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Matt Paust

Matt Paust
Gloucester, Virginia,
December 31
Sorry - writer's block... BTW the "birthday" listed above is false. I prefer to keep that day private, but am not permitted to do so here, so I'm forced to lie.


MAY 2, 2012 9:37AM

Why I love Slick Daisy Jane

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Here's the post that started it all: who is the mysterious jane smithie, really?

As people still seem to believe the post linked to above is real, please read this one, where Janie explains that the other one is a complete hoax:  Will the REAL Jane Smithe please stand up?


Land sakes, the rumbling and grumbling about how we all got slicked by the woman who every few days comes up with a different modification of her root OS name, Jane Smithie, continues to reverberate like a mean old storm that lingers off the coast long after the rain has stopped.

Are we really all that disillusioned about whom we can trust and love or like, or even just tolerate in this community of avatars, alters, hijinks, soul searchings, confessions, needlings and just about anything the human imagination can imagine?  Really?  Are we that naive?

C'mon, people.  I don't think so and I know most of you don't either.  Some of us are still pissed because we got punked.  That's it, isn't it.  She took us down, hoodwinked us, pricked our collective vanity - and our individual vanities, as well.

She got me, too, I must confess - reluctantly, because I'm no less vain than all but the most insufferably egotistic among us, and maybe more so except I've learned to hide it better, Gordon.

She was like our pet parrot, the smart, sharp-talking bird that jabbered incessantly about everything on her mind, some of it raucously joyful, some a tad tedious and others almost too painful to behold.  That was her, a jabberbox.  But we loved her - liked her, at least.  She was our jabberbox.  Some of us, me being one, liked her so much we felt protective of her, looked forward to her posts and worried if a day or two went by when we didn't see one of her myriad avatars inching down the feed.  

And then she pulled the rug out.  What the hell?  Our friendly, flakey, feisty jabberbox, whom we loved - so long as she stayed in character -  has been putting us on?  Us?  Our beloved child was laffing in our face???  How DARE she!!!!  We had that damned girl properly - if not comfortably - pigeonholed.  Our cute feisty little chatterer WAS NOW LAFFING AT US???  WELL!!!  HA-RUMPH, HACK and PTUI!!!!

She turned our smug little world upside down, didn't she.  If we couldn't trust that Daisy Jane wasn't really Suburbanly Comfortable Happily Married with Brilliant, Well-adjusted Son and Looking Down Laughing Lovingly at Us Her Pet Subjects Jane, then who the hell could we trust here on good old trustworthy OS?  I haven't met a single one of you in person but I feel I've known some of you all of my adult life - and some since childhood.  I'd send you money if I had any...

Well, actually I did that one time awhile back.  There was that episode where one of us turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothes.  But we the sheeple stood up and ran the wolf off, didn't we.   I'm so proud of that moment. Oh, the hell I am.  I still feel bad about it, all the way around.

Back to Janie.  I was disappointed and angered at first, but I got past those emotions within minutes.  Some of us felt betrayed ostensibly because she showed us a side of herself that made us uncomfortable. I'd always respected her intelligence, yet I was at first discombobulated by the sheer audacity of her deception.  But I was quickly recombobulated when common sense told me no doctoral candidate would spend four years nattering almost daily on the Internet just to satisfy some professors.

Many of those who are still stunned and angry, I believe, feel more annoyed by Janie's demonstration of a writing skill superior to what they expected. I think many underestimated her writing skill, took for granted the stream-of-consciousness was all she could do.  I believe her experiment tweaked us a tad and we didn't like it. I quickly got over my original pique for two reasons: I've always liked Janie, and I now admire and respect her writing skill even more than before.

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Very nicely said. Besides, her new life was too damn perfect. ;-)
I have obviously missed something of import here but perhaps that's just as well. Hmmmmm....
Maybe I'm too dumb or maybe I'm too distracted but I'm not undrerstanding your take on this. Closing comments and deleting comments is not the way to deal with something when one wants the truth to will out, in my experience.

I don't come here for love but I don't come here to be duped either. Sure, it's legal to dupe etc and the post did convince me that she is very bright and good at deception as it read so convincingly, except for the thesis issues.

I am a big fan of free speech. Moreso now than ever, but we are all also free to feel distrust and dissapointment, and to express that in whatever way we choose.
Sorry for not putting a link in this post to the post that started the brouhaha. It's up top now, but here it is again: who is the real jane smithie, really?
i've been following her every word here now for 7 or 8 years on OS and then was horrifed when her true not true persona emerged for 3 or 4 minutes and the world seemed to be just so different

i'm sorry i stepped away for aminute to smack my cat and throw her outside i'll write some good poetry about it later and there's a joke i'm thinking about puttin innit too.
ya know what i mean.
good writing is my life but if i get fooled by the likes of some grayhead again who is just a hater why i'll...i'll
you'll see
I've picked up my marbles and walked away from the Jane Smithie game.


Like I've said a dozen other places: I'm willing to suspend my disbelief and believe everyone here is being honest or conversely that everyone here is being dishonest. Being an optimist, option 1 is my preference. Yes, I really believe Tink is a cat who can type.

