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December 19
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APRIL 22, 2012 12:34PM

Light Rain

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The stars watch from far above

mother never said good bye

she told me long ago

I’d be all right alone

it may not feel that way

she said but you’ll be fine


I walk in the early hours

when I reach the top

of the hill I look back

the house looks quiet and dark

in today’s drizzle it looks

like its crying


In the dawn rain I enter the woods

alive with early spring flora

a patch work of white, yellow and violet

spreads out before me

stilling me for a moment

to take this muted beauty in


Nature’s canvas at this moment

brings images of the afterlife

I want to imagine that once we’ve

crossed over we enter beauty

and the quiet we are denied here

that our souls are given a chance to heal


These woods have been here

longer than I’ve been alive

their root systems intertwined

and a part of all I see

their tender green young leaves

unfolding and offering shelter from the rain


In this sacred place of beauty

and silence I’m at home

I’m fine and free from my sadness

I walk in hushed steps

among the beauty of nature

and it’s healing embrace


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There is no place like nature to heal a broken heart
Your walk "in hushed steps"
warms my heart
as I see you healing and
finding a way out of the sadness
in each and every one of your poems
rated with love
step by step, from the stars to roots, from hearing to knowing that she was right...eventually.
I love reading your words! Your writing resonates with me deeply.
Thank you for this today.
Lovely poem for a rainy day in spite of its melancholy!
It's nature for sure, but there is another presence there doing the healing. You give us such hope. Thanks.
Before we can find ourselves, we must be forced into the utter loss of ourselves. You've found the path and I'm delighted to read these beautiful words so filled with peace.