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FEBRUARY 24, 2010 8:08AM

"American Idol Season 9 Recap": The Top Twelve Girls

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 American Idol Top 12 Girls

"American Idol" went live, got down to business and so did the Top Twelve Girls, the better half of the 24 contestants.  Or so I had hoped.  Last year’s competition was dominated by males and I was ready for some balance.

During the auditions, with the exception of the likes of Andrew Garcia and Casey James, the women emerged as shining stars. The buzz around town was what a talented group of singers there were for Simon's last season.  Unique, distinctive, quirky, sultry, talented way beyond their years were all good descriptors of the female singers. 

Oh how quickly the mighty have fallen. The performances, in a nutshell, were bland, lifeless, and safe.  Many of the women forgot that their specialty was themselves.  Many played it safe by trying to imitate the likes of Mariah Carey and Melissa Etheridge, and like many of the Olympic figure skaters, many fell flat on their faces.  

And the judges…what a dull lackluster bunch with the exception of Simon who sensed the malaise and stepped up bringing a small bit of oxygen to the show by way of his brutal honesty and constructive feedback .  Did I just have the winter blah’s? Was it me or did the whole show seem like a scene out of Pleasantville..the black and white part of Pleasantville?

Ellen came out with a new haircut.  Not to be critical, but did someone remind the hairdresser that Ellen has ears and didn’t necessarily want to look like Gomer Pyle as a milkman?  Or, with that white white suit, a televangelist?  Just asking.  And Ellen seemed nervous.  She seemed nervous as she was stuttering and stumbling to tell some of the contestants they were nervous.  Ellen gave me a twitch.

Back to the newly engaged Simon Cowell, who reminded us why he will be so deeply missed. Simon, a confirmed bachelor forever, may have ben cranky about his recent vow to tie the knot and his edginess was showing.  The $350,000 he plunked down for that little promise ring might not have helped his mood either.  Bottom line, his loss, our gain.  Simon is always at his best when cranky.

Kara was Kara with her predictable bobble head motion and Randy was on auto-pilot.

The seating arrangement was stiff and stilted.  Why didn’t they put Ellen next to Simon?  Let’s get some kind of rivalry going on there, some drama, some controversy…ANYTHING. 

It was as if the producers read my mind and suddenly there was a ridiculous video implying sexual harassment on Simon’s part towards Ellen and that was why they were seated so far apart. I wasn't buying their feeble explanation.  Something was up with that space between Ellen and Simon and I intend to get to the bottom of it.  Could it be that Simon has a larger clothing allowance than Ellen?  It's been reported that Ellen is not happy with her clothing allowance and wants a bigger one.  Seems that the $150,000 allotted to her during the season ain't cutting it for her.  Hey, Ellen is no Victoria Beckham when it comes to fashion so do we have a potential Diva on our hands?  Nicey nice Ellen may turn out to be Cruella Deville.  Time will tell, oh yes it will.

As for the actual competition, out of gazillions and billions and katrillions of potential contestants, here were your Top 12 Girls:

 Paige Miles

Paige Miles:  Paige was trying to be a hard rocker wearing a baby doll dress.  This was not a good look, especially for the dress.  I found her voice screechy and the song just didn’t suit her.  Simon agreed although he was much kinder than I.  He reassured her he felt she was the most talented of the group.  Kara disagreed and thought Paige’s song choice was “brilliant”!  Kara had suddenly developed a Jersey accent and sounded like she was straight from the Jersey Shore.  I swear I saw a photo of her and the Situation walking down the beach.  Back to Paige…the main thing you should know about Paige is that she had to go to the bathroom really really badly.  After her song, she exclaimed, “I’ve had to pee for the past 5 hours!”  I hope they found that woman a bathroom!

 Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez:  A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice.  Maybe.  I thought she had a great voice but listening to that Happy Happy Happy Happy song made me depressed.

The judges continued to be serious and reserved.  The audience was eerily quiet.  There was a backdrop that separated the judges from the audience and this made the show feel canned.  Simon looked terminal and warned Ashley she could be history.

 Janelle Wheeler

Janell Wheeler:  Something about Janelle reminded me of a Miss American beauty pageant.  Wheeler, with her big white teeth said that she wanted to "show America that this is where I’m supposed to be.”  Does Wheeler really think America cares?  Does she think we all put it on our “to do” list to find out where she is supposed to be?  I was suddenly praying for world peace.

