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December 19
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MAY 5, 2012 11:00AM

So I Wait

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I wait for news to come

he’s dying


Sent home to wait

to make ready


This I know and sense

the feeling is oppressive


I walk through the garden

work needs doing


Yet I’m avoiding it

turned earth upsets me


It reminds me of opened graves

and the cloying scent of flowers


I turn and walk back in

past spring grass and flowers


Which I planted and tended

but cannot remember their names



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This time last year, I was facing these exact issues. how spring carries on despite our broken hearts was a phrase I used and I think now of this time. You have expressed it so beautifully. I enjoy your light touch in your poems, I like the poem to unfold rather than tell, you manage to do that here, enjoyed very much.
Brain drain. People and plants dying all around. My Grey Iris are gone already but there are some pink ones now. Life is unexpected. Great poem. Strength in there somewhere.
It's okay to grieve . . .
I almost took a walk.
I walk via graveyards.
The grief-hurt goes away?
I think the pain grows more.
I debating if Grief gets greater?
I am working on nature's antidotes.
It looks like a great day to read blogs.
I wish we could (bump) into people.
I mean really Hear what Heart says.
I will be thinking about Here all day.
When sadness is on our mind, nothing productive is important. Life works that way.
nature's antidotes...may they find you now ~
Life goes despite what we say. You say it so well. r
Life is a tough row to hoe.