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DECEMBER 28, 2010 12:46PM

Salon Kitchen Challenge: Emergency preparedness

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Last week, we asked for your best dishes to ring in the New Year. You did not disappoint. Congratulations to Felicia Lee for her DIY Hot Pot. Congratulations also go out to Alternate Winners Lucy Mercer for Indian spiced black-eyed peas and Linda Shiue for her Coconut pineapple upside-down cakes.

Honorable mentions went to: Fusun AtalayVivian Henoch and Theresa Rice

This week, we're thinking about the stormy weather. We want to read about your best and / or easiest dishes to make when you're huddled inside and are left to your own devices and the things you normally keep in your cupboard, fridge and freezer. As Francis wrote, "We'll be printing these recipes out for our emergency preparedness kits."

Be sure to tag your posts: SKC emergency preparedness 

Deadline: 10 AM EST on Monday, January 3

Please note that by participating, you're giving Salon permission to re-post your entry if it's chosen as a winner, and acknowledging that all words and images in your post are your own, unless explicitly stated. Adaptations of existing recipes are fine, but please let us know where the original comes from. And if you'd like to participate but not have your post considered for republication on Salon, please note it in the post itself. Thanks! 

Finally, if you would like your piece, should it win the contest, to be cross-posted on Salon under your real name, please include that information in your post. In other cases, your story will be republished under your OS pseudonym.  

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That's a good idea, but since i don't cook I will be among those who are printing them out. Just hope people don't put SPAM in the headline.
Amy A, the fact you found this link shows you are ready for all disasters! I kept messing up the post, but I think it's fine now. #rookie
What a great idea!
My favorite emergence preparedness story (a different take than what you're asking for) is about the Oregon family who went driving off in their camper into the mtns. several winters ago---people keep doing that around here and getting themselves killed--- three weeks later, after they'd been given up for dead, they were found alive and well having survived on their supply of Y2K rations they'd kept in the RV...
PS ...and post our stories by???
@Just thinking, thanks so much for pointing out the lack of deadline! The deadline is Monday, Jan. 3 at 10 AM EST.
I want to see someone make a meal out of plastic sheeting and duct tape.
@Leepin Larry, would this suffice: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1342407/Man-92-chews-restraining-tape-free-home-robbery.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
10 cases of Guinness Draught
2 Case Black Bush Irish or Oban Scotch
50 lbs of Spanish peanuts with red pepper pods, make that 100 lbs
1 large bottle of aspirin
2 decks of cards
1 box of poker chips
A few nice soft bunks with pillows and blankets.
Selling product all this week are we?