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APRIL 13, 2012 6:05PM

Here's Hoping Romney Goes All Out to Win

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I am not a Romney fan and would have preferred that an aggressive, articulate conservative had run for and won the GOP nomination.  Unfortunately, no one of that caliber ran.  The more conservative candidates that actually did run had glaring weaknesses that were just too big. 

But, there is one thing that Romney proved in the nomination campaign that should bode well for the general election campaign.  He knows how to go negative. 

Obama's record and arrogance are so bad that Romney should be able to plaster this country with pointed and aggressive negative ads.  Here's hoping he does so and drives Obama and his supporters into incoherent, petulant, sputtering defensiveness.  The base will rally behind the attacks even if Romney is an imperfect choice to lead conservatives.

Unfortunately, because Romney panders to audiences, I fear that he may go less hard on Obama than his fellow Republicans because he thinks he needs to be more middle-of-road for independents.  It will be so frustrating if the thing Romney was consistent and good at is abandoned.

Let the attack machine take aim. 

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You better pray that the economy goes south, big time -- and that gasoline prices stay high. Pray for maybe a war with Iran?
Or as Glenn Beck puts it when describing Romney: "At least he's not a Commy." Painful as usual watching the double standard. Women supporting him even though both as Senator and President, Obama pays women LESS than men, I guess cuz they have vagi-gi's? I dunno. Kinda depressing even Socialists discriminate against women with no regrets.
ONL, I do not want things to get worse. I want them to get better. The odds of that go up dramatically once Obama is out of office. So, if I was going to pray, I would pray that voters don't make the same mistake again.

Deb, socialism makes it easier for men to wield power over women because there is more power to wield.

Thanks for visiting. I rarely drop in here any more but do miss the old days some time.
Yes that's what this nation needs, more conservative negativity. Lets ignore the economic problems. Lets ignore the international situation. Lets ignore the war in Afghanistan. Instead lets focus on a string of blatant conservative lies and smear campaigns.

And the conservatives wonder why they are ranking somewhere around the 18% level in the national polls.
Great post. Rated.

The beauty part is that Romney can go as negative as the scale allows without ever having to veer from the truth.

Nice to hear from you. What's that wonderfully fresh expression? Oh yes, "don't be a stranger."
He might as well.
Ocular, it's like your living in a reverse image universe. I expect Romney to attack Obama on exactly the topics you mention. Obama and his supporters are the ones concocting stupid issues like the patently false accusation that any national Republicans were trying to ban birth control. What a waste. And, it is Obama who impugns the motives of anyone who disagrees with him.

Gordon, yes, if Romney just fires away with facts, he should be able to destroy Obama's brand completely.
People forget Romney's absolutely genuine, virtually reflexive comment when George Stepalloveryourself tried to goad the Republican candidates into the position that would help his mentor, Obama. He said something to the effect "Who's questioning contraception. Contraception is fine. Leave it alone." So much for Romney's participation in what even the Dim/Dems now admit is a bogus "war on women."

On the other hand, Romney has fathered only sons, Obama only daughters. How long will it take the desperate to make something of that?
Gordon, yes, if Romney just fires away with facts, he should be able to destroy Obama's brand completely.

So far, Romney has been shooting blanks and it will remain this way until elections day. This is what happens when someone uses bogus talking points over relying on facts.