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FEBRUARY 2, 2009 8:16AM

Our dog, Pie

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(Pie, above, melting on a very hot day. He died 2 days before Hannah's 6th birthday, and we're coming up on another birthday in March, her 8th.)

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Losing a dog member of the family is every bit as sad as losing a human one. Every bit. Dogs are beautiful souls.
I will read anything with "dog" in the title and I"m glad I did. How sweet. Pie was a sweetie.
"... the night sky camouflaged him so much we saw balls that floated in the air ..."

She is fascinating.
Those flashing balls were great fun, and so were the collars. Once, we were heading home really late, and this big van pulls up next to us. A woman gets out and flips up the back door, and three turbocharged bands of light come shooting out, jumping up and down and flying all around us. We hooted about that one for days.
Pie was truly beautiful as are Hannah and Hannah's mom. Shanti.