Being "fooled" by Jane Smithie was bad enough but that she got some weird kick out of disclosing it to the rest...then coming back with another "bazinga"eeeh not so much. I have enough drama in my real life.
I met thw womat at the OS Mohonk Retreat. I think. r.
OK. I should've said this upfront. I will leave the comments open no matter what anybody says, unless the spambots arrive or some really ugly things are said. Spambots and threats and anything I deem to be too tedious to tolerate I will delete. I don't wish to argue the matter further. I've stated my position. If I've made my point, fine. If not, so be it. I have no desire to lose friends in a disagreement over this, so this will be my final comment. If anyone wishes to correspond privately about this, please feel free to PM me, but I will not respond to anything the comment thread. Thanks for visiting.
OK. I should've said this upfront: I will leave the comments open no matter what anybody says, unless the spambots arrive or the "conversation" gets really ugly. Spambots and threats and anything I deem to be out of line I will delete. I don't wish to argue the matter further. I've stated my position. If I've made my point, fine. If not, so be it. I have no desire to lose friends in a disagreement over something I consider so silly as this. This will be my final comment. If anyone wishes to correspond privately about the matter, please feel free to PM me, but I will not respond to anything in the comment thread. Thanks for visiting.
I'm not sure what this is about but I can tell you, whatever it is, the person who was our jane is some kind of fantastic.

so she's not poor. or she's not living with a kid who's handicapped. is she living with a kid at all? I've always thought she was a terrific mother, that she was battling forces over there somewhere for him. or maybe them. does she have a passel of kids? that's funny. my janie is even more creative than I could have imagined.

honestly matt, who knows about any of us. we are here to write, to dig deep and find some truth in there. but our truth can be masked in fantasy.

I try to write honestly, and what I am is me, inside this skin. but this me, this person who is writing is different people. I am the life I live, the life I have lived, the life I wish I lived, the life around me that I've observed from inside my skin. there's a lot in there and not all of it is real. what is real anyway?

and it turns out she is someone else? I can't wait to get the skinny on this. wicked girl. hahahahaha
See and I never read her stuff before so all I came away with was, "you're a sociologist?!?!"

Sociologists should never portray themselves as anything but sociologists because, just as Rhett Butler warned Scarlett, "people always find out and it ruins the reputation."
Strange thing to many here on OS.
But similar things have happened here before. It ain't the first time by a long shot that someone or another has 'came out' and outed themselves as something other than the character face they showed in the blog.
I won't comment on the ones who use multiple accounts and aim to write comments on others posts for deceptive purposes.
Or the one's who have a falling out here and leave with a boot from the editors or tangle so badly they leave in a huff and flounce out the proverbial door...

My take on what she did was to show that it would be impossible to fool so many people and hide such an identity for the long term.

I do not believe she is a college student of any stripe.

I believe she is a stream of consciousnesses writer with a son who needs more attention than the normal.

Deep sigh here.

I don't know what else to say Matt. I write under a username myself.
But I don't aim to deceive and never will.
What is the point of this all??
I know nothing. As usual.
It isn't the writing, it isn't that I got punked, it isn't that she was fielding a game even. It was about destroying a trust as though it were just something to be tossed aside like dish water. I am not so naive as to think that everyone is telling the whole truth here. I am well aware of multiple accounts and avatars and false names. There are a lot of good reasons to mask your real identity on the internet, no problem with that. All I ask is that if you want to act like you are someones friend don't be false in that. You don't have to give a real name or address or anything that could reveal who you really are to not abuse a trust. Who ever the real person behind those blogs may be, my asides were not meant to be used as a doctoral experiment and I resent that if it is the case. If it isn't well then why not let people know what is going on so as to not make people feel like fools?
I'm with V. Corso, enough drama in my personal life and don't appreciate being duped and toyed with. 'nuf said.
It would be interesting to get your reaction on the reason for the entire event unfolding.

Apparently there was not the group-ostracism (towards me) she felt an avatar of her standing deserved. So she set out on her little experiment.

Frankly, I have a renewed respect for OSers to whom I've sometimes attached blanket statements to describe a majority of the group -- such as sheep and circle-jerkers.

It seems that many do/will formulate their own opinions and not kowtow to the loudest voice hoping to shape the group-think.

I applaud many OSers for this.
Alrighty then MP, thanks for giving me a place to
say my little personal take on all this...

... that's right-- CRINGE!

It's bullshit, all of it- The 'new Jane Smithie' is the very same one
that's been here forever. Anyone remember when her avatar
was a sheep dog? (or some large dog).. Well, I do, and that was long long ago, so saying I guess, I've "known" JS for (like aka said with great wit) for seven or eight years (HA, so it seems).

During those many years, we have sent many a PM back and forth,
recently (six months back?) 'reconciling' per her request, and since it seemed like she was sincere (and really truly she is lovable
in her fashion) I said sure, of course, and we've shared many an
os observance and otherwise since then.

Simple as this people, crazeczar/joisey shore et al who gets way too much mention and attention around here got under her skin
so she folded her tent, being a very sensitive person with a huge
penchant for drama . . . our 'Jane.'

DOAHSS helped to send her over the edge, this time, too (as she
did and does me, but I take it all less seriously).

So now, she's back as we all knew she would be, but ah, a different
person with none of the character issues that CC teased her
about relentlessly (and in a very cruel fashion as Holly Keith).

Anyone else besides me not fooled?
Sorry, Bubba. I'm not with you on this one. When I want drama, I choose Broadway. I don't wish her any bad luck, though.
Awright, breaking my pledge here. One last comment because it seems so many people still believe Janie's first post was true. It's not. Please read this one, where Janie explains that the other is a complete hoax. She even says why she did it: Will the REAL Jane Smithe please stand up?
So, I guess the people with hurt feelings have never done something outrageous to get a point across? That's all this was, BTW. She felt threatened and pushed into a corner and was trying to prove to you that you DID INDEED KNOW HER.