Wheeler’s voice was way off key and made Randy’s concept of pitchy look pitch perfect.  I was afraid that the blue tunic top (a direct copycat of Kara’s top) and her never-ending legs weren’t going to save her.   All Randy could say was “Yo, yo, and yo.”

 Lilly Scott

Lilly Scott:  Lilly, from Denver, was striking with her straight and silver metallica hair.  A video showed scenes of her life in Denver which included showing her living out of her car and playing her music on the street.  My first thought was:  Where were Mom and Dad?  Well, Mom and Dad were in the audience and I think they needed to give Lilly a talking to.  Not the safest thing in the world for a young woman to be living on the streets. 

But fortunately for Lilly, she was in Hollywood and not frigid Denver and did a great job singing.  She had a distinctive and unique voice, sound and presence.  Ellen finally said something somewhat substantial, “Now, that’s what we’re talking about; we’re talking about that kind of thing.”  Ellen needed to consult with a thesaurus.

Katelyn Epperly

Katelyn Epperly:  Katelyn had a makeover and ended up with wild blonde hair and maybe just a tad touched in the head.  “When I’m in my basement with my piano, I want it so bad!”  What does she want so bad?  The piano?  Was this some new kind of fetish? 

I didn’t like her song but Simon actually found something positive to say, “There were elements where you were beginning to scream the song and it was really messy, but I rather like you.  You’re quirky and brave.”  There's that quirky word again! Hey, I didn’t care for her song, but what the heck did I know?  Probably about as much as Ellen did.

And not to be a broken record, but I honestly had no idea, despite my American Idol fanaticism that has persisted for years, how much Paula Abdul brought to the show.  The show is almost night and day without Paula’s antics and Paulisms' running amok.  You could always count on Paula to come up with some clever nonsensical comment that came out in one long slur.

 Haeley Vaughn

Haeley Vaughn:  Haeley was the 16-year-old from Colorado who wants to be a pop country star.  Following logic, Haeley sang a Beatles song while she played the guitar.  I’m a sucker for all things Beatles, so I really liked the way she sang the song.  But I was also confused.  She was all over the map.  Was she trying to be country, pop, eclectic or what?  What? 

Simon had the answer:  “If I’m going to be honest with you Haeley, it was verging on terrible.  A complete and utter mess”. The show had gone stale and I was relieved to see that Simon was still breathing, while Randy and Ellen had gone comatose.

 Lacey Brown

Lacey Brown:  Lacey was this year’s second hand rose and she had the hair to prove it. She sang Fleetwood Mac’s "Landslide" which ended up souding more like an avalanche.  Simon thought she was boring and then Lacy argued with Simon on why she wasn't boring.  I don’t know what she said because I fell asleep.

 Michelle Delamor

Michelle Delamor:  Michelele became my favorite with her performance.  She had a mature, sultry and sensual voice. However, Michelle had been a commercial singer and was a bit over-polished.  Simon was lamenting that she had no WOW factor.

 Didi Benami

Didi Benami:  I loved her voice.  It was very different and unique and QUIRKY.  Simon, apparently the only judge who felt compelled to give any kind of real feedback, said that she was indulgent and he was missing a spark.  Maybe his eyes got a little burned from looking at that $350,000 diamond rock he had recently purchased.

 Siobhan Magnus

Siobhan Magnus:  Simon thought she might be the dark horse of the competition and Siobhan pulled a Jessica Simpson and didn’t know what being a dark horse meant.   

Siobhan sang one of my favorite songs by Chris Isaak, "Wicked Games".  I was of the firm belief that no one should do Chris Isaak but Chris Isaak.  Her dress look like a French can can dress and the pink flower in her hair, I hated it.  When she hit her high notes, my dog started howling. 

Kara loved her quirkiness (there’s that damn quirky word again) and Ellen loved it. Simon saved the moment by telling Siobhan, “You really are a funny little thing aren’t you?  I liked the song.  You might just be a dark person blowing on glass all day.”  Huh? I’m not touching that one.

 Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox:  Crystal seemed to be a reluctant American Idol contestant.  She was adamant when she said that the only reason she tried out for American Idol was for her son.  She’s a single mom who needs a bigger paycheck.  Crystal is one talented woman whether she likes it or not.   She sang, played the guitar and the harmonica.  With her Rastafarian hair locks, Crystal looked like she was from Berkely, not Toledo, Ohio.

Randy said Crystal was one of his favorites for the night.  He thought she had originality reminiscent of Melissa Ethridge, Springsteen and Dylan.  Talk about a triple combination.

