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Do You Really Care What I Think About EP's and Covers?

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 Originally this started out as a comment on Cartouche’ recent post (I still can’t hyper link, so here it is, but it began to approach the length of an essay and I haven’t posted anything in almost two weeks so here goes. You can curse me later.

I normally don't toss my opinion out there on the subject of EP’s and Covers very often because it is futile, but since Cartouche approached it in such a kind and logical manner, here is my opinion for what it’s worth.


What some would label favoritism to certain writers has also been obvious to me for a long time. Is  favoritism really going on? I suspect that it is to a degree, but there is likely a good reason, so please hear me out. What people have to understand is that "the chosen few" have no input as to what the editors have in mind when they hand out EP's (although conspiracies have floated around since I’ve been here and will likely continue) and as far as I know, it is not the fault of the EP recipient. I doubt they have brown nosed their way into a position of favor any more than you or I have.

I agree that there is some real crap that hits the cover, but there is also some really great writing. Some people like to read simple crap. If not for that fact,  there would be no National Inquirer or Star Magazine. Are they not welcome here? Others require more sofisticated copy to quell their thirst. It seems that is the purpose of having a cover. To attract people with diversified tastes.

So you didn't get an EP for your best work? Big deal. Neither did thousands of others that post here every day. Life ain't fair and this ain't a contest. Get over it and get over yourself. It isn't that big of a deal in the larger scheme of things. You still are reading and rating and commenting on some of the best content you're likely to read anywhere.

Isn't that really what OS is all about? Great writing, great reading and the ability to communicate with the actual author of some of the very finest work available? Of course it is. Where else can you do that? It’s not about some frigging award that doesn't mean doodle-y squat. We have published authors of every creed here that don’t get covers or EP’s all the time either and I don’t hear them complaining. Some of them only garner a handful of comments and rates, so snap out of it! The cover is only so big, ya know.

Sure it's a nice feather in your cap and it makes us feel good for a little while but do you really need to be validated that often? Aren't the comments and ratings you generate validation enough, or do you have to have it all, right now, all the time? I hope not. I expect more from all of us. A little humility goes a long way, people.

I've been here for over a year and if there were some collusion between the EP/Cover recipient and the editors, someone would have surely heard something and posted about it by now. Yes, some writers have conversations with the editors. You can contact them, too! Though I do admit it is a possibility, I don't believe there is collusion and if anyone has proof that there is, well I'm all ears. I'm a reasonable person and will listen to what you have to say, but the key word is proof, not some conspiracy theory that is designed to make you feel better.

Conspiracies abound, but the whole problem with conspiracies is that people have to keep secrets for the conspiracy to hold together and humans are pathetically inept at that task. Especially around here. Ever notice that? No? Well, you'll have to trust me then.

I also think there is simply too much content for the editors to handle, so they have no choice but to take the easy way out and choose a few sure bets in an effort to 'buy' some time. I simply don’t have a problem with that. Many of us would likely do the same thing.

Can any of you read every post that is posted in a day? I know I can’t. I’ve tried and haven’t even come close. How many people that work for OS are reading posts for the purpose of suggesting Covers and EP’s? I don’t know that either, but I suspect the answer is not nearly enough. Quality people cost money and reading takes time. Lots of time. How many hours do you spend hear a day reading? Uh-huh. I also suspect money is tight. It is everywhere else. Why wouldn’t that be true with OS?

Now, can we make OS a better place? Sure we can, but not by bitching about something as petty as EP's and who got the Cover again. Some want the editors to spell out their formula for picking EP's and Covers. I really don't care for that idea much because most everyone would change there writing to try to fit into that format or mold and this place would surely suffer, if not be ruined altogether.

We don't need cookie cutter posts. That would run me off in a heartbeat an I would suspect, most of you too.  It is the originality and sponteneity that makes this place so special, not who or what makes the cover.

