don't worry I took more than my share for you.
Erika--They are kind of cute before the bacon and probably lower caloried. Thanks!

SarahC--Mi casa ES su casa. If you came here I would love to make you some to enjoy!

Jon--A couple of them were pretty hot and I was definitely exclaiming owowowow!
JamesE--That's the chile-lover spirit. It hurts so good we want MORE!

Deborah--You will really like these and they are easier to make than empanadas. But I think I will try Bell's recipe this weekend, too.

Carlota--Muchas gracias, mi'jita.

OryokiBowl--Extra poppers for you for the best comment of the day. We hot Chicanas have our spicy little secret, que no?
Ha! I'm going to send this post to Mary Tom. She NEEDS to make this for our Cinco de Mayo party. (I'll ask her to leave the bacon off a few of them for me.) Also, after reading your last sentence I realize I've been remiss on the enes.
Bellwether--Perfect for Cinco de Mayo. I am going to try your empandas this weekend. Usually I am lazy in the kitchen but your recipe really sounds good!
They are great. Believe me. poppers
poppers--I know about those kind of poppers, too. ;D