So why aren't you getting that? She is the Jane Smithie you knew and liked and read and laughed and cried and whatever for 4 years. Why does one post out of how many hundreds, which was retracted by the following post, blow all of that.

Is OS really that shallow? I hope not.
I have no idea if it's true or not, in DaisyJane's case, but I think the word "stalker" is getting thrown about in a very destructive way. Stalking is a repulsive and serious crime and just labeling someone with it can effectively destroy them, whether true or false. If Crazeczar was falsely called that then he has the right to be angry. If his account was wronfully deleted he has a right to be angry.
I'm not going to go on some witchhunt to attack some alleged stalker without seeing evidence or truly truly knowing the person making the accusation. Even then, mistakes get made.
In my case, I was accused of stalking, when I never remotely did such a thing. Over two grueling years, it was proven that the person who alleged the stalking was really the stalker but this didn't stop great devestation. My point: Let's calling people criminals without cause.
Call him a troll, if need be ,but stalking is a serious crime and calling someone that better be based on fact.
bummer...jus found out my life on 'HALO' isnt real either...

Thank you fernsy.

Seems to me the author of this post might have empathy for someone unfairly accused of something considering he recently blogged about the possibility of being arrested for a schoolgirl incident because his appearance is similar to the perpetrator.
Ohhh K MP, did she change that post? I didn't see before what
I saw just now, which tells me what I already knew.
So enuff said?
I don't think *sniff* I'll ever be able to truly love another avatar again--no matter how long I live.
matt - i am as grateful for your support as i am sorry i hurt bobbot.

monkey - fortunately or unfortunately, i am just who i have said i am for four years. apparently, and you may know more about this phenomenon than i do - i created a mass hysteria by pretending for 12 hours to be someone else, after 4 years of just being me.

and fernsy - i am no big believer in free speech. i dont think i owe it to you, god, or my country, to let non-friends speak harshly to me over a mistake. its that simple.

now mattie, i cant read any more comments, cause i may as well leave my own open if i were going to.

but thank you, very much.
Thanks for carrying on, Matt? : )

@ Phyllis -- you write what janie's response to all this was.
Hurt feelings I understand, trying to prove who you are by faking out everyone and then jumping right back with a "not really" isn't the way to resolve hurt feelings, imho, it just created more drama...nor is it shallow to say "see ya' " if you didn't like the fake out.
To me, only having a symbol for avatar is a choice, but one that requires more consistency in writing to not have folks doubt your reality. That made the daisy's 'sociology experiment' the tipping point for some, clearly, who don't want to even bother with wondering whether a daisy is really a...daisy, they just want to read from a more solid persona. Understandable, and all guesses on my part.
I read on OS like I listen to music. I like a song more than a band, I like a good read more than one writer, so I jump around, catch some, miss too much. I will likely continue on this way...
silly created such a powerful reaction because we believed in you miss janie trouble is my middle name smithie.

when you are a real person and you believe in someone, you believe. so yeah...some are reeling a little. some have headaches. did I tell you I have a headache. I do. I have a headache.

of course that's not your fault, you miserable wench. but partially, yes it is.

my brain started hurting trying to fit all these new puzzle pieces into my little puzzle. and it was like pieces are sticking out and some aren't fitting anymore and the picture isn't as nice and when you think you know what you see and someone pulls back the curtain and out steps a rabbit....

you might get a headache.
As I see it, Jane is who she always was, but played a little game for a day which probably wasn't well thought out and which ultimately seemed a little condescending to those of us caught up in it. I was sad to see the Jane I knew go. I think she's back and I hope she starts writing again. I may be a little more guarded for a while, but I think that will pass and I'm willing to let it.
JT, I see what you're saying. I wouldn't have chosen this way of making my point, I think I've proven that with my blogs, but we're all different. Just as we all have reacted differently to what she did. This has all been interesting, hasn't it?

My philosophy here, too, BTW...

"I read on OS like I listen to music. I like a song more than a band, I like a good read more than one writer, so I jump around, catch some, miss too much. I will likely continue on this way..."
Sure, sure, you can keep 'em fooled with your she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not game, but some day, sister, you're going to run out of petals. You'll be in the wind like any other roadside weed. Who's going to listen to you then.
(You went and put Bogart in my head, thanks.)
Shay it again, Walterzsh.
True. Not True. True. Not True. True. Not True. True. Not True.

I get it and I got it.
I use my real name. No fake persona here. Maybe that's why I'm so unpopular.
You are welcome, Crazeczar.

DaisyJane: Have free speech criminilized and see how precious free speech can be. Fascists and bullies who want to shut down any dissension dislike free speech. I fail to see why you keep closing comments, but of course it's your right.
So the argument is " I have been on OS longer than CrazeCzar so take my word." So, you must defend me against him or revile him or shun him or whatever? Seems an ugly and false argument. Everyone wants people to have their backs. But most people don't try to sic(sp?) thier so called friends on their enemies. As Erika said, Danger danger it doesn't compute.
Sarah, I don't think you are unpopular.
I'm late to this latest "OS crisis" so I've had to do a lot of reading to catch up. I can't say that I have changed my opinion of whateverhernameis because of this prank. People are free to write what they want. I am free to believe what I want. Enough said.