We recently have been blessed with a new Editor. I suggest we let Judy Berman get her feet wet before we inundate her with requests and suggestions. I will personally give her the benefit of believing that she will work hard to make OS a better place for all of us. I believe that will be her ultimate goal, so please be patient. Change is expensive and takes time.

This place isn’t even two years old, so let’s be reasonable. Maybe she will hire some more eyes or change the way Cover Posts are selected and make it a leveler playing field. Does it really matter all that much given all that we have here? I suppose to some that it does and I would welcome that change with open arms if we could stop someone from bringing up this unsavory subject every few weeks.

But (there is always a ‘but’, isn’t there?), what is far more important than anything else around here is that we be kind to each other. Agree to disagree, but be agreeable while doing it. We all deserve that much.

Happy New Year to all of you!



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I know......The subject has been done to death. Ugh.
What can I get if I suck up to you, Michael?

::eyebrow wagging::

Let us all not poo upon the work of those who do not poo upon ours.
That would be special.

Party on.

(thumbified for being excellent to people)
At the moment I'm first
I think of this as a rant but a good one Michael.
Well said and I am grateful you wrote it.
I am sick of the complaining and whining that never ceases.
I hope it ends like yesterday.
Fork you, Jodi, that was my last chance to be first at anything this year!!

As for this tempest in a teapot, I've said more than I care to say on the subject, other than to say that you, Michael, are on my list of Top Ten diplomats on OS. Goodonya!
look at that ... brady & josephine are bff-ing without me ... nice.

mr - i am always interested in what you think. i would have liked some kittens in boots or some of those "successory" posters though. i'm a visual learner.

Done to death? Naw, I don't think so: Not until the point sinks in.

I said somewhere the other day that I don't write for editors (hate the bastards -- and I was one for a long time), I write for readers. I also don't write for awards, although a few came my way over the years, as have a couple of EPs here.

I don't care that much, although recognition is always nice. What I do value are: constructive comments on the odd thing I post; discovering new talent; and rediscovering nearly daily why certain people are on my friends list.
Jodi, You know I'm at your beckoned call.

Hi Tom! Happy New year!

Mission, Me too.

JK, Jodi's got some serious skilz with kvetchin' tights!
@1_Irritating... - You're just an editor sucker. Look at that EP for nothing but the world's cutest kid/dog photo. It's like you wanted to make people HAPPY or something. Damn.

You can have kvetching tights. I get to keep Lonnie and my sparkles.

You're all jealous of my sparkles. They come with the self-restraint.
It's really ALL about the tights.
I almost forgot Tom.
I am a funsucker.
I suck it up and randomly spit it out.
I apologize for that.


I hereby relinquish my firstedness to Tom Cordle.
Now and forever if you see me first, it's in Tom's honor.
I'm cool like dat.
Good post, Michael.
I think something that would appease a number of people were if OS were split up into 'sections'. Politics, Sports, Life, Food, Celebrities, Letters to the Editor, FICTION, etc. Then distribute EPs and Cover Slots evenly across all of these sections. Then people who only post one type of thing won't feel like their being slighted because their political posts never get picked. That's what I've been seeing a lot lately. And that's what I personally feel. I write fiction here under a different name and it will never be noticed by the editors. I've accepted that. It's just too bad NO fiction is ever given a cover spot, an EP, or even noticed by the editors in any way. Many of the best writers on this site write almost entirely fiction (again, I do not consider myself to be one of those 'best writers'). I feel bad that even they will never get noticed.
Well said Michael. I just figured out what EP stands for this morning! Never thought about it until the posts started and most of them or telling writers to stop complaining. I'm here for fun so...let's have it! R
PFFFFT on EPs and covers. I might joke about it, but I don't really care anymore about the secret formula for EP success.

I doubt there is one.

My one EP was my usual stuff, took like 15 minutes to write it and whoosh, I wasn't expecting an EP but I got one.

I still think Judy is an alien being, sent here to destroy the Earth, but I figure if Kerry and Joan is cool with it, then I will be too!!!