Simon continued on his quest for being a truth teller.  “Yes, your story is good, we all love your little baby, we like your story AND there are thouands of singers like you doing songs like this outside of subway stations".  Ouch!

 Katie Stevens

Katie Stevens: Katie looked like the virginal and sweet 17-year old she showed us during the auditions.  And YES, for the last time, I remember her grandmother cannot remember anything.  I get it.

Oh, but the song.  Did these contestants not watch previous seasons?  Had they not heard the judges say over and over and over again not to take a song by a megastar and try to imitate them instead of making it their own?  Katie sang a song that was, quite frankly, too old even for me!  And again, what’s with the baby doll dress with the slow sexy mature voice?  It was just all wrong.  Katie should hang out with the likes of Avril Lavinge and Katy Perry and learn how to be young and have some fun.  Katie’s been spending way too much time with Grannie.

So, what thinks you?  Was it me?  Was I the one having the off night or was it really an off night for the contestants?  I was underwhelmed and expect much better performances in the future.

Did you vote?  I gave you the numbers so you had no excuses.  As for me, I didn’t vote.  No one jumed out at me enough to motivate me to go grab my phone and push the buttons to actually vote.  

American Idol, Season 9 needs some CPR ASAP. 

My prediction on who will be voted off Thursday night:  Lacey Brown and Ashley Rodriguez.

Bring on the boys and let’s hope they bring it on.  If things go as stale as the girls' performances did, maybe Kara will be able to persuade Casey James to take off his shirt again. And maybe someone will give Ellen some Xanax so she can relax a little. And maybe someone can give me a lobotomy.  At the rate this show is going, it's gonna be a very very long season.  


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Thanks once again Mary for watching since we can't get this up here in Olympicland. Sounds like I was better off with the women's figure skating, and even women's bobsledding. And tonight it's Canada vs Russia hockey, so I wouldn't be able to watch men anyway. In Canada you get arrested for missing that game.

It's hard, hard work watching the Olympics. But it's like Idol with snow and injuries, so it's worth it.
I keep trying to give this a thumbs up, but it's rejecting me. Weird. But rated.
BRAVO! Great job as usual! Hey, about Katelyn, forget about the voice. I want to know how to get a hair job like hers!
Great recap, Marykelly. I don't know why but I thought everyone was great and was baffled by the tough comments. The only one I thought wasn't great was the first one and she got the compliments. Ellen isn't adding anything to justify more wardrobe money!
I didn't watch last night because of Lost. Sounds like I didn't miss anything. I do agree about Paula though - or maybe it's just the addition of Kara, I don't know. It seems like they're all a little bored and the dynamic isn't a good fit. Anyway, thanks for this.
oh, thank you thank you.. I missed it!! Ellen gave you a twitch, hahaha.
My husband and I nickname the contestants based on personal traits that are usually unfortunate but sometimes in praise. I only saw a couple of them working for their nicknames last night, which is not a good sign on the charisma front.

But here they are so far:

#12 little jon benet
(this one is mean, but really...)

#11 dread
(natural, I didn't do that to her hair)

#08 Al-eeeeeeeeshaaaa!
(said in the Oprah holler, you know what I mean)

#7 Heat miser
(again, I didn't do thta to her hair)

#5 Hippy Frizz-ease
(like I said before....but to have a two part name is an honor)

#4 Moorlock Jewel
( a lot of them are hair related, but there isn't much to go by yet)

#2 Also ran, Not carrie Underwood

I am cruel, but life is cruel on Idol!
random but I love your banner
I think now I am purposely missing the show just so I can read your wrap-ups. You are very entertaining, moreso than Idol I suspect!
This post is a lot of work, embedding all of those clips. I watched last night and I didn't think that ANY of the women were great. None of them seemed like recording artists to me. Great post!
I watched 6 minutes of it. That equals the entire amount of time I have spent watching all of the reality shows combined in my life. They had a very pretty blond gal singing an unmemorable song. Had she sung I'll Never Walk Alone or God Bless America or something inspiring with soul, she would have been a hit. Who the Hell advises these kids on what to sing?
That mysterious glass-blowing remark of Simon's - just before (you must have had to pee like Paige and missed it) there was a clip of Siobhan at her day job - blowing glass! As in making test tubes, of something - not being naughty with philip, or something. He was saying (I'm plonking now, I know) that being in that little room blowing glass all day might have made her 'dark'.

