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MAY 21, 2009 10:28AM


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(Not only was America was Kris) 

I should have done Survivor recaps.  I love Survivor.   I loved JT.  JT, the other kid from a state that begins with A, who actually won a competition he completely and thoroughly deserved.

still shocked 

(Still shocked)

Don’t worry.  That’s about the only thing I’m going to imply about last nights results where 100 MILLION VOTES were cast and Kris Allen became this year’s American Idol.

 really shocked

(Really really shocked) 

One of my first thoughts (after I had to be given CPR at the Results Show to revive me…poor m.a.h.) was that I was genuinely happy for fabflamingo and Aunt Shelle, two ardent supporters of Kris Allen. 

I was also happy for the millions of tweens who have more time on their hands than God and their cell phones have become a sixth digit who patiently and persistently texted or called the American Idol phone lines for 4 hours straight the night before.

I was also happy for the Christian contingent who were devastated by their Danny boy being sent home the week before and shifted their focus to Kris, because God forbid anyone ungodly get their vote, and we all know, no guy who wears “guy liner” can be godly.

I was also happy for Miss California who surely must be taking some credit for this win, a moral victory of sorts, and there are some who did not vote for Adam simply because they feared he might be "gay" and are now heaving huge sighs of relief that America is not yet so depraved it crowns and endorses a champion that may be swinging for the wrong team.

gay adam 

(Could this have been a turn off to voters?) 

So, do you want to know what it was like to actually BE THERE?

petite Madeline 

(Let's just say, m.a.h. is very petite and I'm well...not)

First things first, meeting beautiful petite m.a.h. was the HIGHLIGHT of my day.  m.a.h.  who so graciously prodded her darling husband who has some damn good connections to get us not only 2 seats to the show, but AMAZING seats to the show.  Did you see us?  We were there, 9 seats from the stage and surrounded by celebrities and former American Idol contestants.

m.a.h. and Mary 

It was an extravaganza of a show.  A lineup that never ceased to amaze:  David Cook, Santana, Queen Latifah, Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, Steve Martin, KISS, Queen, Cyndi Lauper, Rod Stewart, Lionel Richie, and Keith Urban.  The show was fast paced and the 2 hours flew by.

There were some painful moments: Notably BIKINI GIRL with the constant snarl on her face got put in her place by Kara who redeemed herself last night with her great voice and her guts and own bikini to show BG what a real woman is. 

Speaking of painful moments, I was engaging in a spirited conversation with a friend of m.a.h.’s about Kara and her horrible turd of a song and what we didn’t like about her, when a pretty woman sitting in front of us turned around and said, “Please stop talking about Kara like that.  She’s my cousin.”

OUCH!  We both did flip flops that would have made John Kerry proud and immediately started singing Kara’s praises.  The woman seemed to buy it and the lights gratefully went down to hide my red and mortified face.  My mother always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.”  When will I ever learn?

m.a.h. and I had a wonderful time and within minutes of meeting each other, felt like long lost friends.  If you can say anything about OS, say this:  It is one amazing community.

As for Adam and Kris, you know those darn liberal Californians (never mind that they took away the rights for gays to marry, a minor detail), this crowd was all about Adam, the Adam who knocked the socks off of all of us with his voice and performance with KISS.


Adam from my cell 

(I snuck this one picture of Adam cameras were allowed) 

Finally the moment had arrived to announce the winner.  The evening had been so spectacular, so fantastic, so obvious to everyone who was there who was going to win American Idol because, and please trust me because you probably weren’t there, it was SO apparent who had the best voice, the best stage presence and the most charisma.

So I can only tell you that when Ryan announced Kris Allen as the new American Idol,  the theater that was packed with thousands of people was stunned.  I haven’t seen the replay, but the producers surely must have had to resort to some kind of canned response to make it sound like there were people in the audience that were actually happy with this.

And don’t get me wrong.  Of course there were some Kris Allen fans, but they seemed small in number.  The rest of us stood there, jaws dropped to the ground, faces in disbelief as we looked at one another, shaking our heads in bewilderment.

It was just SO WRONG.

And let’s be honest here.  No one seemed more shocked than Kris Allen himself. I felt really bad for him because it was so apparent in that large hushed theater that the applause was reserved and restrained.  It was the ultimate of party poopers and Debbie Downers.  A night that had had so much momentum, so many spectacular performances…Ryan’s announcement landed like a thud, like the turd of the song Kara had written that Kris had to sing one more time (this song is the only reason I’m grateful Adam didn’t win).

And as people slowly and quietly left the Nokia theater, still shaking their heads in disbelief, another season of American Idol went down in history, proving once again that the American voter can’t always be trusted.