Good lord, Janie, have some of mine.
there's a bomb on this blog and I think it's in Lonnie's underwear ... who's going to do the search?

josephine - you are so green with envy or ivy or whatever. you are just worried that jkb and I are going to bff it up without you. i'm giving her half of my kids and a new puppy, you know.
Karin, Don't be silly! you got some rockin' talent!

Kind words, Tom. Thanks!

I_Mom, I can do kittens! I love kittens! So Josephine is Jodi's name? Cool!

WAHappy, Thanks.

Hi Amanda!

Boanerges1, Could you make your name a little harder to spell? Hehe. I'm not a writer like so many here, but when I do write, it's also for the readers. At least that's what I tell myself.
I will say this one more time. Who's mad? Did I not get the memo? Are people talking behind my back? Are PM's flying over my head, and I'm not invited? Who's mad? I really want to know? I took a nap, got up, and this is the fifth, yes fifth, post I've read about people being mad. Now I'm mad that I don't know who's mad. Or you mad? Not crazy mad, but mad mad. Hell, I'm going nuts anyway~~
Well I totally care what you think! You are one of the Really Good Guys, and you know what? Sometimes we forget that you are also one of the Really Great Writers too! Hmm... I have a plan...

In the meantime, here again is what Judy herself said in the comments, on her very first post, Greetings from Open's new editor on the topic of EP's:

While I don't think there's a formula for getting an EP/cover slot, here's what I tend to look for (at least, so far): 1) Strong, eloquent voices telling compelling personal stories. 2) Smart commentary on current political, cultural, health-related, etc. issues. 3) Posts that bring to readers' attention little-known stories that may be of interest.

Of course, there will be exceptions to this. Sometimes, we just have too much content on a given topic to highlight all the great posts. For instance, if I posted every interesting take on the healthcare debate, well... there would be no room on the cover for anything else.

And, finally, a compelling title and some quick proofreading never hurt.
Michael, this is my comment on cartouche's post. Since you touch on the subject, it seems appropriate to repeat it:

Having been a magazine editor for years, I know what it's like to be confronted everyday with an enormous pile of manuscripts. It's daunting. Often, my choices were based on titles and first paragraphs. Some grabbed me, some didn't. Of course, the writing had to be terrific as well. Obvously subject matter has a lot to do with it too. Of course, we all had strict deadlines, so we were constantly under the gun. This may have accounted for some shortcuts. But nobody's perfect. Good writing gets overlooked in the magazine business (and the book business as well.) It's an unfortunate fact of life.
Sparkles is pretty.

New#2, That would be a huge improvement and has been suggested over and over since I've been here. Some that really know what they're talking about say it wouldn't be that hard to implement. that alone would improve OS a great deal. My guess of the hold up would be having to hire an editor for each tab, but I'm just guessing on that one.

Rainee, I understand the newbies being gah-gah over EP's, but anyone who has been here for a while should know better. They really aren't that important. Nice? Yes. Important? Not so much.

Tink, You will always be EP Gold in my book!
Hey 1_Mom - Oh, REALLY?
(Or maybe not)

I've got Michael and I'm starting my suckup campaign on Tom. Put on a swishy skirt and beat that.

Yeah, that's right. I pulled out the SLANTY BOLD.
Sorry. My comment was a knee-jerk reaction, or maybe a jerk reaction. Happy New Year to you, too.
Make that slanty bold CAPS.
I care, Michael! Happy new year!
go on with your fancy bold slanted approach ... I totally give you the finger ... this one and this one ... see they really are the same thing.

@ jkb ... kids don't poop. where did you hear that? they don't eat or talk or make a mess or get in the way or anything. have you changed your mind? I've already got a couple of bags packed.
Scanner, Nobody is really mad, it's just that that EP controversy rose it's ugly head again and we are trying to kill it by writing about it to death. Not a great plan come to think of it.