Good write-up of a boring evening. But let's face it, without Lambert, this season has got to be boring - he was the, um, climax of Idol and everything is bleh from now on.

I KNOW - BRING LAMBERT ON TO REPLACE SIMON! (And he could demonstrate how to sink one's teeth into the neck of those songs and toss them around the stage...)
To say it sucked would be complimentary.
nobody pays any attention to the backup band, but how spirited they play the arrangement and whether the performer and audience can hear them or not can make or break a singer
I have my own review, They were far to hard on the last singer Katie Stevens. She is a great singer just the song and the dress were wrong. She was better in prior rounds. Hailey Von, Lacey Brown, and Lilly Scott should be nervous about last night's show come Thursday. Love your blog though, added you as one of my faves so I don't miss any other A.I. blogs of yours.
Even though I don't watch the show, I enjoy your recaps! (OK, sometimes I peek at it for 5 or 10 min but then something cringeworthy happens and I have to surf away)
#10 2-bit

really not fair at all, but she does blow for a living and they keep mentioning it. If the stop mentioning it, I will rename her. Also, it could be looked at as an unintended compliment, as 25 cent would be a diminutive of 50 cent, who is a powerful artist.

The dark was in reference to her selection of an eerie kind of emotionally dark song, and the glassblower was because of the glass blowing. They don't work in glory holes for nothing!

I have been gone, but I wrote a story over in my blog. I would be interested in a mental health care kind of breakdown of it, if you have time.
I watched some of it because Katie Stevens looks like someone I dated in High School.

I am with you about last night's performances. I didn't see a single spark. And my ex-gf lookalike was downright creepy, with her teen queen looks and deep dark voice. It was too weird for words. Your recaps seem to be popular, Mary, and I find them more enjoyable than actually watching the show, but honestly, I don't know how anyone could watch this inanity night after night.
Great recap. I, unfortunately, watched it all the way through, just itching to get back to the winter olympics, hoping against hope for something wonderful.

I was disappointed.
Crystal needs porcelain veneers or serious teeth whitening! Glad you got a photo with her mouth closed!

Lotta talent here, this season. Thanks for sparing me from watching this, Mare! Was out partying it up for a girl friend's birthday last night!
So, if I've got it straight, they all suck except for the one who blows.
I'm rooting for Crystal and Siobhan.
I'm watching tonight for only 1 reason: I want to find out whether or not this year there are any voices other than tenor and higher in the males. What ever happened to baritones or basses?
I still can't bring myself to watch the show but I love your recaps! From what you're saying, I'm not missing much.
My daughter makes me watch this drek. And, I agree with much of your assessment. Ellen looks like Sonic the Hedgehog with big buggy eyes and a rather, uh, unflattering do. And how does she appeal to the same target market as that walking STD petri dish Paula?

There were a few odd looking outfits. Siobhan looked like she was in a housecoat from the dreary movie Revolutionary Road. And, sorry, but the nose ring and tattoo are just too damned distracting. Dred girl looked like she belonged in the urine soaked foyer of a subway staircase.

I did like the pipe legged jeans Michelle Delamor had on and also enjoyed that teary girl-next-door thing that Didi had going, although the macrame dress thing looked like it was itching to get torn off so she could roll around naked in the mud in a field in Woodstock on a couple tabs of acid.

As my 21 year-old son commented as I evaluated the various contestants ... "It's American IDOL, dad, NOT American Singer."

If only I were half my age, or they were twice theirs... all men have shattered dreams.
Thanks for the recap. Lots of fun. I was glad I taped it and fast forwarded through the whole show in less than an hour. NO ONE lit my fire, but I do like Crystal, Siobhan, and Lilly. Waitin' for the boys. We shall see. Oh, and BTW, agreed on the judges' panel. And Ellen's hair.
Last night, even my kids picked the Olympics over Idol after the first two girls I wouldn't have a clue what happened if it weren't for you, Mary. Thanks for suffering through for those of us who couldn't.

PS - The minute Alice saw Ellen she turned to me and said "Where did she get those big ears?" if they had just magically appeared!
Juliet: Well I got lucky and got to watch both. What a touching performance by Joannie Rochette. Beautiful and had me in tears. I'll be rooting for your Canada in the hockey game tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if you were serious about the arrest thing. Thanks so much for being a loyal fan here.

