JANUARY 3, 2011 11:58AM

Flyboy Bigot to Command Aircraft Carrier

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Have you seen this yet? The Executive Officer (XO, or second-in-command) of the USS Enterprise is under investigation for showing  some disturbing video over the ships closed-circuit TV on movie night. The content is, at best, in very poor taste and stars the XO as his sexually bigoted , insensitive self. The story is here, the must see to appreciate video is posted below.

Captain Owen Honors has a very respectable resume as a flight and combat pilot, but his Top Gun ego and childish behavior depicted in the video borders on the maniacal and should dismiss him from any pool the Navy uses to select those who are to command a nuclear (or any other) vessel in the name of the United States.

Apparently, that is not how the Navy works. Honors was recently promoted to Commander of the Enterprise. That is more disturbing than any content shown in the video. The videos were shown to the sailors on the ship in 2006-2007. Now there is an investigation (though I understand he was reprimanded for his actions long ago).  What took you guys so long? Why does the story have to reach the mainstream before there is an investigation?

I agree that times have changed since 2007, especially with the recent repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, but I doubt Commander Honors’ attitude has changed much since then. My guess is he is just as immature as he is in the video and if I were a gay or lesbian serving on his ship, I would be afraid, very afraid. Maybe some sensitivity training is in order.




 Is this how we should spend our war dollars? Is this the guy you want in charge of one of our nuclear aircraft carriers? The guy you want overlooking four or five thousand of our troops, many who are likely gay or lesbian? I find it disturbing that this is the best the Navy can find to command this ship, though I must admit the video editing on board the Enterprise is top notch. It’s only the subject matter that is in question.

My guess is we will be hearing more about this story in the next few days. I would like to hear Commander Honors (an ironic name by any standards) explain himself. I would like to hear him apologize to his shipmates. I would also like to hear what the Commander-in-Chief has to say about this story. My guess is that he is fuming.

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This guy will do what he wants and if someone says " Don't shoot" I believe in my heart he will.
What a winner..:(
rated with hugs
Trying to train this moron would be yet another waste of taxpayer dollars. Some leader!

Lacks leadership qualifications, no doubt about that. I agree with you--there will be more to come.
I hear his shipmates are rallying around him. It's just like the military, remember the football player, Pat Tillman, who was awarded the Silver Star after being killed by friendly fire, which went all the way to the General in charge of the war effort. They cover it up until caught then run like roaches when the lights come on and the media gets it. Shameless bastards!
frat boy asshat. this guy's career is over.
Other than bored, what was I supposed to feel while watching this?
I'm a navy veteran.
Those of you who never were in the service can't possibly have any understanding of what it's like.
It's 99% boredom, even for the brass.
What you saw here goes on more than you know.
Almost all of us who have been in the service have done a lot of seemingly strange things to civilians.
What matters to me is what the people in this vid will do when the shooting starts.
And, as a guy who was in the shit in Nam with people like this, I would trust them to do what needs to be done what the shit does start.
So, there.
Holy s--t!. I had not seen this. Thanks for posting.

No sensitivity training can cure this.
After watching the video and reading the comments, I think I have to write a posting on this subject. R
This goes beyond gay issues and into conduct unbecoming, instability, irresponsibility and a host of other problems that scare the hell out of me.

I can remember many times when the Navy screwed up royally at something and the Pentagon sent down orders for all the branches to drop everything and prove that we weren't screwing up royally, too.

This is the kind of stuff that starts fights in the O-Club.
And Zumapick! Why isn't this on the cover?
He gets Honors from me Michael. Asshat of the year, 2010!!
You got to love these types. I am sure he gets plenty of money to run his ship.
If I was his commander, he would be busted down to nothing and scrubbing those showers in the video with a toothbrush. In his teeth.
This puts me in mind of the Catholic attitude toward it's protected offenders. They'll excommunicate a nun for allowing an abortion to save a mother's life*, but will not even defrock a pedophile priest, much less excommunicate him.

The military 'mind' seems to offer similarly flawed thinking.

Boys will boys --but boys should be commanding aircraft carriers
Obviously, I meant should not be
OMG I don't know what to say or not to say for that of fact.
Maybe God Bless America is best.