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JUNE 17, 2009 4:43PM

If I Buy These Jeans Will This Happen To Me?

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capt Once again, a new sexually titillating ad campaign from Calvin Klein strikes a nerve. In New York City’s Soho neighborhood the ad, featuring a topless young woman engaged in kissing a young man while lying on top of another while yet another young man lies on the floor with his pants unbuttoned, adorns the side of an entire 5 story tall building. Some people find the ad so disgusting they are promising to boycott the jeans. The ad is so blatant one man told ABCNews, “If it were going on in the back of a parked car with steamed windows I would be arrested, yet they broadcast this to the whole city.”
Calvin Klein has a history of generating provocative ads that have caused havoc. There was the 1981 Brooke Shields ad in which she stated that nothing comes between her and her Calvins and last year, another banned ad featuring Eva Mendes exposing part of her nipple. The same photographer for controversial Abercrombie & Fitch shot the actor Mark Wahlberg and Brook Shields ads. Other ads were dropped because television stations refused to air them and the FBI investigated the company for potential child pornography charges.
Younger generations have always had more tolerant views of sexuality often declaring, “the more the merrier.” One young adult even declared, "All I can see are beautiful people having a good time…It's not the advertising that makes little children confused, it's the uptight handling with sex-related issues in general of their parents."
Yet, others say it pushes the envelope and is disgusting, vile, obscene, an orgy and pornography that you cannot turn off because it is on the side of a building and not on television. This is an ad that you cannot hide from. You are walking down the street with your four year old or your ten year old and it is staring you in the face. In my opinion, it’s inappropriate and depicts a girl willing to compromise her integrity for a pair of jeans.
Is this my age speaking? Am I really that out of touch with what is going on sexually with young adults? I lived in Europe where nude television and magazine ads are common. I remember being shocked at first, but became very comfortable with it after a short time. Yet, I would not want my daughter to appear in the ad nor would I want her to experience sex without love. And, I ask, why one woman and three men? Why not one man and three women or two men and two women? Maybe it is the thought of gang rape that scares me, but she seems to be participating willingly. I am a person who loves sex, cherishes it even. I feel it is a gift we give to one another. I am also a person who has a collection of banned books because I do not believe in book banning. Now, I am second-guessing myself and asking how far am I willing to go for censorship?

Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think…


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If I buy these jeans will this happen to me?
And you are SURE it's not an ad for an illegal drug?? Or a legal one??
Ecstasy? Viagra? Maybe when men are this young they can't keep it up as long... we sure as hell don't want any minute men participating in orgies!!
It looks like an ad for an online porn site to me. Guess I'm just getting old.
They all look a bit too stoned to actually function. Don't they?
That sure doesn't look like Bible Camp.
i'm just feeling bad for the poor dude on the floor who got left out.
I found a photo of the billboard itself


OK, I sometimes feel there are just too many Puritans in modern America but I will admit that it's over the top. Of course on the other hand if it was a painting by Manet nobody would object.
I don't at all think you've become a prude, MAWB. I'm pretty repulsed by Calvin Klein myself. Despite that, I'm not all that put off by this ad.
Looking at it I don't see any kind of sexuality to it. It's too posed for my tastes.

It's more phony than anything else.

And people this young--does one actually believe they're good in bed??

But I can understand the uproar over it.

And for a child who would ask me, I'd tell him or her the truth. It's only a photo and that the actors in it are posing for a camera in a way that's supposed to be sexy.

Make it a teachable moment!
But frankly, I wouldn't be too unhappy if this did happen to me! ;)

CK's intent is to provoke, because that's how they stay in the news.
You guys have it all wrong. She is HELPING those poor young men by giving them CPR. I hope she gets to the guy on the floor soon. He looks like he's fading fast!
Thanks for the pic, I added it to the post!!
Verbal--Bored or stoned, one. The jeans look good, though I see the girl doesn't get as much clothing as the guys which doesn't make much sense. If you buy these jeans and this does happen to you, you need to blog about it.
Disco! Bwhahahahha! You are so right, the guy on the floor does look like he needs CPR!
The sexy ad I remember growing up was the poster for The Graduate, with Anne Bancroft pulling up her stocking with Dustin Hoffman gaping in the background. This a new high or low.
Looks to me like nothing comes between her and her men but Calvins. Current flip on the '81 ad tagline? Doesn't offend me as an adult, but it would be difficult to explain to my grandsons.
--rated--for somewhat repressed Peoria girls? tee-hee
Oh, Sheepdog, I remember that ad!! That caused quit a stir!
Mothership, you are so right!! That Catholic education did us in!! But it made us so good later!!!
I wish our culture focused this much on violence- you don't see this kind of protest for the movies that are aimed at teens.
On further reflection: Why were MY dorm parties never ratio'd at three-guys-to-one-me?

