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November 10
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MAY 30, 2012 8:38AM

The Lies of Lila Rose

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When I read a few weeks ago that Planned Parenthood suspected yet another sting was going on I wondered what that little, lying viper Lila Rose and Live Action were up to now. The last hoax of a sting led by Rose was part of the AUL report that would become the grounds for opening up a Congressional Investigation into Planned Parenthood. That would be the investigation Susan G. Komen would use as the excuse for defunding Planned Parenthood.

It’s no coincidence that Rose’s Live Action latest video was released to coincide with the Prenatal Discrimination Act up for a vote on the floor of Congress tomorrow, Wednesday, 5/30/12.  This is simply the next move in the war against women’s rights. The video claims that, “the search-and-destroy targeting of baby girls through prenatal testing and abortion is a pandemic that is spreading across the globe. Research proves that sex-selective abortion has now come to America. The abortion industry, led by Planned Parenthood, is a willing participant.” According to NARAL, the Prenatal Discrimination Act bill would, “subject a doctor to five years in prison for failing to determine if sex is a factor in a woman’s decision to choose an abortion,” and “threaten any medical professional who does not report even a suspected case of sex selection.”

Sex selective abortion? Seriously? There is no issue with sex selective abortion in this country but in China it is a huge issue because of China’s One Child Policy. It is as much an issue in Taiwan, India, Korea, and Pakistan. Enter the right wing Susan B. Anthony List and their Charlotte Lozier Institute, which is the anti-choice movement’s Guttmacher. According to a Lozier Institute Poll, 80% of the respondents would support banning sex selective abortion. This was clearly an angle that needed to be played, ergo yet another transparently deceptive Lila Rose, scary music, video implying Planned Parenthood is pushing sex selective abortion, when it does no such thing. I watched the video and clearly the counselor is not pressuring the young woman, who claims to want an abortion if the baby is a girl, to have an abortion. The counselor is warm, helpful, and answers the young woman’s questions non-judgmentally. My heart sank for her as I watched because she was so nice and doing everything she possibly could to help, and had absolutely no idea she was being played or that she might be doing something wrong. I don’t know what the standard Planned Parenthood procedure is, I understand the counselor in question has been fired, but it looks to me like she was guilty of a compassionate heart and a huge desire to help another woman. As for explaining the ins and outs of Medicaid, I have heard the same conversation between friends on the DeCamp bus going into the city, in the locker room at the gym, in the kitchen of a restaurant I once managed, and between nurses with whom I periodically work. The insurance game is a game that people play that we wouldn’t have to play if we had an effective single payer system.

As for the Prenatal Discrimination Bill, which is being promoted as a means to stop sex selective abortions, what’s it’s really about is legislating into law at the federal level the reasons why a woman would be allowed to legally terminate her pregnancy.  AUL is the legal wing of the anti-choice movement and writes all anti-choice legislation. According to AUL’s 2012 Defending Life that is going to be the focus of their legislation this year, new laws at the state and federal level, to legislate the reasons behind a woman’s decision to get an abortion. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO of AUL, calls Lila Rose a modern day Upton Sinclair, a female muckraker connecting the dots between the slaughter houses of Chicago in the early 1900’s and modern day abortion. I can think of a lot of things I’d like to call Lila Rose, muckracker isn’t one of them. Blindly ambitious, self-righteous, a woman who has no problem fabricating reality to suit her needs and goals, Ms. Rose is a female mirror image of her friend James O’Keefe, and like O’Keefe, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, Mitch O’Connell, and Eric Cantor, Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute is the Mothership of Dominionism; Lila Rose is its Crown Princess.

Please sign the petition to stop the passage of The Prenatal Discrimination Act


Live loud, love fierce and suffer no fools, Kat Manaan (MAWT)

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The unhappy fact is that most of this kind of legislation is passed by men, who, I feel, have a right to decide these issues about the same time they have their first menses.
I clicked on the link and signed and sent.
Signed it, and will share on FB. If I get a response from Texas' senators and my rep, who are all pro- life Republicans, I'm not holding out much hope. So the word has to get out and as many people as possible contact their Congress critters!
thank you all so much for the great comments, i'm still quite new to open salon.
Will sign and share this evening. It's such a transparent tactic, trying to "solve" a problem that doesn't exist cutlturally here.
These right-wingers, as I have said many times on OS and elsewhere, have no conscience and will lie about anything to get their way.
Finally someone see this hypocrit for what she is, does anyone know how much money Lila Rose earns from her organization? That would be an interesting fact to find out, does she have to produce these numbers, it is a non-profit it is not?