JUNE 3, 2009 12:32PM

Warning: Cute puppy photo!

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family, comedy, animals, puppy, dog, hanah, bb

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That is the very definition of cuteness!
That'll give you a cavity if you look at it for too long.
Oh My God!! Since Apollo passed away on Easter I have been flirting with getting another puppy.... I need to stay away from here!

What kind is he?
Bah! I was warned, yet I still wasn't ready for it!!

Adorable, for sure.
That weird mix of golden retriever and poodle, the wonderfully named Golden Doodle. His name is BB, short for Bam Bam (Flintstones). But this week it stands for Butterball. Pup isn't missing his groceries!
Too cute. I envy the flexibility of dogs that can splay out like that!
oh, little darlin! So precious.
I Can't get another dog!
Cute, and he blends well with your decor !
Hahaha, we got him to go with the floor. Kidding of course :)