Joan: Thanks Joan! I think Katelyn's hair job comes in a bottle for $5.99 at Walmart. Have at it!

fernsy: Well, I think you are a very positive person and saw some things I sure didn't. I'll be even more alert next week! Thanks for reading.

Julie T: Where was your Bachelor recap? I loved Fernsy's and I've loved yours too...can't wait for the finale (how sick is that?). Yes, the judges seem bored, Ellen seems like a fish out of water, and Randy and Kara are just doing the same old same old.

Amanda: Well thank you for reading and adding me as a favorite. I look forward to "enjoying" AI with you this season.

ePriddy: You and your husband are so funny and deliciously catty. Loved the names, and hey, if the shoe fits...Hope you come back with the names for the guys. Thanks for a great comment that could be a great AI post.

Amanda: Hey, thanks...I'll PM you the name of the artist. There's a big story behind that painting.

Owl: Exactly!

Buffy W: Hey, how's your hand? I think you are doing yourself a service, at least by not watching AI, but I'm hopeful. I'm looking forward to tonight (the eternal optimist).

Kyle: Oh, I really like Haeley...I hope that doesn't happen so soon but you're not the only one that thinks this.

Roger: You and I are on the same page! Thanks for acknowledging the work for these recaps. Anyone who has done a recap knows this. Seriously, I need to have my head examined. Ha!

Prof: Hey, a breakthrough! You watched 6 minutes. That's awesome! And your question is totally legitimate. The song choices for me were the biggest problems, not the singers themselves. They are getting some very bad advice!

WalkAwayHappy: I agree..and they had the best song choices that suited their voices very well. Yeah, hate to be catty myself but Ellen's just wasn't working...but neither was Kara's eternal bobble head.

Myriad: I confess to seeing that segment and I knew that she was a glass-blower...the material was a little too fun to pass up. And, oh no, you mentioned ADAM LAMBERT, my favorite Idol ever and now I'm depressed and completely and totally agree with you...this season is screwed without him. I'm hoping Adam will be way too busy and important doing concerts and making CD's to fiddle with a job as an AI judge. Great comment!

New Buddha: Thanks...I really enjoyed reading your comment and hearing about the battle of the bands back in the day. You're is so subjective. How cool that you have a bit of a connection to Katelyn Epperly. I read your other comment...I went to youtube and re-watched her, so let me be a little more clear. Like Simon, I love her voice, her uniqueness and her presence. I hated that song for her...made her feel old and that's what I had a problem with. I hope she sticks around for awhile. Tell me how you really feel!

LuluandPhoebe: I'm so glad that it wasn't me stuck in some kind of winter blah's and most everyone else was bored as well. I agree with you about Crystal and Lilly, but for some reason, I just loved Haeley last night...maybe it's a Colorado connection thing.

Maria: Thank you!!

noah: You are making an excellent, and as you said, often overlooked point. Do you remember the singer last night who had Michael Jackson's back up singers? Was it the Chris Isaak song maybe? They were just luscious.

Greatfulheart: Love your name. And thanks for adding me as a favorite...I also look forward to watching AI with you during the season. It gets more fun as the season gets on. I agree about Katie. They were very hard on her, but gosh darn it all, stop already with the song that is way too old for you! Katie is a beautiful 17 year old and I'd love to see her singing more contemporary songs. I think she is one of the more talented singers in the group.

Silkstone: You can actually watch for 5 or 10 minutes before you cringe? You've got some tolerance woman. It takes me about 20 seconds. Thanks for reading.

epriddy: Another great name, all in the name of fun really. You are an expert on the glass blowing angle and I will definitely check out your story...I'm a little sleep deprived at the moment but will look at it with fresh eyes in the morning.

jimmymac: Hey, you had a darling girlfriend in high school. And really, last night was an anomaly for poor Katie. She's been spectacular in her auditions and I'm hoping this was just a blip. As for the inanity, call me a sucker, an addict, a masochist. I absolutely love this singing competition and am still very hopeful. Thanks for reading!

ConnieMack: It was disappointing wasn't it! I had the good fortune of being able to watch the Olympics after AI, but it didn't leave much for sleep! Thanks so much for reading and commiserating.

JC: I think Crystal was coached to keep her mouth closed as soon as possible. I would think getting porcelain veneers at this point in the competition would definitely affect her voice! Yeah, I know you were parting it up, as usual! I'm so lucky to have such a wild carefree sister like you as a role model.

Myriad: OK, first you were educating me. Now you're just plain cracking me up. Good one!

Nick: I can understand why.