I’m not as bitter as I surely must sound.  Yes, Adam will get record deals and be famous, blah blah blah.  It’s just the principle I’m stuck on.  The whole, it’s a SINGING competition.  I’m jaded now and the good news for all of you is that you will no longer be subjected to my American Idol recaps…collective sigh of relief for that…and come next January when American Idol starts up again, I’ll be doing something a little more productive with my time on Tuesday nights like playing bingo or watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island. 

Or how about this?  I’ll be spending my time on REAL ISSUES like our wonderful BBE and countless others who remind us on a daily basis of the true suffering and injustices that go on in the world that could surely use our time and attention.

One final thing:  Kris Allen seems to be a peach of a guy and I will give credit where credit is due.  He is one talented kid who has blossomed, matured and developed as a performing artist over the last 6 months.  His rendition of Ain’t No Sunshine was pure perfection.

THANKS M.A.H. and thanks to everyone on OS who’s had as much fun with this as I have.





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I HATE AMERICAN IDOL this morning too!
But we love y'all.... Thanks for sharing with us....
love ya Mare ... love ya to pieces
You are awesome. So glad you and m.a.h went and got such great seats and had such a good time. What an experience., I have enjoyed your recaps and maybe you will do "So you think you can dance?"?
It was a no-brainer that Kris would win. He had a larger range of talent. It was the first time I voted since the show made its debut. I'm not a "Christian." And I'm gay. And, sorry, but who cares about KISS? Time to grow up.
Even though I don't watch the show (too much to do at home) I think it's pretty cool you were there. By the way, how tall are you?
Hey, you forgot to mention that you met and shook hands with Ricky Minor (the very cool "leader of the band"). He spent more time on camera this year than all the contestants combined.

I had a blast, Mary. I hope you don't give up on Idol---it helps pay my mortgage---and we weren't together long enough for me to tell you just how much I hate Survivor---it helps pay the mortgage, too---but, oh I can't go into it here.

Talk to you soon.

P.S. I agree, this is an amazing community---because of people like you.
IT was a letdown - and I agree with your observations, I wonder if Kris was so stunned because of the crowds response (or lack)? Anyways, I look forward to Adams CD - peece, dj
I was shocked. I think that Adam is the best singer that has ever been on that show... in any season. You must have had a blast though.
Someone else mentioned that a newspaper report is stating that of the slightly less than 100 million votes cast, 38 million came from Arkansas...a state with a population of 2 million!

I had read that phone banks were being set up there to flood the voting numbers.

Good for Kris...but as he mentioned, Adam deserved the win.
I take it this means you didn't get the autograph?

P.S. Sorry for your pain, but thanks for the season long joy. Everyone needs a little mindless entertainment to balance the serious stuff and you provided me with a great weekly laugh. Thanks, it was fun...and please rethink next year!
Wow. It sounds like you had an amazing time. And meeting mah! She is so cool as are you.

I actually never watch AI. So, you know, no investment. But if the better singer didn't win, that's not right.
"I hate American Idol"...welcome to the club ;)

Great post Mary!
You NAILED this, Mary! I'm glad you made it to the safe house without any bodily injury. You and m.a.h. are both beautiful and now I *know* I'm right. She is an amuse bouche or a piece of sushi that tiny little thing! Hugs!
Mary, The show was really good. I enjoyed all of the performances and the way more of the contestants were highlighted. The one performance you didn't mention was the two finalists doing "We Are The Champions" with Queen. That was my favorite part of the evening. And, yes, several times in the hour watching it (thank you DVR for saving us from all those commercials!), I said to my husband, "My friend from OS is there!"
Mary, I promise not to gloat! I thought about y'all and watched intently when the cameras were on the audience. I just couldn't imagine how cool it would have been to be there. Santana? Rod? Lionel? Kiss? Steve Martin? The Queen? Queen? OMG! And you got to see them all, live on stage from the ninth row! Boy, was I jealousing all over the place. Yep, every tween (and a few others including myself) in Arkansas was voting for hours on Tuesday night. I am still amazed that Kris won. Happy as hell, but amazed! Read Hillbilly Aunt's post about Arkansas, today. It's pretty wild that the little ole' State of Arkansas is responsible for a third of the votes.

And don't you dare apologize for the AI recaps. They have been a fun distraction and sometimes folks just need a little entertainment. You have entertained us for weeks and I will miss Wed. mornings. Please rest and get ready for the next season. You know you will be watching. You can't fool me!

(Ok, that was just a little gloat!)
Mary, m.a.h., I was looking for you the entire show, and enjoying it so much more because I knew the two of you were there. I'm happy for you.