Is it ENTIRELY too late for me to rectify that now?

Who used the pliers to zip floor-boy into his Calvins?

Oh, wait. The guys are just waiting for her to pass out so they can get working on each other, aren't they?
It looks like Calvin Kline is trying to sell jeans by being over the top with sexual content. I think my generation gets bombarded with this kind of stuff all the time and it just becomes another annoying gimmick rather then a real issue.
Verbal, you are so right!! In reality, these guys are probably all gay! I grew up in the swinging sixties and heard about these parties but never participated. I can only concentrate on one person at a time!
Never mind the picture, it's the price of their jeans that's obscene.
She's too skinny and the whole thing looks damned uncomfortable. In principle the idea of getting it on with two guys in the presence of a third isn't that objectionable, all in all, so long as everyone's consenting and an adult (questionable here whether any of these kids are indeed adults). But the whole photo lacks the kind of sensuality that would be necessary to make it really porntastic.
hmmm...I dunno. We can give it a shot. I can always put my cam on a tripod and hide the remote in my hand somewhere.
I don't think it's all that bad from a provocative point of view (I think from an artistic point of view, it's terrible). Could be a function of my age, my generation, my sense that the collective censor is a little (or way) out of whack, or whatever, but this just doesn't say "sex" to me, it says "bad jeans ad". But it accomplished its goal- we're talking about it, right?
MAWB - help - your formatting got messed up and I can't read part of the blog!

As for the photo, I think it's pretty nasty but then I don't wear their jeans anyway. The whole lot of them need some biscuits and gravy to get some meat on their bones!
If you ask me, the men look like they'd be more interested in each other than her, but hey, more power to all of them.
bluesurly, are you sure you just weren't looking at the pictures!!!!
We are all so nonjudgmental. I think it is disgusting, and I hate the idea of young children's seeing it. And it is my ethics and morality speaking, not my age.
looks like i couldn't fit into those jeans anyway
I hope this doesn't cause any car accidents. I would have rubbernecked if I saw it while driving.
Uptight people just need to get over it.

You know, that may be a good theme for the world in general. Get over it!
They're all half-dead from anorexia. It's not sexy; it's pathetic.
Uh... I'm 41... and I think she's having a high old time. Compromising her integrity? Are you kidding? I assure you that (until I got married) no part of my integrity would have kept me from making it with three gorgeous guys at one time. I mean, come on, that's one to tell the grandchildren!
I am so buying those jeans!

(oh, for heaven's sake, relax. I'm just kidding....right?)
I think it's just a sign that it takes more and more to arouse the American public...in any way, including to get them to pay attention to advertising, which we're inundated with.

But yes, the right is going to run with this as another sign of the Apocalypse. And I'm sure Obama will get the blame.
Going to have to second jane smithie. Ick to all that gleaming hairless male skin.

And why don't they look like they're actually enjoying themselves? The ad looks like these jeans will cause your hair to fall out, glue shut your eyes, and kill your smile reflex.
Look. Have them put a picture of me up there in them jeans. It'll be like birth control.

It smacks of people behaving under substance abuse. More like a Heroin chic thing.
i'm with the cap'n about the dude on the floor. and they do look stoned. congrats on the EP!!! love love love
Well, the last time I remember having at least three guys in a room with me in relative states of dress, they were all nice red-blooded American guys who were asking me for advice on how to approach a girlfriend's family, how to host a party at a restaurant, how to tip a taxi, how to drive in heavy traffic, or how to ask a girl out on a date. Oh, and they called me "Mom" reflexively.

Since then,they've all grown up to be fine men and have done their part for keeping the world going around. I can't complain.

But someday, I'd like a bunch of decorative gents to be lounging around just for my amusement.

Darn you, Kalvin.
I am no prude, to which anyone who knows me will attest, but I think this is an inappropriate ad for public display. I'm not really sure why though. It is really rather funny and I can't seem to think of it as sexy. Their looks and positions are so "cheap porn".
I vote it off just for the fact that it stinks.
Has anyone noticed the girl looks about 12?? CK has gone over the line with this one...
Rather posed.
And (sorry) stiff, but in the wrong way.
If half of you do decide to try on some calvins you'll have to pull the sticks out of your asses first. Advertising has always been about sex. Subtle whoring of the human body is no more morally upstanding than blatant whoring, and isn't the whole point to make people want to be part of the sexually satiated in crowd instead of the horny hopefuls who fall back on their "good morals" as an excuse for not being invited in. I'm not saying that any of this is okay but it is straight forward instead of sneaky and wakes you up enough to actually pay attention and be offended instead of just walking by and subconsciously processing the sex as "nothing to be concerned about here." The guy on the floor doesn't look stoned or left out to me he looks sated and drained as if he got off and rolled off. You'd probably know this if you hadn't chosen Wranglers.
Zumy, you and me both!!

