Not my original writing ...but found the letter so funny that reposting  it. It was the letter of the day in the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, written by a reader Lily Coyle.  And methinks the lady has written a very funny poignant piece which deserves a wider audience.

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MERRITT ISLAND, Florida —When two-year-old xxxxx drowned in the backyard pool of this home on Monday, his mom xxxxx was online and "tweeting" about his death within minutes. Ross sent a routine tweet at 5:22 p.m.; she called 911 at 5:38.About a half hour later, at 6:12, she tweeted: "Please praRead full post »


Twilight is a 'deviant moral vacuum': Vatican slams blockbuster New Moon film

 The latest movie in vampire saga Twilight is a 'deviant moral vacuum', the Vatican said yesterday...Monsignor Franco Perazzolo, of the Pontifical Council of Culture, said: 'Men and women are transformed with hoRead full post »


Bessie, the pup: Belonging to the tribe of 'halfwhites" getting a treat by a brown hand. (not mine)



It was a beautiful sunny day in Atlanta, Georgia..just the right kind of day to take the puppy  for a long walk. Which I did. Dressed appropriately f… Read full post »

Twit: - Slang- A foolishly annoying person. (Definition free online dictionary)

 For months I ignored the hype around Twitter.  But I'm a sucker for enticing looking boxy spaces which ask me confidential questions. So when the box at the Twitter website cooed like a particularly pleasan… Read full post »

I'm an Indian living in US, and am amazed at the hue and cry here about Obama's speech to the schoolkids about the value of studying. 

In contrast, the last Indian president Dr APJ Kalam, was a poor fisherman's kid turned rocket scientist turned President. (He also belonged to the… Read full post »

The age of social networking via the internet has created deep social dilemmas.  Till now, whenever you disliked a person, all you had to do was to pretend they didn't exist / avoid talking if thrown together / or in the  worst case scenario exchange vague pleasantries and depart with an… Read full post »


BessieI  gave my SO  a pup for Valentine day. And now my life has become a misery.

I have to point out that I was honest from the start. I told SO that I love dogs but am grossed out by poop picking. So the deal was that… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 14, 2009 3:24AM

I've finally OD'ed on love on OS

Right now I am looking at the home page of OS, and all I can see are posts on getting love, losing love, valentine day love, no love on v-day, relationships and marriages and  love cakes...and I feel if I read or see a  single one I will die.

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FEBRUARY 14, 2009 12:17AM

BSG This Week: A cry for plastic surgery?

BSG has just ended! I might've missed some enlightening moments as I composed few witty comments in my mind to write on OS .....but I know there is a blog which posts the details of the episodes so im just gonna comment on the things which struck me big in bsg… Read full post »

I admit to starting off as a huge BSG fan. But soon I realised I prefered scifi like  'firefly' with its cheeky crew of underdogs than stiff pompous commanders running family enterprises. (yeah..that's Adama). However still, I was really looking forward to watching the final season of BSG.

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