I'm having a really hard time with all of this. It fits in with a lot I've been trying to get clear in my head (or gut?) about Open Salon itself and how much time I do or don't want to 'spend here'. One thing I've been experimenting with in my mind is the idea that there are "sub groups" at Open Salon ... and I some times wonder whether anyone who sees himself/herself in one of them ever reads anything by those in a different one. Early in my own OS experience, I had some lovely exchanges with a number of people about this. My primarily "politics"-oriented OS friends see OS as a political site (or did then, any way?![*]). My primarily "writer" friends use OS -- in my opinion -- wonderfully creatively in lots of nifty exchanges of writing styles and opinions about writing per se.

Today is Wednesday. I am old. Those were the two immediately-relevant ?facts? for me as I started this day. I' ve long tended to assign tough things their particular days of the week and Wednesday is my Midweek Tough Things assigned day. As to the "I am old" part -- I had to cancel an appointment with a delightful young whippersnapper whose profession I define to my friends as "The Person Who Specialises in Old People". I just didn't "have the stuffin'" to meet with her today -- for a whole buncha reasons. [I might try to blog about how OS was/is or wasn't/is, part of that.]

The loveliest part of all of this for me, personally, is that because I was REALLY concerned about what I did or didn't understand about the whole ?meshugas?, I ?simply? Not-so-simply?, "pm'd" Jane ... and now I have a new friend! Ta Dah! A few years ago there were some cross-purposes remarks of mine and someone else's on one of the "politics group" posts. So there, too, I not only "pm'd" him but added him as a favorite and got a lovely response stating surprise at being 'favorited'; describing himself as "the most hated guy on OS". I've considered him a friend ever since.

My point? The ?Mischung? on this site of personal confessionals, friendly back-and-forth-chat, serious discussions of politics, economics, etc., plus all sorts of details about how our computers do or don't work or whether OS editorial staff are "all out to get us", has given ME not one, but a buncha headache(s) by now. Personally, I cower at logging in to Open Salon -- a public, presumably widely-read online site -- and finding names of individuals I, too, care greatly about -- cited in the subject matter of a featured blog. REALLY -- guys and gals -- isn't there some better way of preventing molehills from becoming mountains? Wouldn't a few private interpersonal pm's if or when someone's nose is out of joint (meaning that in NO WAY
Me too, Sarah.

God, I wish I'd come up with a great alias...
sorry about hitting a wrong key just then -- I was only trying to say "meaning in no way to diminish the genuine hurt of someone who comes here to OS to try to express it" (or sump'n lak det): My Big Win out of all of this is that I was moved to "pm" Jane directly (rather than to post about "her" in "the third person") -- and I was rewarded by a friendship I feel I can trust to the extent that some of it is conducted by pm rather than picking up ratings or other OS flak as to who's getting how much attention from whom.

Bottom line: If you have a personal issue with another OS-er, why do you post about it to a public site? Are you more interested in publicity for yourself (and/or OS "ratings") or in clarifying stuff?

Oh well ........
As the saying goes, "buyer beware".
"One thing I've been experimenting with in my mind is the idea that there are "sub groups" at Open Salon ..."


Will all of the members of the Rabid Socialist Lesbians sub group please meet under the "F*ck that Assh*le Mitt Romney & All the Rest of Them Republican Men Too" banner? We have some gay agenda changes to distribute. Thank you for you consideration.


@ Joersey: I don't think you are a stalker. I DO think that you are an asshole and a troll who has multiple Alts that he uses to follow selected "targets" around and serially harass them. Is that better???
@ Hyb-Julie: Don't MAKE me go get my hightops and tiara, dammit!
Many, many people were not fooled by the crazy. Speak for yourself. And shame on you for giving her yet more reason to continue the attention-seeking crazy. For a woman who has such high standards for everyone else's behavior, she has proven time and again that she has none for herself.
Oh, and she got the same kind of "support" that most at OS get when they're having trouble with another member -- none. And none should be expected. Her so-called "stalker" bothered a lot of people but we didn't become professional victims with a built-in excuse for shitty behavior because of it. That's called being an adult.
this place runs on a steady diet of internet testicles* , attention seeking and crazy. always has, and sadly... always will.

luckily, some really great writing happens here too, otherwise this place would be a complete psych ward.

*online disinhibition, a loosening (or complete abandonment) of social restrictions and inhibitions that would otherwise be present in normal face-to-face interaction.
'Internet testicles' !!????
Oh lorianne, that made me snort.
Ha! Too funny....
damn my eyes for reading more!!

emma - your blatant lie actually gave me a good laugh. for that i thank you.

as the former Queen Bee of the Bitches of OS, who REGULARLY AND OFTEN ganged up, in an En Masse attack lasting DAYS, any number of times on one individual - ie ALL SUPPORTING each other - and all of you had a GOOD IDEA of who the person or persons you were attacking were - you lie.

and no, any number of people have not been harassed by him - mrs r. and amy are all, and he left off with them and started on me a solid year ago or more. and dragged my son into it. i know of NO other OSer who has started saying vile things about someone's child before.

you need to have another drink, and by drink i mean another bottle, and go be outraged elsewhere.

sheesh. some people, man.

oh, and anyone who isnt comfortable calling joisey a stalker needs to look up the modern definition.
"I still feel bad about it, all the way around."