Tijo, I think I've got Lee jeans! Far from the days when I bought my first Gloria Vanderbilt jeans back in the 70s. I thought I was so cool. Now I look for the jeans that stretch! I think maybe the guy on the floor ODed and the others missed it.
Um, it's called "homoerotic overtones."
OK, the ad means absolutely nothing to me. It's not something which would make me look twice. If it weren't for the tiny letters in the corner, I would think it's an ad about Ecstacy - especially as floor guy seems about to get in on, solo, while looking blitzed out by barely touching himself. I'm neither shocked nor interested in it. It just seems another blase attempt at advertising.
To Cap'n Parrotdead: I don't think the guy on the floor was left out. I think he was the first to finish.
Go west a few blocks and you can see the real thing.

Congrats on the EP.
The kids today.....I can't believe I just said that.

Congratulations on the EP! xox
I had to inform the poor woman in the ad, but those men are gay, as evidenced by their profound look of ennui and stoney boredom surrounding her almost full nudity. Not as sexy as one would think!

But seriously - don't you see? No matter which way you cut it, they win. If its considered cool and hip, they win. If it's controversial, they win. If people are disgusted, they win. Their sales will never drop. They know it, you know it. And all the while, they (like American Apparel) pat themselves on the back for being "groundbreakers" when its the same exploitative bullshit that's been going for decades.

And shocker! Who's the most naked in the shots? No matter how "controversial" they claim to be, its still effin' women's tits and ass on the line. For once, for bloody effin once, exploit the male to the same degree. Let's balance out the sickness.
It's an AD. It's an ad by Calvin Klein. It is not a grammar school primer, nor a Sunday School catechism.

It is an ad trying to sell jeans, piggy-backing upon the insatiable and quenchless American Obsession(™) with Sex. An ad is a vehicle, The seller its driver... Why shoot the messenger?

It is an ad, people! It is what it is. It is only an ad.
There are probably thousands of jean companies. The idea behind advertising like this is to present models styled provocatively, in provocative settings, so that we the potential consumers will pay attention to this particular brand, be able to distinguish it from the competition. As you can see, it works.
It happens to me all the time. That is why I only wear Calvin Klein. ; )
Like all models, they just look terribly bored, pretending they like sex but really having no idea what they're doing. It's ridiculous and not the least bit sexy, IMHO. (And as VR implies, the boys look like they're all thinking: "When is this drippy, skinny girl going to leave? Sheesh.")
Congrats on your EP!
I don't care about the ad, one way or another. It's attracting attention, it's only purpose. It is surprisingly unsexy though, with anorexic, bored or blitzed out people.

However, I don't think it belongs on the side of a building.
"Does it really matter what these affectionate people do --so long as they don't do it in the streets and frighten the horses?"

Except uh, they are frightening the horses.

Yep, color me: "glad I'm not walking by with my 8 year old."
well, it would be good material for gangbangsquad.com i guess, and it may sell some jeans. and new york is a den of godless secular humanist sodomites anyway, so what the heck, i give it a two thumbs up:)
I'm rather bored with it myself. I mean, it's great that she has three guys or they all have each other and if you offered me three guys, I'd say yes, but the sex doesn't seem real in the ad. Maybe that's what you find disturbing. The fakeness of it. That's the problem with advertising in general.
I've read all of the comments and have come to the conclusion that what I really don't like about it is the fact that there are 3 guys and one girl. If the ad depicted two girls and two guys, I feel it would be more on a level playing field. It could be past experiences or articles I have read or television shows I have seen, but there is an issue of safety for any young girl alone with three men in a compromising position that bothers me.
They're obviously intentionally being provocative, and intentionally trying to elicit sexual feelings for the sake of making money. I think that is what's wrong. If it were just the picture, I wouldn't be too offended. For example, if an ad like this were aired on Skinamax I wouldn't object.
What Allie said. And since I'm single, I'm going shopping for jeans tomorrow.
First: that this got an EP is all you need to know about the focus of our culture. Not a criticism, just an observation.