I have loved your recaps. I also felt sorry for Kris - I believe you could tell that the theatre was shocked and restrained. He's a sweet, talented kid and I hope he has a good career.

Adam will have a great career. He's one of those contestants who is really unofrgettable, and I think he'll be able to ride the wave of injustice. I hope I hope I hope that the vote had more to do with teeny boppers than homophobia. My daughter texted her votes for Adam, but thought Kris was - in her words - adorable.

Thanks for the fun you've given us this season - you and Adam!
Mary, I am sorry your guy didn't win...I know you would have been over the moon. I so enjoyed your "Idol Recaps" this season...and I hope you will be lured out of retirement next year. I am sure Adam will be back to perform on the show if nothing else draws you out!

For my part...I didn't think Kris would win, but as he was my pick, I was happy.

I do have to say that the absolute highlight of the show was Adam singing with KISS. They were my favorite band in junior high (the 70's...remember them?) and I loved that perfomance...he was excellent! (And that comes from someone who thinks he wasn't always as great as his press would have it)

Cheers, and thanks so much for showing us what it was like...up close!
Thanks for this wonderful series, fun and dramatic and personal; and you two are adorable together.
Okay, I will admit my pride was stung a bit when Danny got voted off last week after I had so easily predicted that Alison would get the boot the week before. Danny and Adam seemed destined to meet in the final (where I think Danny would've won). But, somewhere along the way, Danny lost his luster, and the teeny boppers rose up in force and smote Danny. I didn't post leading up to the competition last night, but I did know that Kris would take the crown given that he would soak up most of the Danny voters. Easy math.

I predict Kris will have a mildly amusing first-CD release that sells a few copies, but Adam's career will be much longer and stronger. The better careers, thus far, have largely consisted of runners-up in AI, not the winners themselves. Such will hold true this year, too. Thanks for all the recaps, Mary.
Brilliant coverage Mary. I was thinking about you and I did watch the ENTIRE show and have to say it was very well done with some great artists. Loved the Kiss spot. Both singers wailed. All three of us were shocked and my son was for Kris so I guess secretly I was happy.

It's all irrelevant though because both of these guys will do well. Adam will be a bigger star, for sure. When these finals come down, it's already written that both, or at least the best is going to do the best. Chris Daughtry is a prime example.

That aside they were both extremely humble and likable. I'm sorry you were so disappointed but I think the teen girl vote went to Kris more than the Christian right. I don't think they take the time or spend the money to vote. You have to win the little girls and little boys. They are the textmaster generals.

RATED and kudos for ALL your hard work this season. You made it fun. Hugs
Mary -- I love you darling -- but not all of Kris fans are homophobes or in cahoots with Miss California. Fab and I are about as gay-friendly as it gets . . .we just didn't like Adam's style. Nothing wrong with that, dear.
The American Public has questionable taste? Say it isn't so. Mad Magazine opined the only reason Americans don't own elephants is because they haven't been offered one for a dollar down and a dollar a month.

And PT Barnum said nobody every has gone broke underestimating the stupidity of the american public.

So they didn't vote the best singing voice?

Picture a young presidential campaign staffer all wide eyed at the League of Women Voters' debate. Leaving said staffer hears two women talk about Howard Baker, a close competitor to said staffer's "guy." They say they were disappointed in Baker, perking up said staffer's ears.

They were disappointed in Baker because he was so short.

Said staffer went to a bar, crinkled beer cans, staring at a wall talking to himself for a while.
I wondered how you'd be this morning. I knew the audience there had to be just as shocked.

I meant to say this yesterday - this is exactly what I love about OS. Virtual strangers going beyond for one another. I cannot imagine how thrilled you were. And kudos to your great, new friend m.a.h. - what a gal.

I have to say, I'll miss the reports though.
First of all, the one hundreded million votes is just outrageous. Why can't we get a turn out like that for the presidential election, but then again if all these morons voted this year, we'd be stuck with old McCain and we all know how that would have gone


Although I agree that Adam absolutley, hands down should have won. Its almost better that he didn't because he would be stuck for a full year doing "hurricane" like songs contracted out by AI. All of which are terrible. least this way he can become his own person and not some lame ass that sings songs about determination and f*c^ing hurricanes
i'm glad you're still alive, mare.
I AM as bitter as you sound. If Kris licked his lips one more time, I was going to throw somehting at the new tv. And that would be really bad.

It was a "singing" competition, not "least likely to be gay" competition.