I don't!!! That Janice Johanson was a mean ole person!! MY CHILDREN ARE DYING AND I NEED MONEY, PLEASE HELP!!

Turned out she was actually a he and no children!! PFFFFT!!!

What were we talking about?

Oh yeah, Jane, I like her. She nuts, like me!!!! The sad and great part is the first post didn't even make me blink, I must be here just enough, I know you people, when you don't take your meds and such!!!

Uh, jane, wrong again on every count. You hate me because I had the temerity to point out the con artists and crazies here that you so identify with for obvious reasons.

I was harrassed by Joisey/Craze Czar but I didn't make a huge fuss about it because as an adult, I fight my own battles. And as for me drinking during the day much less a bottle, projection is an ugly thing. I'm on a work break. You can look up both those concepts since you seem to be unfamiliar with them.

@Lorianne: You're cracking me up!

So when the avatar referenced in this blog's title posted a copy of a tweet that included Diary of a Hopeful Starving Student's actual name, that's O.K. -- that's not over-the-line or an invasion of privacy, right?

Yet when I comment, admittedly critical at times, on what a person writes in their own blog with no threats, no attempts to find that person's real identity, I'm the big-bad stalker.


Here, I'm going to make this easy and offer a solution (rarely done in OS -- many whiners-and-bitchers, but few with solutions).

It seems that the avatar referenced in this blog's title and I are at the same starting points. Both of our original accounts are deleted, so there's very little evidence beyond she-said, he-said. (And I will add that other person's account deletion was by her request -- I had no luxury. Just tried to sign-on to OS one day and was surprised to find-out that my account was vaporized.)

So here's the deal. I've already proclaimed in Kim Gamble's "Red Alert" post that I will never comment again on daisyjane's blog and will never PM her or otherwise attempt to contact her in real life. And all of you are witnesses. If I violate this self-proclaimed policy, then any/all of you can contact OS management and demand my removal.

Is that satisfactory? Will everyone be happy?

I will qualify my promise that if daisyjane attacks me in another blogger's comment thread, then I reserve the right to answer that comment directly. Also, if anyone receives a "supposed forwarded PM" from daisyjane that she claims is from me, I ask that you forward that information to OS management to get them to verify the actual sender.

If this account, Joisey Shore - Redux-, remains intact, then I won't blog or comment under any other account. This will be my one and only OS account. (presently, the jonnnie_wolfy_is_nutz is another account of mine that I'll use as a placeholder in case this account is unfairly-deleted).

Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

What we have here folks is a failure to . .

. . recognize that this is just another day/week at the O-Saloon.
Emma, quit bogarting the bottle! Tink, pass "the meds" whatever those might be this week. I'm not particular!! Jane, just keep being YOU! CC, please quit sounding so rational. You're killing me man!!!!
Well crap I have some reading to do to catch up on all this but I am glad to see Janie back!
~hands trig some pills~ I don't know what they are but damn do they make the world soooooo awesome!!! You can see sounds!! Awesome, I know!!

Why yes, it is a pretty dress you have on!!!

~settles into the clover~
And Matt Paust, since I asked you by PM and never got an answer, I'll ask here. What is the nature of your problem regarding ME? Hell, you were a regular reader up to a few months ago, and while I do realize they come and they go, I'm having a hard time with figuring out exactly what I did in your particular case. Not that I might not have slighted you somewhere, somehow-- just can't recall any particular 'incident.'
PILLS!!! Thanks Tinky... wheee, roll me some of that 'clover' too :D
Here ya go, lots of clover!! Wooo!! :D

I just wanna know why Jane no add me as a friend. I defended her against that hairy monster in the closet!!! I was like, UNHAND THAT LADY YOU HAIRY MONSTER.

Yeah, it turned out to be her lover from Cleveland but still, GET A HAIR CUT HIPPY!!!


~Rolls some more in the clover~
Well this has turned into quite a party! Trig, stay away from the pharmaceuticals or I won't let you have that play date with Tink tomorrow like I promised!

Now where did that bottle of vodka go???
Trig, you went out of your way to hurt my friend Linda. Guess I'm funny that way. No, not funny like a clown. Fusun went out of her way to hurt my friend Joanie, so I don't visit her blog anymore. I wouldn't visit it if you paid me. You at least apologized, half-assed, but it's a start. Fusun continues to pretend she was only trying to help, which is a bald-faced lie.
What's this clover shit, Tink? What's happened to the thorn bushes? You going soft on us?
Congrats, Paust. I see you are truly one of the girls now. Next thing we know you'll be smashing your daddy's skull with one of those two by four thingies from Home Depot. I wonder how many swings it'll take before his skull cracks. But only in your dreams, of course.

Squat, squat. Pee, pee.
Ahh the leaving a comment at Wendy Orange's blog regarding Linda incident! Apologized profusely because Linda is good people... not that what I said wasn't right on the money, but at least now I know Chicken Matt! Hell, that's you... Chicken Ma'a'n? Interesting. You do know you have crossed the lines re: THE TOS, right? Ya could have just answered my pm, but oh well. Figured something or another like that.