"others say it pushes the envelope and is disgusting, vile, obscene, an orgy and pornography that you cannot turn off because it is on the side of a building and not on television." Works for me. Not the photo, just the concepts in the quoted sentence. ;-)

jane smithie typed: "oh but ewwww on all that male hairlessness."

Yes. That's another piece of evidence for the men being gay. Personally, I like hair on women, including on legs.

ocularnervosa typed: "if it was a painting by Manet nobody would object." Don't you remember AG Aschcroft covering the breasts of a statue? As long as we have such a diseased view of sex, sexuality, our bodies, everyone else's bodies ...

LuisG typed: "And people this young--does one actually believe they're good in bed??" Me. I don't know about those folks in particular, but having been young millennia ago, I still remember how g-o-o-o-o-o-d some women my age and younger were. Not to mention how good women my current age are.

Redstocking Grandma typed: "We are all so nonjudgmental.
I would say that most of us are making judgements, just not all the same as yours.

Redstocking Grandma continued typing: "it is my ethics and morality speaking, not my age." Only, it seems to me if your ethics and morality were always as they are today?
And I reminded of this: "If electricity is produced by electrons, is morality produced by morons?" ;-)

Allie Griffith typed, though, considering what she typed, it's a wonder she managed: "Are you kidding? I assure you that (until I got married) no part of my integrity would have kept me from making it with three gorgeous guys at one time. I mean, come on, that's one to tell the grandchildren!

Well, I was fortunate enough to be with two women at once, once, and my grandchildren (5 and 2.5) are not ready to make sense of that. ;-)

lilyrahel typed: "Um, it's called 'homoerotic overtones.'"
It looks more like "tones" than "overtones."

Stellaa typed: "What is amazing is the money that was wasted on making this ad. The plans, the discussions, the meetings, the stylists. The girl does not even get a real pair of jeans, just cutoffs."

The money is wasted only if the ad doesn't pay for itself, at least from a capitalist point of view. And aren't cutoffs a tried and true method of attracting (straight) men (and lesbians)? Not to mention, they're easier to get off than full jeans. Makes sense to me.

Beth Mann typed: "For once, for bloody effin once, exploit the male to the same degree." I don't think most men would argue with that kind of exploitation. "Please don't throw me in the briar patch!"

incandescent typed: "Beautiful people having fun. The world needs more of that." I think the world needs more of merely attractive, plain, and down-right homely people having fun.

nanatehay, sounding dirtier (in my mind at least) than anyone else, typed: "i give it a two thumbs up :)"

Our hostess, MAWB, typed: "what I really don't like about it is the fact that there are 3 guys and one girl ... there is an issue of safety"
Many years ago, I ran into a recently former girlfriend in a grocery store and she told me about her enchantment at being with two men at once. I don't think safety was an issue to her.

And finally, hearkening back to "others say it pushes the envelope and is disgusting, vile, obscene, an orgy and pornography":

Two definitions of obscenity: one linguistic, one legal:
"2 a: abhorrent to morality or virtue; specifically : designed to incite to lust or depravity"

The Miller Test:
The basic guidelines for the trier of fact must be: (a) whether 'the average person, applying contemporary community standards would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest, (b) whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law; and (c) whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

So, linguistically: What's wrong with being incited to lust?

And legally: what's so horrible about appealing to one's prurient interest?

1. having, inclined to have, or characterized by lascivious or lustful thoughts, desires, etc.
2. causing lasciviousness or lust.

Smart women are so hot! - Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You guys are SO unhip. This is the new game "pass the mentos". You drink 5 shooters, then try pass a mentos without using your hands. The one who passes out with the mentos in their mouth wins. If they choke on it they get extra points.
They wanted people talking about Calvin Klein jeans...they wanted publicity.

It worked.
Drug fueled orgies from the fashion world? Shocking. this is just a typical culture clash with most of you coming off like social conservatives. While I find it creepy, I don't think it will corrupt the young more than any number of media messages.
To quote an old saying in the ad game "There is no basd publicity".
Two, if those guys aren't gay, I am. And I'm not. That poor girl is just wasteing her time.
Three, This ad may have a sexual vibe, but, it isn't obscene. If you find it obscene then your dirty mind is reading a lot into the image.
Four, Why would people waste precious minutes of irreplaceable life worrying about what four junkies are doing just before they nod?