Walter: Well, it's starting right now so let's see if there's some good baritone or basses!

Karin: Hey, I'll let you know when it's time to start watching...I'm hoping it's sooner than later.

Gwool: I LOVE your daughter...she's one smart young woman. Sounds like your son is pretty smart as well. Based on your very thorough and complete analysis of the show...what a witty and entertaining thinkest thou dost protest too much. I'm thinking you are way loving American Idol and poor daughter is being used as an excuse :)

Deborah: Taping and fast forwarding is the definite way to go if you can. Crystal, Siobhan and Lilly keep getting mentioned. And now the you say, we shall see. Thanks so much for the comment.

mamoore: Wow, your kids are really smart. Ah, thanks for trusting me with these recaps...and I'm trying to refrain from a self-deprecating comment. Thank you!
dang - I keep missing it on Tuesday ... but I'm watching the guys now ... meh ... I keep waiting for something to blow me away ... eeek ...
Watching it right now. Tim Urban...more on him later. But you're right...eeek says it all.
Mary! Just watching this right now. Been traveling. About half way through and I want to kill myself. What is wrong with this show right now? Am I missing something? The judges look depressed, the contestants seems uninspired. I feel like AI needs Mary T Kelly - therapist. Is this some weird Simon/Ellen tension bleeding into the whole show? I miss Paula.

Sorry if this is repeating what you said or any comments, but haven't had a chance to read either yet. Will be doing so during the commercials.
Me again. What is wrong with Ellen? Has she lost all of her personality?

I started to read your re-cap and we seem to be in agreement. I've recorded the boys and are going to be watching them after this. Hope it's better.
I LOVE Crystal Bowersox. She is intriguing. She has that "what is she going to do next" quality about her. And the fact that she doesn't seem to buy into the whole American Idol packaging only makes her more appealing. Do you notice how all of the judges are asking the contestants not to buy into that packaging as well? Ironic, don't ya think?
New Buddha: Hey, I take my commenters comments seriously. I did make a mistake with you, though. I tried to find it on youtube and yes, it had been pulled. is a great site that always has the videos on each performer for future shows. Yeah, another closet fan! Yes, you are one...come contribute a lot.

Knightwriter: There you are! I was quite sure you must be traveling or something and happy to see you now. I still think we were separated at birth. Your observations and comments before you read this post were so much like mine and others! I think Ellen was incredibly annoyed with her new haircut and just couldn't be herself. She was oddly nervous. And like you, I'm suspecting there is some kind of potentially diva conflict between Simon and Ellen. I'm keeping a close eye.

And yes, Crystal. She is her own woman isn't she and so talented. I love how she keeps saying the only reason she is on AI is for practical reasons...providing for her son. Definitely someone who has not been overcoached. Watching the guys now...
Yep, agreed. So far the men tonight are not much better. God, I hope things improve.
Missed last night beacuase I was out celebrating my BDay! i taped it, but thanks to you Mary and also the fact that I'm watching the guys right now and don't want to watch another couple of hours of bad singing, I skip the ladies. Maybe we just need to give them all another couple of weeks. So far, not so good.
Crystal and Lilly all the way. Lilly's take on "Fixing a Hole" was great...a really quirky Beatles song, just perfect for her jazz-soul voice. She has real chops. This song has odd chord changes and interesting tempos. Some of these people don't seem to have a real take on the song other than mimicking, Lilly has real ability.

But for me, Crystal can do no wrong. FUCK the haters about her teeth, we are all assholes about teeth in the U.S. That is SO easily fixed. She is gorgeous (look at her FACE...and complexion). That she doesn't dress "sassy" or "sexy" like a teen queen says a lot about her integrity to me. I really want to hear what she does next!
I love Lilly...her take on the Beatles' "Fixing a Hole" was very cool. It suited her voice and had some real tough key changes in it. Some of these kids go too easy with the vocals. A deceptively simple song, and one that more casual Beatle fans might not even know. I loved this performance.

Crystal can do no wrong by me, but I think she needs to pull out the stops and really add some passion to her performances. I am really sick of the haters going on about her teeth...Christ we are idiots in the U.S. about that. Two hours in the dentist chair with a laser and she'll meet the demand for fake white that we have here in America. She is so talented...and very pretty. I like that she doesn't dress "sassy" like a teen queen. She's a woman! I look forward to seeing more of her! Hell...I'd buy her album right now, and the only Idol album I've ever bought was Daughtry's first. She's great.