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DECEMBER 20, 2010 6:16PM

To A Mouse

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To A Mouse

(With apology to Robert Burns)

 You sleek cowering little thing; I can see your poor heart beating hard. Go on now; get out of here!  Run away!  Shoo!I don’t want to have to chase you with the vacuum cleaner or to find your stiff and poisoned little body shriveled like an old teabag in this cupboard. 

Why did you come here anyway where you do not belong?

 I didn’t mean to startle you, but you gave me a fright!

It’s true this house has been empty

But it is not yours to claim

I must have it cleaned out

and ready to sell soon.  We need the money.


Look at this mess!  It’s a sin to waste food.

The unwanted macaroni and cornmeal that were left behind

Are now spilled and mingle with the scat

I’ll don my rubber gloves and

Throw everything away.

Poor thing, this mess must have been a feast for you.


And what a cozy little house this pantry would have made.

I can see the hole where you nibbled your way in.

You are going to have to find somewhere else to live

Because here are some blue pellets to eat

And you would be so much better off

If only you would scamper into the neighboring and browning field.


Yes, I agree that field looks pretty inhospitable this time of year.

Winter is coming and you thought you would be cozy

and the out of cold howling wind.

Anyway, that’s what you had planned

Until I came here with my poisons and cyclone vacuum machine

And you were cast out.


Too bad you didn’t make a nest out of the green leaves outside last summer.

You must have worked hard on this veritable feast.

Nearly every box of cereal and bag of rice has been spoiled.

And now you have nothing for all your trouble.

No house and no food

To sustain you through winter’s sleet and dreary white frosts.


But don’t worry; you are not alone in having your world turned upside down.

You can be a mouse or a woman and things just never turn out as we plan.

Oh, we have our expectations

But often our schemes go haywire and

What we wished for is nothing but dissipation

When we were so hopeful.


But you, little mouse, are luckier than me

Because your instincts do not include a past nor a future

I look back and see what I have come from

and it’s not much.

I look into the future and hope the prospects for selling this property

Are not dreary.



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ahhh sigh.. I feel sorry for the little guy but I understand..
Now if he was a cook like Ratoutille think of the grand meals you would have.
rated with hugs
Nothing gives me the heebie-jeebies like mice & rats. Hope your house sells quickly.
I like the poem but can't get behind poisoning a mouse! We've found two of them in our apartment (both trapped by the cat) and my boyfriend puts on extra-thick gloves and we release them outside, far from our house. I know they might potentially carry diseases, but there are humane traps that would allow you not to come into contact with the poor little things. I do think they have an instinct and memories of the past and the future. If you don't mind cats, they usually make for a great mouse- and rat- deterrent; since our cat's become established here, we haven't had a mouse in sight our sound. Good luck on selling the house, and bravo for a very nice poem - and I love the teabag description.
I found out recently that a large majority of people are terrified of mice. Living on 2 acres, mice are a fact of our lives. We are fortunate to have a wild cat that has been living on our property for several years (I've tried to approach her/him but no way will she/he let that happen). I love your poem and it expresses so many of my sentiments.
I love your monologue with the little mouse through poetry. It's just lovely. In spite of the harsh reality, there's still much affection and kindness in the speaker's voice.
Relocate that mouse's ass!
Nothing is accidental in this world,
the reason he showed up in your domain......
and if the Buddhists are right, it could be someone you knew , once,
Mice are not very discriminating in their tastes. If they can find their way in...they will. Good look with the house sale. R.
The only consolation is that the mouse won't serve you with papers and ask you for half of what you have earned. I had mice that ate their way through our heating room in France and many cats who spent their entire day waiting for their return..... rated
Fusun said it best. Lots to be enjoyed here... if one is not a mouse.
Linda--It would be nice for someone else to cook and the little beastie did live in the kitchen after all like so many foodies do.

lschmoopie--I was really the one cowering and timorous. The mouse literally stared me down!

Alysa--I am going to the feed store to buy some of those humane traps this morning and will take my cat for company so he can deter the mice with his scent as you suggested. I cleaned up the blue pellets already and they were still there uneaten. *hug*

Mary--I was literally on the chair screaming when I first encountered the creature. He just stared at me. I am sure it would have been quite comical to anyone who had witnessed this encounter.

FusunA--Thanks for noticing that I cared for the little guy and he did get away afterall.

Mr. Sunshine--My daughter suggested to me that the mouse was a sentient being who knew everything about me but I don't think he knows me THAT well!

Rita--Thanks for the good wishes. I need that thing to sell quickly but you know they say it is a buyer's market. I just want out from under it.

O'Really--He was easier to get rid of than my ex-husband!

Fernsy--Yes, ma'am. Thanks for commenting.