Sally! I luz you! I want to give Judy a big chance as I know that task is daunting for anyone. I know you know more about the editor job than most with your background. It has to be a tough job.

John, So my instincts about editing is pretty close to right. That has to be one hot seat that I want no part of. Gotta say I love your voice of experience, too!

Backatcha, Lunchlady!
C&V, I have that effect on some people. Big Hugs and Happy New Years!
All I give a crap about as far as OS is having fun with all the crazy awesome people here. That and sex.

Why Hello, Joan Walsh! What an honor to have a visit from you. I hope your Holidays are as good as you could hope they would be! And I know you care. That is never in doubt.
wow. that would have been a really long comment.

happy new year michael!
Miko, I knew that 'and sex' was coming!

Lonnie, I've never been good at editing length. Happy New Year right back at you!
I don't see what's so mysterious about the cover. If you really want an EP that badly, just write on whatever the hot news topic of the day is, or failing that, simply cut and paste a statement from a celebrity, a la the Tiger Woods cover from a few weeks back.
I always appreciate your posts...the serious ones, the funny ones, the great fiction you've written...and your voice of reason. john blumenthal's comment I found to be also very helpful. It's a difficult and complicated subject in many ways. Thanks for tackling it.
I just want to hug you. Let's move on, people.
"You still are reading and rating and commenting on some of the best content you're likely to read anywhere."

"Isn't that really what OS is all about? Great writing, great reading and the ability to communicate with the actual author of some of the very finest work available? Of course it is."

"Aren't the comments and ratings you generate validation enough..."

Well said, my wise friend.
Yeah yeah, I'm sick of this thing too, esp. since I'm on the very-much-the-minority side of it, but just as we all pretty much accepted that there's no conspiracy re EPs (well, except maybe re the doc and the missing-front-tooth lady), something happened to reveal a *conspiracy*. Granted it's a benign conspiracy and nobody meant any harm - but it could have been avoided with a simple public announcement (as a notice on the front page, not in a blog). No announcement HAD to be made, but it would have forestalled some weirdess around here.

And forestalled a whole bunch of blogs and comments bitching about the bitchers. I think I'll write a post bitching about the bitchers about the bitchers... And then rank the Top Ten bitchers. (You're pretty much too nice to rank, but if you try harder...)
Much wisdom and reasonableness in this, Michael. Yes, comments are what really matters. Yes, I have to believe that the ed's are overwhelmed (as I am) trying to keep up. Yes, what matters is that we believe like adults and show good will and understanding. Thank you for saying all this in so calm and straightforward a way.
You're right on track with this, as far as I'm concerned but:

"I doubt they have brown nosed their way into a position of favor any more than you or I have. "

I guess you didn't see the suckup letter Trig wrote that led to his first EP. It was brilliant, actually.

I haven't had one in ages but I haven't written much original content in a while. My first EP was about a child molesting friend.

Unfortunately, I don't have any more child molesters to write about and I've never had a sex change or faked JFK pics so I guess my fifteen minutes here are over.
I like your EP gold the best!!!

Some say it's Fool's Gold, but I like to call it Iron Pyrite, sounds stronger!!

Better than a T(ink) P(ick) which is like lead laced with arsenic!!

It might kill you, but you'll get one!!

Damn, Joan made an appearence on your blog!!! YOU LUCKY SON OF A BITCH!!!

The other night she made an appearence on my TV set as I watched IFC, her little cartoon self parade across the screen and I was like,


But it just turned out to be a commercial for

I was glad.

Bad acid is soooo hard to get rid of.

It is a zen like thing to not care too much about something that is so difficult to earn. We all know that these things, in our perceptions, come out of nowhere and have no rhyme or reason.

The only gross unfairness is when one person writes a perfectly good post, and someone else comes along later and gets accolades for a half assed post on the same topic.

Otherwise, it's not worth it to let it get to be too important if it is not going to be accessible!

But I don't think that this topic will ever be done until there is a truly organized format by category, including a newcomer's page, and not just a list format of most recent article hodgepodge to search through.

