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Matt Paust

Matt Paust
Gloucester, Virginia,
December 31
Sorry - writer's block... BTW the "birthday" listed above is false. I prefer to keep that day private, but am not permitted to do so here, so I'm forced to lie.


MARCH 22, 2012 1:36PM

Zuma's OS Million Hoodie March - I'm in!

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Great idea, Zum.  I've seen some beautiful hoodied mugs answer the call thus far, starting with yours.  Lezlie's too.  Actually hers was the first I opened as it was the first I spotted in the feed.  Quick dropped what I was doing, whipped out my...hoodie and here I am.


 You ladies are cute.  Alas, I come off as a disgruntled Imus.

My post is a comment I left on Don Rich's post:

Some good points here, in the post and comments. What if it comes down simply to stereotypes and perceptions?   If Zimmerman's family insists he is not Hispanic altho he looks to be and was perceived to be by the police, maybe he strives for a self-perception as "whiter than white" and saw the hoodied black boy as the White Man's nemesis invading White America.

Delusional, unbalanced personally as the quasi-anointed defender of a delusional and unbalanced, perhaps paranoid community. If the local police identify with the community power structure, which they do realistically even if it conflicts with professional best practices, they went running to the local prosecutor before doing what any experienced cop would do ordinarily, which is to arrest the shooter on suspicion of homicide if not charging him or her at the time of arrest.

So the cops frantically page the prosecutor, whose first impulse is, holy shit lemme think about this - the Zimmermans are solid citizens here and I believe they supported me in the last campaign and what the hell was the punk doing there anyways...etc. The feds will have a field day with this. Obama haters are already saying that if Justice gets involved it will mean Holder is playing the race card. Are we a great nation or what.  (That is not a question - not even rhetorical.  Just pure sarcasm.)

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Love the picture. The comment's good too.
Standing up for justice.
Thanks Matt.
This mug shot is proof positive how misleading photographs and first impressions can be. You look like a scary guy from Deliverance in this one, but we all know you are one of the biggest pussycats on OS. (No offense, Tink!)

This pic makes me want to buy ADT products. Possibly Sig Sauer products as well. J/K. I already have the latter anyway. Good to see you Matt!
You look quite theatrical in that hoodie. Really. I'm thinking you're about to spout some Shakespeare. Instead is your comment, which is also good.

I'd be donning mine, but I don't own one...

Well, we ARE a great nation, dammit, when we can say
the hard criticism like you do about how , uh,
y'know...we AREN'T such a great nation,
and have much work to do melting-wise,
into that odd image they sell you in
school...the MELTING POT.
It presupposes great heat, right? For the melting..
That's the paradox of this goddamn country of ours.
It's like some Ideal Structure of Principles we cannot for
the life of us ever live up to in reality...but can try & try again.

I am kind of digressing here. What was most important to relay
is that FINALLY you have your "avatar for the ages." Luminous
is spot -on look theatrical. Maybe ready to take on
"King Lear". ..

"I am a man,
More sinn'd against than sinning."
Lear, Scene II

If you replace this grand picture with that blurry monstrosity,
i shall begin a boycott of yer blog, boyo!
You look like a Fantasy scifi wizard.
You know how to work that hoodie, Matt.
You look great in a hoodie and good for you.
You look like a monk, Matt.
Amen Matt, I'm right there beside you on this issue.
Do you do Gregorian chant, too? (LOL! Couldn't resist).
We are all in
Is that YOU,Matt?You sure look scary,but that is the way people look when they find out that a young boy had been killed just so,by the arm of the law for need of diversion.
This is one impressive hoodie picture. You look like the great wizards of fiction! Great words too. R!
This is one impressive hoodie picture. You look like the great wizards of fiction! Great words too. R!
I'm getting it . . .
Zuma started this?
I started to see hoods.
I wondered what's this?
Something sad ominous?
What a collective voice.
I thought I needed help.
I was about to call 9-11.
My neighbor has handguns.
I almost called for protection.
I was gonna call Eric Holder.

I feared people wear black . . .
I wondered if CEO bankers . . .
Now I can sympathize. No guns.
Zuma etc. Matt Paust is he Wizard in
The Lord of he Rings. Spitting Image.
Spit . . .
Give him a pipe, a horse, and a wagon.
He was never late. "A Wizard is on time."
He said ref his pipe. "Best herb around."
The hoods would be great for meet ups.
Matt P. can haul the best weed on wagon.
Soon as I posted this I headed to the orthopedist to look at my shoulder. Bursitis on rotary cuff from swinging the damned rubber hatchet at imaginary Injuns last fall as a movie extra. Spending all the money I made from the "acting" on co-pays for therapy and the cortisone shot I got this afternoon. Came home and scared the bejeebies out of myself with this hoodie picture. Some of your remarks are generous and kind, but it's clear I stick with the smiley faces - except I don't want James to boycott my blog. What to do what to do. Maybe if I read the Harry Potter or Tolkien series I could get used to this "look." Then again, I don't want some trigger happy neighbor to shout out a warning then, two seconds later, blast me to bits. This was a great idea, Zuma!
You look great. Shakespeaean actor is right.
I do wonder about what kinds of connections these Zimmermans have . George looks like a mean bum but something is keeping him from being prosecuted. Could be it's just such a racist town.
Great pic and text.
[r] thanks for wisdom of that speculation. libby
my son's trying to find my Iggles Hoodie.

I got the Dude hoodied up and I'm with everyone else. This was a travesty of justice and it will be rectified!
This should be about justice for the Martins, and fairness for everyone; not politics.
Great shot. And piece. And Lezlie makes a very good point.
The photo is great and the comments are well reasoned.
Thanks for stopping by, friends. I'm sub-teaching middle school English all day and will try to visit your blogs this evening. Oops...the kids are staring. Buh-bye!
OMG looks like you could be in Star Wars too. On the good side that is. Thanks for this and you outstanding POV here.
very menacing in your hoodie. you must be one of "them/those".
Add me to the march.