Asia, too late. I swallowed a handful! Thanks T.! Meow
Sometimes a cat just has to roll around in the clover, drink bottles of vodka and give random pills to his friends*(both trig and Linda are tripping wildly with the Chicken and a possible kangaroo!! HELLO? THIS IS OPEN, WHERE THE PARTY NEVER ENDS EVEN WHEN WE HATE EACH OTHER!!!)

asia, don't take our playdate away, I gave trig the pills cause uh, he makes pretty things when he takes the pills!! ~nodding~
I hadn't thought of that, Whirlwind, standing in the long line at public events. Can't squat anymore, either. Damn! Too late to go back now, I suppose.
Oh, Hai, Whirlwind!

I was wondering where the "Misogynistic Douche Farts and Sister/Mother/Cousin Hillbilly Husbands" sub group got off to!

What happen did y'all hit a squirrel with your pickumup truck? Whoo doggie! Them are some good vittles ain't they!
I sincerely missed this whole kerfluffle. Now I'm like...What!? But I'm of a mind that the internet is an expansive place that allows people to be their best self or their worst self and if they stick around a place long enough you'll see their best and their worst even if they were trying to be one or the other. I have a hard time holding grudges against people for being people.

(And Sarah Cavanaugh is not unpopular.)
Jane, you are mistaken when you state the following: "and no, any number of people have not been harassed by him - mrs r. and amy are all, and he left off with them and started on me a solid year ago or more. and dragged my son into it."

He was still harassing me using this profile: (which until recently used MY photograph as his profile avatar whilst abusing Jonathan Wolfman's name) as little as a month ago. *I* made some conscious choices a couple of years ago when he started his bullshit - one of them was to simply NOT POST very often. Another was to take my blogging elsewhere without bothering to INFORM anyone of where I had gone. Why? Because I've been ON this particular harassment merry-go-round before and the BEST way to stop the bullshit is to WALK AWAY. I'm not so attached to this (or any other) site that I cannot simply walk away... say "screw it" and get on with my LIFE without the unnecessary drama.

THIS is also incorrect: "i know of NO other OSer who has started saying vile things about someone's child before."

I KNOW (for a FACT) at least one person has been driven off OS by a certain HARPY who not only attacked HER but also attacked HER CHILD (who was THREE YEARS OLD AT THE TIME!) to the extent the woman cleared her blog of everything, stopped posting, stopped commenting and quietly LEFT for places unknown... At that the HARPY in question was so vile the person who left damn near committed SUICIDE because of the ATTACKS on herself AND HER CHILD! As VILE as Crazed has been to YOU and ME and AMY and any number of others... he has been NOWHERE NEAR as vile to US as a certain HARPY was to someone else on the site... At the very LEAST Crazed never drove someone ALMOST TO SUICIDE!
And CHRISTINASIDECAR I cannot believe I am actually DEFENDING the twatwaffle known as Crazed Czar!
Daisy sucked me in but I'm not pissed... mysterious Jane was real enough for me and I'm still not convinced that she was entirely bogus.
Trig - she was never a sheepdog, you silly!
Sarah is totally popular!
Snippy! You've shaved!!

Sarah, we love you but must be careful now that we know you shoot arrows.
bonus points to MrsR for the proper use of "twatwaffle " in a sentence.
Folks, as the fur and froth flies fast and furious (nice bit of alliteration Feike - heh heh - why fank you fairy much!) may I just take a moment to remind everyone -

in a few short weeks I will be qualified to talk people out of killing themselves!!!

That's right, very soon I will be able to single-handedly talk practically ANYONE out of ending his/her miserable, worthless, burdensome, excessively large carbon footprint of a life!

So when everyone's done here and having guilty morning afters for all the things they wish they hadn't said - don't reach for that gun. Or the machete or the rope or whatever unpleasant messy way you've decided to end it all. I'll save you.

Just PM* me with your plan; my manservant Rupertino will be checking them regularly and forwarding the best ones to me. Hold off killing yourselves until you find out if you've been selected for my hilarious new series of posts about suicide


where readers get to vote on whether or not you should do it.

Everyone who PMs me will be entered in a drawing for fabulous prizes including a lifetime supply of extra lethal Xanax-laced vodka, cement shoes (jumpers take note) and Right 'N Tight, the only rope with a money-back guarantee it works the first time. (The makers figure even if it doesn't you'll end up brain-damaged and won't be bringing it in for a refund.) Excited? Me too!!!! More details to follow soon, so DON'T start your engines just yet (esp. if you're reading this from the inside of your parked car in the garage with the door down and holding a hose that's attached to your tailpipe!)

*All submissions become the exclusive property of Margaret Feike to smear, mock and ridicule as she sees fit and must be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable money order. If you write on Open Salon and get an EP, you must substitute the name "Margaret Feike" and her avatar for your own and also send her a $50 money order. The name "Margaret Feike" is the exclusive property of "Margaret Feike" and may not be taken in vain by anyone other than "Margaret Feike." Other rules and restrictions may apply.
Sounds great, Margaret!

Now if you only would throw in a little cake to sweeten the deal...I'm missing the cake. Cheesecake would be nice...or, as an alternative, green eggs and ham.
I am not directly involved in all this in any way - I've read and PM'ed with "Jane" a few times, but not to the extent that I was horrified or shocked or offended when she did her fake reveal. The way I figure it, it's like the Wild West out here - we have no real rules. The fact that what she did made waves, is kind of interesting - though I'm not sure it was necessary to do - but then again, I have no idea what goes on in other people's Jane sort of pointed out to us with her intriguing gesture... I think it's cool that you're supporting her.
I'm going to kill myself, AND NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ME!!'re all imaginary, whatcha going to do? Talk about our feelings? PFFFT!!!

