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MAY 1, 2012 10:17PM

Missing Out

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My training this week has been great and I know it will help me with my job, but I am a bit bummed out too.  My daughter just called me to tell me about her induction ceremony into National Honor Society.  Last night she was given for awards for her participation in Amnesty International, Youth in Government (writing and presenting bills for a statewide student legislature), Mock Trial Competition, and Speak Your Mind (Current Events Forum).  And I missed that too.  Although she also missed it because the soccer team had an away game last night.

Monday I visited George Mason University and tomorrow I go to George Washington University  and American University to look them over.  She really wants to go to school here in the DC area, but I don't know how we'll swing it.  She is very interested in Georgetown, but that isn't happening.  The reality is a 3.65 GPA, all honors and AP classes, 13 clubs, soccer, a regional title in policy debate, three honor societies, and tutoring gifted kids for the A+ program (and this doesn't even touch next year) isn't enough.  I refuse to tell my sweet, bright, beautiful child that she is not enough. 

So take that Georgetown!  We don't need you.  There are like 2,774 four year colleges in the US.  We still have 2,770 to go.

(I'm proud of you sweetheart!)

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So I guess Georgetown wants you to donate a building, too? That's cracked. Which college has offered her a free ride?

2774 institutes of higher learning and is she starting in the fall? You are going to have a Thelma & Louise summer, trying to tour them all. ;0)

It is rough that you had to miss the ceremony. Hope the training is going well.
Georgetown wants a higher GPA for one thing. She'd be stifled at a Jesuit school anyway. Training is great. I really love my job 99% of the time. Like everyone else, I wish it paid more. :)
that is seriously, seriously impressive, but if that isnt enough for georgetown, i literally dont even know what to say. except christ almighty!

have to backtrack now to learn about your training!

nice job there, mom-of-such-a-girl.
I'm sure you're doing the best you can. Terrific that your daughter won an Amnesty International award. Bravo!
Having just gone through this myself, good luck and congrats on having a wonderful & gifted daughter.

Considering that most colleges' deadlines for applications for the Fall 2012 semester are May 1st, I'm guessing that your daughter is a junior in high school.

Back when I applied to college (35 years ago) the hard-copy application was long and the fee was $150. Now applications are online, the information can easily be copied-and-pasted (or generic sites, such as can be used), and the fees run from free to $25-$60. As such, I allowed my son apply to 22 universities figuring that the cost was minimal compared to what the family can expect to pay for the tuition.

He was accepted at all 22 schools (non as prestigious as Georgetown, however) and his primary motivating factor on choosing a university was where could he play the highest-caliber collegiate baseball.

We visited many of the campuses and he spoke to current students whose opinions he valued (in his case, the current baseball players).

Your journey has just begun. It will be a wild, but satisfying ride.
Lots of really fine schools here in Virginia and all pretty close to D.C. from a fellow midwesterners point of view , like the nearest McDonalds being a half hour away drive on the interstate close. Then there's the state reciprocity in tuition to take into account, a huge deal when considering costs vs paying out of state fees not to mention grants and scholorships are more attainable to 'close staters' as well.

On the bright side you have lots of roadtrips to take, a chance to explore places you'd not likely see otherwise and most importantly, bond closer with a child who will soon be a fully functioning adult.
You are exactly right Brad! We're going to South Dakota for the first time ever this summer. I really hadn't expected that one. :)