JULY 13, 2010 6:08PM

Has Anyone Seen My Friggin' Keys?

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I hate it when that happens.
That is sweetly funny, and I find myself growing closer to that point every day, I think . . .
I visit that beach at least a couple of times a day.
oh god, yeah
I'm sitting here studying and get to this question "To evaluate a client's posterior tibial pulse, where should the nurse palpate?"...basic anatomy right, and you should have watched me searching all around my wrist for my posterior tibial pulse.
I am ...so... screwed.
Somehow I knew I wasn't the only one. Does anyone know the password for my checking account? I know it's around here somewhere.
I lost my posterior tibial pulse in the war. I sure do miss it.
Love this! Tom's a lot like my husband (except he damn well remembers ME... ;)
Where is my mouse? Too cute.
Whose blog is this?
Nice find Bob. Should have been an AP!
I lose things so badly already at 32 that I can't imagine what I'll be like in even 5 years.
Nice song!
i'm redefining "short-term memory" on a daily basis. never ever though i'd get .. um, whatever i was going to say. gah.
I came here looking for my keys... You're no help whatsoever! ;)
OMG, Hy is palpatating!
& palpitating Zuma- 3 more days ;)