~wanders off~
A Fusun -- Joanie dustup????
Those are the *last* two people I'd suspect of gettin' into it around here...
This daisy thing is so last week, er, so last day, er, hour...haven't we all hugged and made up yet? : )
@Just Thinking ~ Not a dustup between them, as Joanie is too great a lady, too gentle a spirit to stoop so low. Not so with Fusun.
Tink, get back here this instant! You can't off yourself until you've covered up your poop in the litterbox! That's the agreement, dammit!
Let me add here - on the record and for the record: I am not upset with Jane... HER choice in dealing with the problem and the LACK of appropriate response is just that... HER CHOICE. It's not the choice I would have, or did, make however; it was her choice and therefore it was the correct choice FOR JANE.

On the other hand, I am more than a little annoyed over the undeniable FACT that Salon/Open Salon chooses to ignore incidents such as Crazed Czar's repeated harassment of people by claiming the LACK of safety caused by his (and others) antisocial behaviors are "personality conflicts" between individuals OR by ignoring the situation entirely. How much WOULD it take to give each of us the ability to block users we feel are harassing us? In reality, NOT MUCH... and yet it "can't be done." Why? Because it's inconvenient and it costs money - the latter of which is the greater concern.
Margaret, in the name of Yahweh, LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!! Tink has no sense of irony! He's the quintessential literalist!! Now he's talking about drowning himself!!! (That is your choice of self-demise, Tink? To join your brothers and sisters in methodology now that you're regretting having clawed your way out of the grocery bag with the brick at the bottom so many lives ago? It is, isn't it? Let me off the hook here, please! I can't keep repeating myself. Someone will call 911...)
Mrs.R, how it appears we don't even have an editor, or, should I say, a warm body in the control room to insert misspellings into the headlines of the cover stories.
It is hard to imagine dust daring to dust-up, or settle, around *Joan*...
She's our very best.
: )
Mrs. Raptor --

Since this will most likely be my one-and-only direct response to you ...
2) I NEVER PM'ed YOU (after your request to stay away)

Fuck you.

You make a blanket statement here about people fearing for their "safety" with regards to me?! What bullshit.

Whatever temporary avatar images I used, THEY WERE POSTED BY THE BLOGGERS THEMSELVES (or allowed in other bloggers posts), thus becoming part of the public domain.

I'll hold my breath on your comment/lecture to daisyjane about how she publicly-showed in comments a copied tweet that named Diary of a Hopeful Starving Student's real world identity. Or tr ig's public comment where he too identified DOAHSS by name. tr ig's behavior is particularly disturbing, since his own brother was publicly-identified and unfairly labeled a pedophile by Bonnie-Psycho-Russell.

Yeah, I'm the big bad S.O.B. because I sometimes am critical in comments about a blog where someone leaves the comments open, but I'm no fuckin' stalker, harrasser, or someone to fear.

Now go back to your fantasy world where you assume the "engineer" title of your husband and you screw your multiple husbands & wives and get into pissing contests with other bisexuals about how "progressive" you are.

Good for you, but big fuckin' deal.
I really have no tolerance with people who are so filled with themselves that they masquerade as ANYONE, even in the name of PhD research; or what passes for it these days. But I love you, Matt.
Rather brazen of you, Princess.
Try again Crazed...

We'll start with the following statement of yours: "I'll hold my breath on your comment/lecture to daisyjane about how she publicly-showed in comments a copied tweet that named Diary of a Hopeful Starving Student's real world identity. Or tr ig's public comment where he too identified DOAHSS by name. tr ig's behavior is particularly disturbing, since his own brother was publicly-identified and unfairly labeled a pedophile by Bonnie-Psycho-Russell."

First of all you ASSUME you "know" things which are factually NOT TRUE with regard to myself. So, for the SECOND time, It was NEVER appropriate for ANY of the individuals to give out the names of other people without the CONSENT of the individuals whose names were given out. That sort of behavior is inappropriate regardless of who the person we are discussing being outed is - including yourself!

Why? There are WAY too many psychopaths (Defined as: "a person who exhibits disregard for the rights of others and the rules of society.") and sociopaths (Defined as: "a person who exhibits disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others") in the world today. Sorry but you've either been LIED TO about me (which would not surprise me) or you've gotten the wrong end of the stick somewhere because that is NOT behavior I condone.

Your use of a photograph of myself in excess of 18 months after I specifically requested you leave me alone WAS done with no INTENT other than to harass and we both know it. The innocent act you are playing now is as FAKE as ... the name I use on here. The difference is that *I* use the pen name for a VALID reason which is (a) none of YOUR business and (b) NOT up for discussion - just as YOU use a pen name for reasons which are (a) none of MY business and (b) NOT up for discussion.

On the other hand... I DO find it decidedly WEIRD that you have NO concern over your own violating of MY rights and yet you are OUTRAGED over Hope's being violated.

Pot ... meet Kettle... What YOU have engaged in for IN EXCESS OF 18 MONTHS with regard to ME is NO DIFFERENT than what Jane and Trig did to Hope from a MORAL standpoint. The LOT of you have engaged in behavior which the average FIVE YEAR OLD knows is wrong... and you have ALL engaged in the behaviors knowingly and willingly.
Mrs. Raptor --

I'm sure this is boring for others, but since I honored your request to not comment on your blogs and not to PM you, this is my only vehicle to communicate.