Every year there is some asexual, non-threatening, under-the-radar sleeper contestant that I invariably hate, like Sanjaya. And millions of adolescent girls and conflicted young men vote for them until they stop feeling all weird on the inside and then they see themagain and they start dialing again.

You might be disappointed, Mare, but you Never disappoint us. Great post (even though I don't watch the show, blah, blah, blah), glad you and Maddie got on so well, made me jealous but happy for you. What a sight you make together.... I bet plenty of men got interior whiplash just thinking of all the fantasy permutations and possibilities.
I have to admit to being one of the few people in this country who do not enjoy and/or watch "American Idol". I tried, I really did; but, Ryan Seacrest and the overhyped atmosphere are antithetical to my nature. That said, I have heard (it's hard not to) how talented Adam is and did expect him to win. I'm sure my neighbor Michelle is in deep mourning today.

Your audience experience was fun to read. That, I would have loved to be a part of. m.a.h., does "Top Chef" pay the mortgage? If so, I'd love to be a part of that or "Project Runway".

Thanks for sharing the fun/shock and, of course, the lovely m.a.h.
I looked for you, but alas nothing...I told my husband weeks ago no matter which of these two wins, there really will be no loser in the end. Adam (who we voted for, including my house guests from the UK who were thrilled to get to vote since they see the show on Thur. and Fridays there) will go forth with an amazing career!

Glad you had fun!
From the Midwest - Kris has a larger range of talent?? Seriously? Adam can sing everything from quiet ballads to over the top rock to musical theater. Check out some vids instead of relying on AI. He sang in Wicked, and he sings in cabarets. Google "Adam Lambert Brigadoon" and check out the beauty that is his voice. (I am constantly repeating the Brigadoon thing. It blows me away).

I like Kris, but a "no brainer" and "range" do not apply. That's like saying Jack Johnson can sing anything other than soft folksy rock. Kris did some interesting arrangements, but his range was narrow. Not saying that's bad, necessarily, and he puts his own spin on things, but he struggled when it came to singing disco or rock - he did his quiet thing every time.
I have never watched an episode of American Idol. I don't get it. I don't understand the fascination. I'm not criticizing it. I just don't get it. It presents like a soap opera with interaction for fans. Maybe that's the draw, but I just don't get it. Can someone explain it to me? I'm not trying to be a smartass, I just truly don't get it.
I am bummed.

I didn't see you and m.a.h. but I tried.

Speaking as a gay, I know that Mary was not implying that all who voted for Kris are homophobes. Obviously not. He's as cute as a little dumpling, and he's a talented guy. This is a larger issue about America and our tendency to ultimately cling to the safe and reject the new and different. Clearly, this was the contrast last night. Our collective narrative is protected - the apple pie sits cooling on the kitchen ledge, the vanilla ice cream is chilled and the crip American flag waves proudly in the mid-western breeze, untouched by black fingernail-polished hands.

But as we say in gay, spicy world - this is a marathon, not a sprint. And a big old homo almost made it to the promised land. It's only a matter of time before one of us is re-decorating the oval office in velvet and lavender, so look alert Jesus.
1. Am I the only one who thought that the coolest performance was Allison and Cindy Lauper?
2. Did it seem to anybody but me that while the song with KISS was really rockin' that it seemed a bit like a bunch of old guys dressed up in make-up doing a parody of a rock group?
3. While I wasn't outraged or anything other than surprised at the outcome was I the only person whose reaction was actually closer to George Carlin's "Well isn't that interesting"?
4. Am I also the only person this morning whose thoughts have been going round in circles that maybe this would be a good way for political parties to select their Presidential nominees? Visualize a Republican judging panel of Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Condee Rice with Billy Mays being the onstage interlocutar--America votes and each week one contender is eliminated until the final 2 who bitch slap one another into oblivion followed by a final phone in/text vote. Just a goofy thought.
5. And did you notice during the group performances that there is a huge, huge gap in terms of talent between the final 2/final 4 and the rest of the competitors.
Just some idle Idol thoughts this morning.
Don't retire just yet Mary, otherwise you'll wind up like Brett Favre when you get the urge to write about American Idol again come next January.

I loved Kara's performance last night too. I don't know if it saved her job or not, but it's good to see she has a sense of humor about herself.

I was at a theater festival with my daughter and we heard the announcement from loudspeakers while walking from theater building to theater building. My first thought when I heard "Kris Allen" was . . . Mary Kelly is so unhappy. I'm glad you had a good time with mah. If Adam did not win it was certainly not because of lack of effort or sincere appreciation on your part.
Mary, we've had our disagreements. But you have made this the best season of idol, ever. I had to stop myself yesterday from saying "I have a friend who's going to be in ROW 9 of IDOL finale" and then suddenly realized that if I had to explain that would go like "yeah, she's somebody I met in the INTERNET." And then I would feel like a bigger loser than I already do for caring about this damn addictive show.

