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Matt Paust

Matt Paust
Gloucester, Virginia,
December 31
Sorry - writer's block... BTW the "birthday" listed above is false. I prefer to keep that day private, but am not permitted to do so here, so I'm forced to lie.


DECEMBER 23, 2011 8:05PM

One magic night - Lezlie's open call

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And it would have to be magic.  Pixie dust or some really fine coke and rose colored glasses for the lady so she'd see someone other than a Col. Sanders lookalike with the struggling charm of Elmer Fudd's feckless cousin Fester.  With that taken care of, guaranteed no fail by the Good Fairy of Dreams That Will Come True by the Stars in the Heavens Above,  my choice for the evening of evenings, night of nights, mother of all breakfasts and farewell kisses to launch poems to die to is:






Michelle, ma belle.

Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,

Très bien ensemble.



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Heh, heh. Back in the day, I had a boyfriend who lusted after the gorgeous Michelle. I couldn't be jealous. Look at her!

My husband's dream girl also. Who can blame you? She is magnificent.
Take a blanket into the coop tonight. ~r
Nice choice.. I just love her
Colonel Fester.. ha. Good choice, great even. Just wish I could erase her in scarface from my memory gland
She is timeless and BEAUTIFUL! Great choice! :-)
You're gonna need more than Pixie Dust to keep you warm in that coop.
rated with love
she= obviousy to any mature male eye
the most beautiful GalEVER. til there is a replacement.
soon i hope.
i a m workin on it.

boys beautify their lovers to goddess status.
some gals morph into lovely chicks, if they got the
so important physiognomy.

girls beautify their boys too.
someone musta beutified you once.
you a handsome old fella, aintcha?
Matt Paust. You is a Elder who yearns for a renewed, vigorous, and youthful body`
and vibrant libido
and we pump half-
inward, ay outward,
ay boogie, cha cha.
WE are no kangaroo.
James M.E. hop`bout.
Remind young ' inns that?
Elders still do got`secrets.
Respect thee old `geezers.
Geezers do harbor`secrets.
You can season her with your 11 secret herbs and spices.
Okay. You made me sad.
My farm partner was a`
Michele . . .
O, I Love You? Want?
We was Farm Partners.
She was Lured by a poet.
I was in DC's VAMC, Oho!
She (Michele) seems sad.
Maybe not. I saw Michele.
She was at a Sat. Festival.
I love this other Michelle.
He new Michelle has 2-l's.
My old Michele had 1-l.
Who has a`L-hell, bad?
Michele with 2-''L''s`?
She's nice. no hell's`?
Michele on farm has`
one `L' and some hell.
two 'L' Michelle is nice.
I best cease this banter.
Tink's always nice`say`
have a good night rest.
Remember that shot of her wearing the Hope Diamond?
Ooh. Fabulous Baker Boys. The piano. Sweet dreams.
I knew it! The key is this: She's beautiful with or without makeup! R
Good choice,Matt,but I'll go with James,lingering on the thought of you being a handsome old fella,and more than that,as I have told you before.Have a good time.How will you blend your wife in to this crisp event?
Merry Christmas,Matt.
You are a blessing to many.
Beautiful. That's it just stunning beauty.
She is not only beautiful but she has attitude. I would be afraid to mess with her. You are very brave.
I changed the bedding in the coop yesterday just to be on the safe side. Didn't need the accommodations there last nite, so I should be about out of the woods. Thanks for stopping by, all. May your dreams be merry and bright.
Elizabeth Montgomery~ Bewitched me ~to this day
We have the DVDs of Scarface and Hairspray - she was great in both those movies.
Yeah... I second Joan. My husband's dream girl too...right up there with Charleze. Happy holiday weekend!