Five, I'd pay more attention to it if the body count was reversed.
You mean something like this has never happened to you otherwise?
Those of you who suggest that adults just "give kids the facts." Are you parents? I just wonder what kind of conversations you've tried to have with young children. You can be completely committed to openness and education, but young children just do not have the life experience to make sense of everything that happens in the adult world. Mostly, they'll tune out-- unless they can't. And that's my objection to this billboard.

By the way, it is the same with violence in the media. You want your kid to care about what's happening in the world, but you recognize that age 5 may not be the right time to introduce statistics about human trafficing.

Families live in Soho too-- its not all superhip 20 somethings.
Oh my. They probably all needed a cold shower after that photo shoot. And a good meal. Could they get any skinnier?
I'm not offended by the ad as much as I am "whatevered" by it. And I have to agree with what Mrs. Michaels said, too.
I started out in a culture where the values of near sex phobic victorian times were still hanging on in the face of a sexual revolution straining to overcome them. Revolt we did and fairly successfully too. When I look at this ad I see the nudity which will still offend a smaller minority. I also see the sexual aspect which will offend a few more. What I also see is a lifestyle that is probably the more provacative element in that most do not wish this choice for their mother, sister or daughter or, for that matter, sons husbands and brothers. For the most part society and government have eased up on concerning themselves with the day to day sexual activities of it's heterosexual members. While, in many respects we have "lightened up", a five story, in your face depiction of what many consider a harmful lifestyle, the purpose of which is to gain support in one of societies most profound ways, voting with your consumer dollars, is still a little over the top for most. However they are probably quite content with that portion for which the lifestyle is an inspiration.
It's actually an ad for that couch. Just THAT couch. unwashed. hee hee

It's a bit over the line, honestly. Not because those people are depicted as doing anything bad or anything like that, but because it veers too far into porny territory. It's kind of "Dear Penthouse, I didn't think it could happen to me but I bought these jeans and ..."
The weird things, I won't buy the jeans because I don't want that to be me. It's the guy passed out on the floor that tips the scales for me. Four is definitely a crowd and turns this into a gang bang. Also, I thought we were done with overt androgyny. Great Post
LOL I wonder if they depicted a girl wearing jeans down the isle if they would sell more. Well, maybe only girl's jeans.. or perhaps gay guys getting married where they have legalized gay marriage, would they sell more male jeans?

My guess, probably not...
In response to Hollister and Abercrombie. They set the bar for porno ads pretty high driving some companies to try to compete.

I'd buy Calkin Klein jeans just to hope that a topless woman in short shorts ould lay on me... It's like the Axe commercials to. You can't get laid if you don't drown yourself in their stench... It's the retarded way that corporations advertise now. All pretension is gone. 'If you want to get laid, buy our shit.'
Those aren't the jeans that Opie wore on the Mayberry show
This ad is pure artifice in an intentionally provocative way aimed at teens and young adults. I think it is irresponsible to write it off. Kids emulate this stuff. Genuine, authentic sexuality is not what is represented here.
The ONLY thing which is absolutely disgusting about an ad like that is that they don't use old farts like me in them.
Damn young little punks.

What they don't realize is that we might(not "will") get too old to cut the mustard butt, I will ALWAYS be able to lick the jar;)
I think this is a great picture because it is ambiguous enough that everyone can project their own fantasies on it -- negative and positive. Whether or not it should be larger than life in front of children is a different question, but why couldn't a parent explain it that way? "This is a posed picture that people make up their own story about. What do you think it's about?"
Mmm, titillating indeed!
I think I'm with cartouche here. "Whatever."

The most ridiculous part,though, is that a bunch of people sat around in a room and thought this up. And they got paid for it. (I would love to be a fly on the wall at some of these ad pitch meetings.)
I think it looks like she's climbing over one guy to get to the other because she doesn't want to tread on the third who is on the floor... even though it looks like she took off her shoes...
The ad is just plain boring, bland. I could also be considered an old woman but I still remember doing stuff like this. But then I'm English, we're more shocked by the price of our gas these days - $8 per gallon! I would expect my daughter to do something like this but her jeans will be made of really thick latex.
Not sure if group sex would be part of the mix, but you can see extremely scantily clad females, much bigger than life, gracing walls and billboards in any medium to large European city.

We Americans have a lot of issues with sexuality--a whole raft of subscriptions. I'm not sure that I'm impressed enough with this billboard to care much one way or another. They all seem so damned bored, and I SOOO don't like the shaved body look on a guy.
Based on your post I just bought the jeans. Nothing has happened yet. (Rated)
They don't make Calvin Klein jeans big enough for me so it's a moot point.
I'd settle for a pair of pants that got me to the bathroom in time.

big smile.