I only caught the last five minutes, because I'd promised to take my son to a soccer game. But all I saw in Adam's face was relief. He's savvy enough to manage his own career. And close up it looked like he and Chris had been joking a lot about who was going to have to sing that crappy song.

As for the homophobic thing. I don't think that people who didn't care for Adam would actually go as far as pick up the phone and vote for Chris. Even though I don't consider myself a homophobe (and I'm Canadian so can't vote) , I think, apart from the state of Arkansas, people who prefer soft rock and teenage girls, there may very well have been a homophobic block. But it's a bit of a stretch that they controlled the vote.
I was so happy you got to be there, Mary, and then sad for you about the result. I did not love Adam, myself, but since it was a contest, he should have won fair and square, he was by far the most talented person this season. (Bizarrely, I liked Danny!) I always root for the underdog but in this case I was not only stunned when Kris won, I thought it was deeply unfair. I sort of kick myself for watching and caring again, it's such a sham -- but hell, I had fun! And reading your recaps was my favorite part.
Let me explain AI. No, it's not a soap opera - it's a singing contest. While we sometimes hear about personal travails, mostly it's not that deep into the lives of the performers. The Olympics spend more time on the personal lives of the athletes, and go out of their way to make events into contests between contrasting lives.

AI is about singing. If you can't sing, or you choke, you go home.

You "don't get it" because you've never watched. Duh.

I like it because I like to watch talent. I like to watch people striving to improve, to find their own unique voice, being brave enough to stand in front of the freaking world with who they are. I don't always watch - some seasons no one interested me.

In a way it is like an Olympic event - you root for someone, you watch them take the lead or slip back into the pack or bring out something you didn't expect. Not a soap opera at all.

Try watching it, then decide what it is.
Cfrank - apparently AI has rights of first refusal over signing the top few contenders. So they have first crack at Adam, too. Hopefully whoever signs him will do his voice and style justice.
::tip tip tip toe::
I was happy with the results.
Stellaa. I think you have a point. They were patronizing to the point of insulting to Kris on the finale night. And AI audiences have a history of putting the judges in their place. So Adam dislikers might have voted for Kris just on that. Taylor Hicks syndrome. The audience sometimes projects themselves onto the underdog. If they'd been a little more critical of Adam (and there was certainly room to be) he might have actually won.
Hi, MTK: I'm excited for you, seeings as you are on the cover of BIG SALON without any suspicious blue "S." Hope they're paying you! Best. HB
I was certain Kris would one, although Adam is already an iconic world-wide star waiting to happen. Why was I so certain? Because the "tween" population decides the vote, and the "tween" population are naturally and understandably drawn to "safe" (not overtly and rawly sexual), boyish, Bradd Pitt-y Kris; Adam is simply way too threatening for these young "tween" gals.

For me, the most moving moment was when Queen came out. I had said for weeks to my fiance that I was sure they would see in Adam a bit of the beloved and amazingly gifted Freddie Mercury - including that multi-octave vocal range. I was literally in tears when I saw the lead guitarist of Queen walk on the stage - I knew it had to be an emotional moment for the band (I know them, by the way, long story, my friend used to run a well known record label) - it is only a pity that Kris was in the way - this should have been Adam's moment and his alone with Queen - It had to have deeply moved the band, and Adam as well, to hear his soaring voice on "We are the Champions," eerily reminiscent of Freddie's...Adam is better off not winning, but we all know who is the true super-star here.
I'm happy you got to be there.

I'm happy you got to meet m. a.h. - and jealous, too!

And fear not, it's really not a talent contest, but a popularity contest.

Adam will be okay - probably better than okay. He Did look relieved, actually.

Kris will niche himself into Nashville. His duet with Keith Urban was where he needs to be - country balladeering.

Don't give up. It's harmless and sometimes entertaining spectacle, and you're a fantastic standard-bearer. Come on back next January. You're a voice of both enthusiasm and reason.
you are so precious, mary. i loved this report above all others, despite the fact that i have no interest whatsoever in AI. it's good to know my affinity for guyliner would have doomed me to defeat if they'd have had AI back when i still nurtured my own dreams of rock stardom.

good for you and m.a.h. for getting to the show!
LOL, tequilaanddonuts! You're fab! Remind us all, will ya, that we are a community of fun-loving free-thinkers!

