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Matt Paust

Matt Paust
Gloucester, Virginia,
December 31
Sorry - writer's block... BTW the "birthday" listed above is false. I prefer to keep that day private, but am not permitted to do so here, so I'm forced to lie.


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JULY 27, 2010 1:02PM

What the real Mad Men did

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Someone, I don't remember who, posted a few of these some weeks ago. Not only do they make us laugh, but they also make us realize what a different world we live in now than we did in the fifties and sixties.
Am I the only person who has never seen this show and still has no desire to? (I am still trying to figure out the riddle of the first one, maybe male eyes see things female eyes don't?) I don't think advertising has gotten any better, we have so many more people to discriminate against.
Wow...this would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.
That picture of the old man with the cane looks like me. I want my Thorazine, Now!
And the Mad Men on the show are not depicted too much differently. They're sexist pigs.

I'm not sure if this is intended as a put down of those who watch and enjoy the show, but I think most of us who do so and are over 40 are well aware of how terrible things were.
let me tell you something, THAT was my business and I had so much fun. it was so nuts, so joyous and energetic and insane and duplicitous and even sometimes creative, so fucked up pill popping, offices filled with frogs and monkeys and candy and soda in the fridge. life in the madmen business was good good good. I just wish I would have sold out and made a fucking fortune like so many others did. ::sigh::

I loved it.
oh yeah... misogynistic. yes the business was. in spades. but so it was everywhere else. at least we made good money while bouncing our heads against the glass ceiling. some cracked through. but most just kept banging their/our heads.
This is interesting for the same reason the show is interesting. It's time travel and we feel better arriving home after having made the trip.
My wife wants to know how Thorazine got my picture
Are we prudes now or what?
I am not but a lot of others are.
What happened to freedom of advertising???
Rated with commercial hugs
What a commentary on the "good" ole days. I do not remember these ads but they make me feel creepy. Thanks for all your work on this, the video was perfect. Why do I watch that show, it is like a train wreck of nostalgia.
This is terrific! [They tell me my sister is a spirited woman who yearns to be tamed]
Very funny the second time around with all the new additions. I never get tired of see some of this stuff, wow. Thanks for posting! R
I guess we can thank Madison Avenue for the Feminist Movement. Outrageous! I have found some pretty funny ones along the way like I'm gay for Ovaltine or was it Ovaltine makes me gay. whatever.
We can laugh now but...and I am laughing out loud.

Second, what horrid ads. And of course, I'm never watching that show.
Two people posted these (essentially) recently--SheilaTGTG55 and Mary Ann Sorrentino. Mary Ann's post went to EP/cover. A few of the ads are different, though. This is essentially from a viral e-mail.
I was a year old in the late 60's and a Dr. prescribed me Coca cola syrup because I had bronchitis. My mom had to get it filled at a certain drug store that had a soda fountain in it. Rated
I think it's absolutely hilarious. I've got some old cookbooks, mags, newspapers, etc. which depict women in as second class citizens. Second class citizens? Wait a's 2010 and we're still earning less than our male counterparts.
We've come a long way, haven't least on the surface?
Yowsa! on the first one -- all of them, really. Times have changed, and for the better in alot of ways. It's good to be reminded of that now and again!
Just stopping by to say thanks for stopping by, before I head back to First Shot. I mean it this time!

As you can see, the secret to getting an EP is to just put pictures up and not write anything. Kathy, our archivist, is right, of course, these aren't new on here, but as I never watch Mad Men and rarely read anything on the Cover if I don't recognize the writer, I missed both of the prior postings. I did check and, yes, SheilaTGTG55 and Mary Ann Sorrentino posted some of the same ads. And, yes, they were in an email I received from a friend.

Oops, I just scrolled down and saw that Sheila commented here, graciously, I might add. Thanks, Sheila, and my apologies for missing your post.

But they are still funny and Tink's friend, Ed I. Tor, evidently thought they deserved another go-round.

And, no, Jeanette, I wasn't trying to put down folks who watch Mad Men. But I'm advising you not to watch it - or anything else on TV, for that matter, as TV, I am told, rots the brain. ;-|
Now I KNOW progress has come with the times! OMG, I couldn't even have imagined how these ads could have flown. And I suppose there's one thing I now give credit to world war 2 for, pacifist though I am - it put women in the workforce which eventually turned the tide on this nonsense. Ad #1 is a hoot! Which reminds me of the joke about how men are like floor tiles - lay them well and you can walk on them for life. Must have been the response to that ad. I wonder if that's still true these days?
fascinating compilation. Congrats on the EP!
I wish smoking was still the healthy thing to do. ;-)
Thoazine is the one that gets me: for control of senile agitation. Yet it did so much harm to so many. Thanks for the interesting/funny compilation.
The Blatz was for the mother, to help her breast feed. Beer used to be widely prescribed for nursing mothers, and a special brew, called milk stout, was formulated especially for the purpose. It had milk sugar added, which yeast doesn't feed on, so the extra residual sugar made it sweeter than regular beers. Presumably that's what was supposed to give Junior the pick up... more breast milk.
As one who quit smoking a little over a year ago, I'd love a Marboro ... full of Thorazine!

Another funny post, Matt! You ARE on a roll! Everybody loves the funny papers! Beats the hell out of writing, don't it?! ;o) {{{R}}}
If I believed in the devil I would think he might have infiltrated advertising. Congrats on the EP!
Ah! And 4 out of 5 MDs enjoyed Camel blunts!
It's a cute collection of ads, all right, although I can't help but be just a wee bit skeptical if they're all the real deal (for example, the necktie ad with the guy getting served breakfast in bed, and the "postage meter"). Just sayin'.
Great deals on Thorazine via mail order... probably.

Great collection. It is good to remember past absurdities. Makes you wonder which of current ads will make it on the list for the next generation.

Now I think I'll go have a Coke and a smile... R
Seriously bad, so bad they are funny. We have indeed come along way.
I don't think many of the women here would have fit well in those times :)
you´re just rediculously "macho"..
Stay under cover !! Terrorists on the way....
From the GripeVine.... & Donah..//
you´re just rediculously "macho"..
Stay under cover !! Terrorists on the way....
From the GripeVine.... & Donah..//