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December 19
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APRIL 28, 2012 8:54PM

Let Go

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New Picture 30 

                                                                                    image by Liz Corbett


Can one live

without regret

the sky clouds over



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saturday evening haiku

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I don't regret seeing clouds like that but I will always regret other things......deep things.
I think we are lying to ourselves if we say we have no regrets, I really do.
It seems you received your answer in the clouds....and I think they are right. The beauty, though, is that regret can be a lesson in disguise. What will we do with the lesson? Rated with admiration.
I agree with LunchLady; only those who have never experienced the joy of that ecstatic moment when the words "I love you" are first uttered with conviction and the absolute pain and finality of death can say they have nothing to regret.