I'm OK, you're OK! Adam's OK, Kris's OK! Obama's OK, Cheney's ... downright bunker-like old-GOP scary all the time! ;-)

[Closing the door on my Adam disappointment - and fervently looking for a way to send (sigh) fan mail!]

Sign me,
40-something Adam guyliner and glam rock fan 4-ever!
I enjoyed hearing about your big Hollywood adventure even though I don't watch AI. And I too am jealous that you got to meet m.a.h - and of her that she got to meet you! That seems more than enough compensation for your guy losing.
Let me know when you actually hate American Idol.
To some degree, American Idol is not supposed to be just about vocal ability. It's also supposed to be about marketability.

Adam's voice was awesome. I give him that. However, it wasn't commercially viable. Note that he mainly sang along with rock dinosaurs, like Kiss and Queen. There isn't a market for that kind of stuff right now., outside of classic rock stations, and I would rather hear the classic rock groups than Adam.

Kris, on the other hand, has a good voice. He also fits in stylistically to the pop hits of today. I can see him going on tour with Jason Mraz, or the Fray, etc.
Wow, first hand account! How exciting. You and m.a.h. Wow again.

Figure it this way, both won. Adam Lambert will be quite wealthy and well-known from this point forward, I'm sure.

You guys must have had such a good time. Who was your favorite non-Idol performer? Who wowed you?
Both will go on to solid careers. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.
Perdidochas - I beg to differ about marketability. If you listen to soft rock stations, you hear Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, so you assume that's what's marketable.

You obviously haven't listened to Muse, one of the most popular bands in a long time - the lead singer is hugely theatrical, seems to be "yelling" because he puts emotion and force behind his voice. U2? Bono is well known for what people call "yelling" which is just a big voice. They aren't going anywhere soon - just came out with a new album.

Kings of Leon - their lead also does some 'yelling' (which again isn't yelling but rock singing) and they're really new and very popular.

Aerosmith has been around forever, and Steven Tyler screams just like Adam (or vice versa, sorry) - you can't say they aren't marketable.

Besides all that, why would I want someone who fits right into the mainstream of what's "marketable' when I could listen to someone who might bring something OUT of the mainstream to the table. That's what will spark my musical interest.

Kris is marketable to a certain demographic, while Adam is marketable to another. I happen to like both, but while I might think Kris is a bit bland and not marketable in MY little corner of the world, that doesn't mean he isn't marketable in yours.
The good news is that Adam won't be tied to an AI contract so he won't have to do the obligatory crap album. Maybe he can make a good record now.
Kris who?

I've never watched the show but I did last night, if only to get a glimpse of you two ladies. Thought I spotted you once or twice.

Had to laugh at your getting called out by the cousin of the judge who writes turd songs. THAT is something that would happen to me!
Sorry Mary.......about Adam that is....but what a great time you must have had!! All that music, all those people and all the fun. I couldn't believe anyone had to sing that horrid NO BOUNDARIES song again......that was just plain audio assault no matter who sang it. Kris's duet with Keith Urban was Fantastic.......Adam and Kiss were great........this is a starting platform for BOTH to launch their careers... I wanted one of them to sing with Rod Stewart......oh well. Good reporting.
Holy crap; I guess I really AM the only person in America who doesn't watch this, doesn't get it. Damn!
It's okay Mary. Adam is the most talented person that ever walked the AI stage as a contestant. The telling part for me is the simple truth that the winners contract is so onerous tat Kelly Clarkson spent three years trying to get out of hers. Winnig is usually the bigest moment in the winners career to. Notable exceptions apply, but for the most part, winning doesn't help much.
Other than MaryTKelly, I have no idea about a single person mentioned here. Apparently there is some benefit to living under a rock.
But as always Mary, I may not know what you are talking about, but I love the way you say it!
I love AI because it's one of the only TV shows that I can watch with my kids without someone thinking it's "lame". I really didn't care who won because I couldn't decide, but looking back, if Adam had won I would probably have thought the whole thing was fixed. He's a great singer but probably appeals to fewer here for various reasons, (and not all bad ones).
So I've just watched the youtube clips. And Adam was born to sing Queen. I don't know why he didn't the whole season. Maybe because he didn't want to seem to gay? If he'd done that though, I'd have maybe respected him more than all the revamped butch stuff he tried out. Hope he takes the frontman job. He'd learn a lot. They mentored Canadian Idol one week and they were awesome.
They got it wrong. By next week at this time, no one will care.

After the announcement last night, all I wanted to do was to hug you. When Bill and I learned via the Internet earlier, because we are so far away and 3 hours earlier than west coast, we were stunned. Speechless, jaws open, catching flies for a few minutes until we realized it was true. We both fully believed Adam would win this, however, leaned Kris, as you know.

