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December 19
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APRIL 23, 2012 5:59PM

Vista in Blue

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acrylic on canvas MCS

Often I stand here

looking across these waters

a question starts to form

than I’m once again



The question looms over me

like a body casting a shadow

I feel it’s the same question

all over again yet it escapes



I know it’s this need to know

that leads me time and again

to walk these shores

looking across the lake



This afternoon I painted

the lake with its subtle colours

hoping the question would form

and the answer would soon






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painting, poetry

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Mary,I liked your work both in image and feelings,mostly the thinking that our questions are like another self inside the self..Sometimes seems to me like a burden...May all your questions be answered with true love!!!!Best wishes...Rated with friendshiρ!!!
Such a beautiful painting and poem
I am happy that you painted the lake
formed the question
and found your answer
rated with love
Mary, Gwen and I agreed to put this on our gravestone: "I will find other seas." Keep on walking that shore.
Your talent is immense - in both a visual and a verbal sense. This is just hauntingly, searchingly beautiful. Your artwork is a piece I would greatly enjoy on my wall. Rated with admiration.
I love the painting and the poem. When I feel like this, it's usually a psychic thing...a disturbance in the force. And I almost always end up finding out!
Most beautiful painting, the softness & light.

Love the words, the silence.
As John said.
Love your canvas and I too search the shore, unsure of what for.
A poet you are and now a painter too. I do both, well, I write and paint, not necessarily very well. I do love the painting, as that is a hard subject and you did it well. Love how the two works of art compliment each other.Splendid!
may you find your answers...love love love...
Thank you, everyone for visiting and your generous comments and ratings, I so appreciate it.

Warm regards,