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January 17
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In addition to covering the confluence of technology and entertainment for Forbes.com, Michael Humphrey has written for The New Yorker, New York, Salon, National Catholic Reporter, Native American Times, The Kansas City Star and Midwest Traveler. You can follow him on Twitter under the handle @mlhumph3.


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DECEMBER 31, 2010 8:14AM

On the road and off the web

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Dear OSers,

The first leg of my move from New York City to Fort Collins, Co. is about to begin. I will be incommunicado over the long holiday weekend. Perhaps Tink will assume I've escaped. But why would I? This Open Salon experience has been every bit as educational as my master's program. I was about to list everything I've learned so far, but that's just preaching to the choir. Suffice it to say it's a site filled with wit, wisdom and much more. (The much more being the most educational.)

No, creeks notwithstanding, I will come to you on Tuesday via Kansas City, Mo., where I worked for 12 years and still own a home. There we will pack the rest of our belongings and then continue west after I've finished my Open Salon curriculum.

Thanks to you all for your patience with me this week.

One note: please do mail me if you write or read something I should consider for EP.  I've pre-loaded today's and tomorrow's page, but I will be looking for good work for quick updates on Sunday and Monday. By Tuesday, we'll be totally live again, with Kitchen Challenge winners and eagerly anticipating the poetry

 Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve and here's to a brilliant 2011. 

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Behave. Invite children over for Pot Lucks.
My son is going to see what you will teach.
I hope you remove from your shelf porn.
He hates the book`
I am a Bunny Hop.
Remove the book?
Hop On The Pots.
He is on his way.
No puff any pot.
He's a great kid.
'Kid's' babe goat.
Teach them well.
Thanks to you too.
Be safe and give a way to all of us Hoosiers on your way through.
There are some talented OS'ers in Kansas City. I wonder if they will help you with the heavy boxes... Take care and have a good trip.
Happy New Year and had a safe trip!

Safe travels. We appreciate what you've done at OS so far. We'll look forward to your return.
My biggest dream is to be "off the grid"
Have a safe and smooth trip. Happy New Year.
Michael best wishes as your start you're new life.
Wishing you a safe, uneventful trip. Good luck!
"Perhaps Tink will assume I've escaped." You can't escape, Open is like the Hotel California, you can check in, but you can never leave!! :D

I hope you stick around after your job is here done, I like you, but don't tell Emily, she thinks I hate every Ed I Tor with a passion!!