I have to add, humbly, that it isn't always the performer's talent that grabs an audience, but the actual genre of the music and people's preference for musical style. Voters are fickle, as we have seen for many season's now and this was no different.

I am so happy to read here that Adam has been doing some musical theater as that is a winning combination for his vocal range and stage presence. Adam is as multi-talented as he is a genuinely nice person. I liked him so much and did expect him to win this.

You and m.a.h. looked beautiful and had a thrill of a lifetime together. It was all worth it for that and all the music icons you watched perform in front of your eyes! Utterly amazing line up of performers, professional and past contestants. Most would give anything to have been in your high heels!

If we see any Broadway musical open up with Adam in it, you and I are going to be seeing it together! I really mean it! xoxoxoxoxo
American Idol is a cheesy, fake show populated by obvious fake contestants in the early going. Even the finalists are B-level performers who would otherwise never likely rise beyond local lounge gigs. Whether they deserve the utterly onerous, totally one-sided, in-perpetuity servitude contracts they have to sign is another matter.

Honestly, Mary, you didn't really wanna be that much in sync with the rest of America, did you? If Adam had won it would have meant that outsiders were in, and thus very uncool. Adam needs to stay on the outside and I sure hope to see him sing with Queen again.
I'm so glad you and m.a.h. got to meet up and go to the finale! And I'm so bummed for you that it wasn't the outcome you were expecting. I was kind of hoping Adam would win, but as I've learned from the Bush era - never try to understand the American voter. Even if they're just voting with a cell phone.

Adam will do just fine, even though he didn't win. In all honesty, I'd probably pick up an album by Adam before I'd buy one from Kris.
I'm with you Walter on your #1 and #2 comments. But then Kiss have always been a parody of a rock group. They are to music as the WWE is to sport.
Cap'n - ALL the contestants are tied into contracts. You have to sign your soul to the devil (aka Cowell and his producing partner) just to compete. I wouldn't be surprised of some of their massive earnings came from the William Hung CD.

If they and Adam want to make a few bucks the first thing they need to do is get a single of him singing "Mad World" out there straight away.
Well, I hate got to see the show live!!! Just kidding, I love ya! Except for Adam losing, that was the best final show ever! I loved all of the performances. I thought Allyson was terrfic with Cyndi Lauper and even liked Kris with Keith Urban. Thanks for the updates and don't give up.

Do you feel sort of like you did when Bush won in 2000 and 2004?
Guys, not sure this means anything AT ALL but in googling I came across this bit of info: Queen and Paul Rogers amicably split as of May 12, 2009, i.e., about a week ago. Just interesting timing . . .
Well Mary, One thing that i DO know is that you and M.A.H. are absolute gems for us here at OS and it would be a much less interesting place without you two.
Kris was in disbelief and didn't want the trophy. He seemed truly embarrassed to take it, but Adam seemed genuinely happy for Kris. His already high stock just jumped that much higher for me after that.
It became a popularity contest the last three weeks, very similar to class president or whatever in high school. Enough of that for awhile. I'm glad it's over and I'm especially glad you two got to go and have a great time.

The funniest part of your post?

“Please stop talking about Kara like that. She’s my cousin.”

Hilarious!!!!! Just wondering how you got the foot out of your mouth. hehehehe
Look at the interesting dialogues you’ve inspired about the statistics/demographics behind the vote and what it might say about us. I was curious if there was any way to quickly look into the voting stats to put some facts behind all the conjecture, but of course, AI doesn’t really allow for that. I did come across one website ( that claims to break down technical problems with AI voting. Sounds like the way the voting’s set up it basically promises upsets and odd results. (Pardon my ignorance if this site has been brought up before).

Ah well. ‘Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip...’
I am not among the devotees of this show, but I enjoyed your report. Glad you had fun.
I couldn't care less about American Idol, but I really liked seeing pictures of you and mah together!
Like Sandra, I came for pictures of you and mah. You're both so beautiful, and mah you weren't kidding all those times you've told us you're small. Damn! Because I've seen pics of Mary and she's skinny!

Anyway, I'll have to go and check out some of these performances on youtube. I'm never in on the action with these reality tv shows but catch up after the fact.
Thanks for the recap and the chance to live vicariously. When I heard the first notes of "Beth" I was so giddy, I was kicking and squealing with anticipation. It was awesome. And I think it turned out as it should.
A few years ago -- perhaps the year of Ruben Studdard or Taylor Hicks? -- people also seemed surprised by the results. Shortly after that, I read an article which stated that Idol's voting does not guarantee the more popular person (in reality) will get the most votes. The problem occurs when the phone lines are jammed during the voting period and the contest is close.

