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JANUARY 3, 2011 1:51PM

Confession: Here is what my workspace really looks like

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Stuff 2010 062

A bit of a voyeur, I loved looking at everybody's special places for writing and it was almost like visiting your homes.  Thank you for all the nice compliments about my old desk.  I must confess, though, that I don't work there much. Below you will find some photos of the place where I spend the most time, even now as we speak, and especially reading and commenting on the brilliant posts that I have read by all of you.

Underneath my workbench/desk you can see my shoes piled up.  The note tablet is sticking out of its binder.  I hope you notice my elephant orgy mug/pencil cup by Taylor & Ng from the 1980s, my little rebellion while I worked for the RNC.  Next to it is an empty postage stamp roll keeper, kind of a sad reminder of times before e-mail.  There are my notes about Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous poem, "Kubla Khan," a future OS post. 

 desk stuff 003

 Three books by P. G. Wodehouse are there for style and form influences. 

 desk stuff 002

Every writer should have The Synonym Finder by J. I. Rodale.  It is an amazing thesaurus. 

This space is in my bedroom where my husband is working from his bed on his laptop. 

I was asked about where I do my art and I do it pretty much in the same places.  I work on my dining room table and spread out on the parlor floor to look at things from afar.

Stuff 2010 051 

These pastels for my first-ever gallery show last month at Nandos in Brooklyn, NY were drying from having been sprayed with fixative.  Looks like Little Edie and Scott Fitzgerald are playing the Greek God and barechested Goddess chessboard I have set up to play with my son.  I also painted the portraits there.

Stuff 2010 055 

The display was called "Nine New Yorkers" and featured my favorites.  Here they are laid out on the parlor floor before I sent them off.  I had some sticker shock as far as shipping but participation at the gallery was a Christmas present to myself.

Stuff 2010 058 

Best wishes for the new year.  Keep writing and I will, too. 



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Mary thanks for sharing.
Any space one is most comfortable in is the best space! Thanks for the tip on The Synonym Finder! Is there one for Antonyms?
My "office" is a corner of a "family" room...and it is very messy and hard to work now that I am getting paid to work at home. I am getting used to the Wii and X box but I did get a laptop so that I can escape.
This was wonderful and I felt the warm and love I feel from you in your pictures.
Your artwork is fantastic.
rated with hugs
thanks for the follow-up and showing us the finished portraits. good luck at the nando!
I love the two visions - that of the last post, with the ideal workspace, so to speak, and this with the reality. I think that's a part of creating art - be it verbal, visual, etc - you never know where or when inspiration will strike or where you'll feel most comfortable. I love your paintings and congratulations on the gallery show - and your cat is a real beauty...but then again, I have a bit of a thing for black cats.
Thanks for sharing so generously.♥
So great to see your follow-up and being privledged to also get an art show while we are here! I'm partial to your Lennon piece.
You are one talented person. I love the art and see my man Lennon in his I Love New York shirt. Great picture to remember!
I was in PA listening to Mennonites complain.
The males groan about their menopausal wives.
The women moan male's scent. Limburger cheese.
Men smell like barn cheese. Women have false teeth.
hairy chin.
Men go to bed with a chainsaw. Women sleep with laptop.
Cranky wives snore all night. Horny men slobber on a pillow.

Mary Way.
The way you eat at the dining table is wise. I enjoy coming to your tidy home.
You clean homes?
You wash windows?
Sinks, tubs, and dust?
I love Show & Tell Post.
You dining table is nice.
No spat. Calm and Order.
Amish say`
Lawyers hovels get rowdy.
Men eat herbs in the attic.
Women wail. Pickpockets.
Women (not all) drip-drip.
Some drip like leaky faucet.
Hicks wear batman pajamas.
Lawyers dress like Tinkerbell.
They don't even TIP strippers.
Amish men give wife a plug.
They/them plug roof leak.
People drip-chat as holes
Hole in roof go drip-drip.
Women craw on roofs.
O plug up roof holes.
Men go to barrooms.
Woo tidy-hut maid.
Who clean my hut?
Of all the world care`
I am free. A hermit.
A quiet huts for me!
I favorite`bed alone!
Eat Sip Be Mary! Ah!
No hole in thee roof!
I's tuckered out. conk.
Sleepless night. crank.
O on/on. sweet dreams

I wear red woolen c'mon?
You write more. call cab?
Get guest outta Ya house?

I came home and flopped.
Then I came to read. Haw!
I smell like moo cow. Bah.
I love pictures sharing space with writing. Going to read the first post now.
Thanks for sharing your space with us. -R-
how did your show go? i like the 9 newyawkuz
Now I am jealous. You paint as well as write. I always wanted to paint (at least my son gets to.)
look forward to you resurrecting poor ol coleridge.
quite a philosopher , he,
though he had his...questionable habits, ha!.....

i eagerly await your bringing us back to the turn of the 19th
century, when imagination was actually revered.