Given the volume of activity here, the lack of organization is the most difficult to deal with.
MR, I'm going to copy a previous comment on this topic again:
"We post on OS because we need to satisfy some inner demand but a demand is always directed at an other and it is important that there be some tangible evidence of the encounter. So, we PM each other about new posts, we check the ratings, we congratulate each other on EPs.; in this virtual environment, these are the form affirmation takes. I’m finding it so worthwhile here to debate ideas, books, extraordinary rugby wins (!) and so on. Part of what makes it so marvelous is the interaction, the feedback, the reflection. Of course I want an EP and maximum ratings and to be on the right-hand column, I’m human!
So I don’t criticise those who desire ratings or an EP or PM me about their latest post. But those who use OS as a platform for intemperate, vengeful, egregious obloquy I will admonish. They are not my friends and to them I say ‘For shame!’ "

For the sake of this latest debate, I'll add: Judy is just settling in behind the desk, let's give her time to prove herself. Yes, I'd like some changes; there are writers here who should be regularly on the cover but yet never appear there, and vice versa. But I don't judge Open Salon by its cover!
We all need to take ourselves less seriously. Like Michael said, what is an EP or a cover in the grand scheme of things? What do they mean at the end of the day? They continue to be elusive for many who deserve some added recognition, so we'll just have to come together and give our fellow OSers the credit they merit.
Travis,That plan will work Up to a point, but when several posts land on the editor's desk on the same subject at the same time. Well the best work may not end up where it belongs. I think it's more like pulling a name out of a hat. Still, your plan has merit.

Mary, thanks so much! I love John B, just not in that way. he is really sharp for a wrinkled up old guy. ~snicker~

Sweetfeet, I wanna hug you, too!

Thoth, I'm tryin', Bro.

Myriad, I just love the reasonable and grounded way you think and your ability to cut right to the chase. I think what happened is just a simple rookie error. Totally unintentional and she won't be back at the desk until like the 3rd or something. I think we'll all survive. Hehe.

Pilgrim, that was exactly what I was trying to get across. Just a big group hug is all we need sometimes.

Cappy, some of us just ain't on the radar. I checked my EP ratio and it was 0.04% I haven't written anything lately that was worthy of an EP. And I missed Trig early on in his career. I think he's been here longer than me and didn't know it. The EP's come when you least expect it. Just do what you do. You're a fine writer.

Tink, You're killing me! And that visit from Joan. That was a first. I'll never wash my post again!

Zuma, "The only gross unfairness is when one person writes a perfectly good post, and someone else comes along later and gets accolades for a half assed post on the same topic."

I've seen this happen quite a few times, and the cover would help all of us if it had some separation, but I'm still guessing it's a matter of man power. Can't say for sure. All I know is you are one of my favorite favorites, so keep doing what you do and I'll be tickled!

PsychoMama, "But those who use OS as a platform for intemperate, vengeful, egregious obloquy I will admonish." I couldn't agree more with that statement. There is no room at the inn for those that only want to burn the place down. A little civility goes a long way toward bridging gaps.
A mon dieu Michael!
He who cares, scares, hear ya cluckin'... Played this tune flat, love many here, as do you! Gotta' have more tics in the clock, editors must be forced to use an old reliable voice... Although Project Mockingbird, and my favorite, religion come to mind if we're talkin' conspiracy... RRR
You got a JOAN Walsh comment!

You best save that one on the mantel piece dear!!
i just came by to read the joan walsh comment. oh, and see tink.

xoxo mikey. luv ya (from my high school yearbook)
Michael you are a good man; me, I've got an intestinal disturbance. But my fortitude wants Canadian coins—silver and gold. Happy New Year!
Junk1, Exactly! It's okay to poke someone with a stick to see if they are alive, but it ain't okay to poke 'em in the eye with a stick just to piss 'em off.

L&P, Blah blah `wink wink`!

Karin Greenberg, I missed you I'm sorry and thank you!

