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December 19
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MAY 23, 2012 9:08PM


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Sitting in the garden

as the sun slowly sets

closing my eyes

my world glows red


Gentle warmth washes

over me easing my tension

calming end to my day

the sounds blend around me


Ever so slowly

my world grows silent

as I relax into my seat

the warmth so comforting


Stirring the sounds return

the warmth still present

the sense of relaxation

not so much now


Did I drift off

how much time

has pasted

was I asleep


For in my silent

red glow of warmth

I saw a fissure

just beyond my reach


Through this opening

I saw my loved ones

now gone from me

is that where the dead go


Smuggled away

hard to access

in our awake state

harder to reach in dreams


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Sigh. . . Answers we will never know but guess - until we join our loved ones.

Your out there and boy can you make a heart cry!
Ah, the here and the hereafter! Beautifully said. R
You have a tremendous ability to describe to us what you experience in the moment, when you still yourself. In that quietude, an explosion of sensory images, of this world and of other worlds, become apparent to all who visit here. You are a marvel. Rated with admiration.
If only that. :D
reaching for that door we cannot access until it is our time. deep read.
You started so calmly...with serenity...and then a jolt of realization?

Well done! Really well done!