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APRIL 15, 2012 1:08PM

Tiny Annotations #18

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Echoes of Time


Time dominates

It’s about timing

Or time has run out

Time is a piercing needle


Between breaths

Time ticks away it will not wait

Time shows no mercy

It will leave you behind


Time echoes through me it’s registered

On my being mostly in my eyes

Note of caution time does not

Heal all


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No Time does NOT heal it all. That is for sure. Open wounds here. Still walking around somehow tho. Thanks for this poem.
MCS, that is true in some cases. But in the death of my parents for instance, it has healed, in spite of my Mother's vicious fight to live after heart surgery. She died and it was horrid, but I smile and I still hear her call me from the upstairs.(In my mind's eye, of course) It does bring me joy. Dad on the other hand was easier to lose, cause he wanted to go, was just tired and his heart stopped as he was sitting up talking to a pretty nurse's aide. (I was in route to be with him, but it wasn't meant to be.) He would have himself said, "What a way to go!"
I realize there are other ways to lose someone and it is never a comfortable journey.
Hmm. Something to think about because I would like to think that time does heal. Maybe it is just that time lends to forgetfullness?