First, would you please confirm that I've never commented or PM'ed you when you told me to stop.

Second, thank you for agreeing with me that "outing" anyone is wrong. Thus, that is a strike against daisyjane who could legitimately be labeled a danger to another OSer, as Hope's real world identity was advertised. I've never "outed" anyone or tried to contact/meet anyone without their consent. My whole point is that I might be a pain-in-the-ass with critical comments in a blog, but I'm no stalker, harasser, or threat. So you can imagine my anger when I get unfairly-accused of those things.

Third, your "18 months" figure is inaccurate. My original account got vaporized around Christmas time. At that point, I laid-low as a grayhead for several weeks. Then I reappeared with the jonnie_wolfy_is_nutz avatar. So it's been around 3-4 months.

And where did I get the photo for the temporary avatar? Did I hack your computer, or was that a photo that you shared with readers of OS in a blog of yours? Again, my point over-and-over again is that I only use what I see on OS and never cross-over into the real world or jeopardize anyone's safety or well-being.

I have no real beef with you and your friend, Ryan, became a bud of mine before he passed. He really opened-up my eyes about the challenges of the disabled.

I want simply for you to please stop giving the people the impression that I'm something other than a pain-in-the-ass. That label, I'll own. But I'm certainly not a threat to anyone's safety.
(in my best Andy Pettitte's voice -- non-MLB fans, use Wiki)
"I misremembered" about when I was vaporized and started the jonnie_wolfy_is_nutz account. It was in the Fall, not December. So the account has been around 6-7 months. However, the avatar photo in question was not attached to the account until 2012.
Crazed... I consider OTHER people's space to be "neutral territory" and whilst I will GENERALLY ignore you - in this particular instance there's perspectives which BOTH of us have on a serious issue which makes it rather important that I NOT ignore you.

Whilst you did stop sending me PMs when I asked you to - you continued to periodically post to my blog and your comments were rarely on topic. That qualifies as "harassment" when you consider you continued after you were asked to leave me completely alone.

As for the photo... THERE we have a little problem because the one you used is copyrighted to a particular photography company in a particular location and there is a difference between the photo used and the photo I posted. One which a casual observer would not notice but which either I or the photographer would spot because we were present when the photo was taken and KNOW what had to be done to the copyrighted version that was not done to the version I posted. Where you got that photo I haven't a clue BUT it's NOT the one that I posted - although it is certainly me in the photo.

I have an email which I sent to the editors of Salon/Open Salon from my primary email account dated 23 October, 2011 which states in part: "The PHOTOGRAPH used on the following account is provably myself... MY account is MrsRaptor... The following account is NOT ME... NOR does the person who created the account have my permission to use my likeness in ANY way... The profile in question is abusive to not only myself but ALSO to Johnathan Wolfman." I went on to point out that the account probably belonged to YOU.

23 October, 2011 MY photograph was on that account without my prior knowledge OR consent... there are real world witnesses as to my PHYSICAL reaction in addition to the email sent to the editors. Now, I suppose I can root around in my posted blogs, locate the post where I specifically asked you to leave me completely alone BUT it's damn close to 18 months ago and PART of the reason for my very physical reaction to you using my photo without my consent has nothing to do with you (in particular) and everything to do with a different situation, which I am not going to discuss beyond the following: your (admittedly deliberate) actions left me feeling EXTREMELY UNSAFE... and that's a REALLY BAD thing to do when the person you are bent on "being a pain in the ass towards" has credible death threats hanging over their head.
Mrs. Raptor --

Well, it seems that we're both "misremembering" things.

If I attached your photo to the avatar a month or so prior to my assertion of the timeline, then I'll take your word for it. But the end of October 2011 is certainly not 18 months ago.

Also, although my account was deleted (and therefore none of my comments can be seen) I'm sure you can find an instance where you responded in your own blog to my comment when deleting it. So feel free to do a little research within your blogs and offer-up the most recent instance when I commented. I'm sure it was much longer than a year ago.

In terms of you being mistaken, that photo was gotten from your blog shown here
I notice that the photo in question (interestingly named "ResidentTroll.jpg") has been deleted -- how convenient.

I'd suggest that you do a Google image search on "mrs raptor" (with quotes and a space) to see where the original image was housed. And that there's no explicit copyrights cited.

Finally, I believe I know what you're referring to in terms of death threats. First, I'm very sorry for you and your family. Second, I'd ask that you clarify that this is unrelated to me.

You wrote a blog about it and even included a picture. I'm not sure how wise that was, but regardless, at the time I PM'ed with a correction about the image link which wasn't working in your post.

That was the extent of my involvement with your blog about a questionable subject that you choose to write about. So please don't loosely-connect me to a very serious offline subject by suggesting that I'm somehow involved/responsible for it.

I hope that you and your family stay safe, but please do leave me alone on OS and I'll do the same.
At least she outed herself, which is more than can be said for some here on OS.
And I have taken to taking everybody's posts with a philosophical grain of salt, as it saves me from becoming too enmeshed emotionally.
We have a right to feel upset.
She has a right to blog for a thesis.
We all need to adjust to the fact these things are bound to happen in territory online which is basically under-tended.
One of life's lessons. And I enjoy her writing, too, Matt, always have.
PW ~ Read the second post, which I have linked right under the first one. She didn't out herself. That was a hoax. She explains in the second post why she did it.