Patrick It must be getting cold up there because I think I understood what you're talking about! Happy New Year, Bro!

Mission, I know! Can you believe it?! To me that's far better than any old EP.

Femme, Joan made my day! Totally! And I luz you too and that ain't from my yearbook, that's from my loins! ;-)
Someday, maybe, if I'm a good cat, maybe Joan will visit one of my posts.

I can dream.



(Maybe I'll just be happy that she appears on my TV. *TEARS*)

But as long as femme shows up to see me, I'm beyond happy. She's sexy!!! Whoooo!! :)
Reason...pure reason.
Happy New Year, Michael....xox
Well Michael, it is fairly late in the evening and I just got home from work and the first thing I see is that there has been another dust up and Thank the Lord Almighty, I was totally left out of it. Still not sure what is going on other than the normal BS over the EPs and the Front Page.....sigh.

I came here to write. I have carved out one small piece of the place and made it my own. A few folks such as yourself drop by and read what I write and I go onward....that's pretty much my world here on OS. I write what I write and then sit back and see if anyone reads. EPs are way beyond my talents so I don't think about them. To many things in the real world to worry about without bringing to the one place I go to actually enjoy myself. I'm just happy for the readers I do have.
Michael, I love your blah blah blah. Rated for blahness (okay and also some really fine, sane points).
Michael, this is a really great post. I agree with every word. I'm so glad you took the time to say what I woudn't have said half so well. Hear hear.
WELL ...I tried to read all of your comments, but I'm on vacation and it is hard enough to read with an umbrella from a tropical drink stuck up my nose, a medivac helicopter rescue on the ship and some rocking ocean...soooooo...yeah, what you said!
All I want to say is: I love you man. I'm just happy you're writing again - I've missed reading you. I don't care if its about EPs or whatchamacallits! You always have class and honor and I adore that.
Michael, you know I'm fond of you, so you mustn't take my vehement disagreement with you as criticism. I think as long as people believe that Open Salon is the level playing field the editors present it to be ("you make the headlines"), the constant smacking into giant termite mounds is going to make some of us cross. If we want to talk about how much it hurts to run into those termite mounds, I don't see how it takes away from OS. There's talk about how damaging all this internal warfare is, and how it's going to drive people away, but people get driven away by any number of things, including (and maybe especially because of) those termite mounds. I don't see how it matters in the end.

I am way too cynical to believe that any editor's ultimate goal here will ever be to make this a better place for us. It's got to be to stay employed, and that entails doing whatever it is that Salon wants. As long as we don't really know what Salon wants, there's going to be cranky discussion about it. All the hand-wringing about the cranky discussion is at best pointless, and at worst, patronizing to the point of being quite as bad as the worst of the cranky discussion. I think the idea that cookie-cutter posts will result from more editorial honesty is extremely far-fetched, given the population.

And just to mix my metaphors, it's all those imaginary carrots dangled in front of us ("you make the headlines!") that keep leading people to smack into those damn termite mounds. It doesn't work so much on me anymore, because I don't like carrots.
Thanks, Stellaa & Sheepy & Painting!

MyPsyche, I do blah, blah well.

Best to your, Dear Robin.

Torman, You missed nothing. More Bs about EP's and covers. No biggie and not even a storm. Just a little wind. And don't sell yourself short as a writer. I love all your work. It always has such a nice feel to it. I like that.

Sandra, Humbling praise is always welcome, though your skills far outshine my own. Hugs!

Buffy, A drink umbrella up the nose is always better than a sharp stick in the eye! Enjoy your vacation that has everyone green with envy, not seasickness.

Sparking, Now you have me blushing. Not an easy task. Hugs!

Mumbletpeg, No problem at all with any disagreement and your assessment of cookie cutters may very well be correct. We do have a vast array of writers with immense talent, so I am probably way off base with that.

After a rethink, I doubt that cookie cutters would bring down OS, but still think that it would dilute the water for those that strive for the cover. To write only for a chance to get on the cover has the chance of polluting the writer's mind in my opinion. A writer's goal should be quality writing not reward oriented, but that's just me. I still think that mystery of how the editors pick EP's is best left unrevealed.

I also think that those of us that have been here for any length of time realize that EP's and Covers ain't all they're cracked up to be. Nice to get? Oh, yes. but necessary for validation? Maybe not so much. Once you get so many termite bites, you either get numb to the stings or learn to avoid the mounds. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself. I don't know for sure.

I also must agree with you that the editor's job security does come into play. I hadn't thought of that. It would be nice to see what the overall goal of Salon is for Open Salon. Maybe we are just some sort of experimental toy. A yo-yo comesw to mind. Hehe. And I must say that your input and common sense approach is ALWAYS welcome. Happy New Year and big hugs!
Ha - you got it! We're in a Twilight Zone episode! Happy New Year hugs to you, too.
You speak sense, sir. Preach on!
But what does this have to do with Carrie Prejean?
Just kidding Mike.. well said my friend.
I'm not going to lie. There is a happy little feeling that erupts in my belly when I get one, but everyone knows I'm more of a comment whore.
It's important to know what really matters to you. ;)
Miss ya.
Good points, Monsieur Rodgers. Some pieces I've deliberated on for weeks, months, barely raised an eyebrow. A piece I blurt out in a half hour has gotten more hits than any of those "darlings." Whaddya do?

Just keep producing, that's my two cents to everyone. Sharpen, refine...and fucking edit. (I'm really surprised at the length of some pieces, frankly. It's audacious to post really long pieces unless its very intentional. It's the fucking Internet. Mosquito-sized attention spans!

But more than that, editing is PART of writing. It's the salt to the pepper. Spend some time and cut...speaking of which, this parenthetical thought has been going on forever. When will it end? WILL it end? Who knows?

Who knows.

MumbleTpeg, That is it, isn't it! We're like those ant farms they used to sell or those seamonkeys on the bubblegum wrappers.

Delia, Mostly preaching to the choir again, I think. Happy New Year to you! ;-)

Trig, Ha! I think this one was illegally enhanced.

Summer, It's so good to see you around these parts again. Luz you too, Baby!

Beth, You have been one of my top favorites since the very first post that I read. Your work always reads like it was so easily done, but anyone that takes writing serious knows that edit, edit and edit some more is the only way to get to where the real gold lays. (I say this knowing that some people CAN lay it out there with little effort, but they are the exceptions and not the rule)
I also get the thing about the EP's. I once literally spent 15 minutes on a fluff piece and got an EP (one of my very few) that I was actually embarrassed about when it hit the cover.
I don't mind a long piece, but it should be really riveting if it's long. You need to grab the reader by the ears and shake 'em the whole way through. Cutting the chafe is much harder for me, but I'm relatively new to this and I'm trying and learning.
I think that just thinking about this is a pain in the ass. NONE of this bitching is worth 2 cents. Nothing will change so why worry about it? If one likes OS, stay. If not, go.

I like OS. I like the friends I have made here.

I'm staying.

Now, Mike, if you DO talk about this subject again I'm going to ride down there to FL and tell you to get a life and show you the one curvy road down there that I found. You need to ride more!


Monte, You and Sue would be welcome at my home anytime. I might even vacuum the bed for you! Now where is that curvy road?
Along the lines of what the hilarious Beth Mann said, I have found that most of my EP's (I haven't had many) have been quickie, throwaway pieces and the ones that I put the most effort into, the ones that I was sure would end up on the cover, didn't. She is right; we can all be better editors of our own work. Great post.
I don't agree with everything you write, but I like that you wrote it.
"I also think there is simply too much content for the editors to handle, so they have no choice but to take the easy way out and choose a few sure bets in an effort to 'buy' some time. I simply don’t have a problem with that. Many of us would likely do the same thing." Exactly. Happy New Year!