Regardless of who won this year, I have no doubt that Simon is already thinking about the best way to earn millions of dollars from both Kris and Adam's recordings.
I want that bra-cup shoulders shirt. It's just so visually amazing and stupendous.
That was so difficult, to be honest, horribly uncomfortable for me to read. Perhaps it is because I am just recovering from a virus, I have stayed up way to late & I am an ardent, friend & fan of Adam's. It took me till some time late in the game to realize, after your alarming title, that you are truly as unhappy as I am at the upset, the "dark horse", the ridiculous travesty of an American Idol SINGING competition & the Winner therein going to the runner up! I lament with you.
Did you ever see the disclaimer at the end of the show that says the producers reserve the right to control the outcome (or something like that...)? I cannot imagine "why", but I am not so quick to think this is how America voted...!
I'm glad you got to go and see the show and meet m.a.h. anyway.

Oh, and I love that Kara's cousin was in front of you! What a great foot-in-mouth story.
anybodhi: AI loves to plug high-pitched screamers. Not sure why. I don't define "talent" by dressing up and painting one's fingernails black. I do define it being able to play the guitar and piano. Adam made the mistake of going to the edge and playing to the camera. As far ans KISS and QUEEN--oh hum . . . time to move on. And America did and so will Kris. Now it's time for those who rooted for Adam to do the same. He's not disappearing. You can still like him. And support him.
Adam's website is up. Check it out. Sign up.
I've enjoyed all the comments and discussion. Especially love the ones with my fellow upsetees! I will always wonder about the outcome of this show...and the "real" reasons for it.

I'm also keeping in mind that this is the kind of fluff stuff that sometimes is required in life, life that presents its challenges, sorrows, it's grief...I'm thinking particularly of Dakini and her early departure from this life, a life she was so passionate about. (Dakini, you will be forever missed).

Thanks to all who had the enthusiasm, patience, stomach and loyalty to my AI recaps. It's been a blast doing them.

anybodhi: What's the website address?

First congratulations. You have done an amazing job in reporting on the seasons happenings. Great job.

Now.... it really isn't a singing contest and you should not be surprised. It has already happened time and again. This is by no means the first time. The judges SAVE this year was intended to keep this same thing from happening too early in the season a la Daughtry... but it clearly proves that this is a POPULARITY CONTEST. As soon as you open it up to the masses you hve lost control. It got worse when they began to allow people to cal in as often as they want. AND THEY WONT FIX IT BECAUSE IT IS A SUCCESS AND SELLING AIR TIME LIKE NOTHING HAS EVER SOLD ON TELEVISON.

So you can hate it if you choose.... but you'll be back, because it is good television... not because it is a good singing contest.

I knew that Adam was the better singer as did everyone... but I wasn't that surprised.
Lucky you! What a cool thing to do! Glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing it. I really enjoyed it, even though, KISS is too much now.
Harp, you are so right. I know you are. Gosh darn it, you are right and I'm still severely disappointed. Like my heart hurts. And everyone else, including you, are right. I'll be back in January. It's Simon's last year. And I'm a sucker for all these singers, good and bad. Harp, thanks to you and anyone else that enjoyed these recaps. I really do appreciate that.

And BTW, for those who asked: Was I as disappointed as when Bush was re-elected? NO. Nothing will match that disappointment in the American public. Ever. Or at least up until now. That was beyond disappointment.
ah, but we CAN trust the American voter. Perhaps we can't trust them to get it "right", but we can certainly trust - if the polls are not rigged - that the results are the collective manifestation of our will.

I've probably only watched American idol once in my life, but I've become a big believer in anonymous votes of this sort to be a fairly accurate barometer of our collective thought. People will tell a pollster one thing, but anonymous votes reveal the truth.
That's funny, what you said about how the American voter can't be trusted. You know, I felt the same shock and horror when The Donald so mockingly fired Annie Duke last week. I just couldn't believe it. But I just have Trump to be upset with.
Great recap! I didn't watch it but I'll take your every word for it.
What a great post, I haven´t seen you American Idol yet, I think it is broadcast with some delay in my country, but I know who the winner is!
Hey, you two look great and happy on those photos!
Like everything else in life, it's a popularity contest. And even if the fruity guy has more talent, there were not enough goth and emo chicks to beat the other guy. Im sure he will do fine in the music business. What happens after this trivial, and moronic talent contest you obsess over is more important.
Again, I loved all the comments. Jim (the last comment made), as for your question as to what I will be doing now that AI is over...sitting on my couch slobbering until the season starts again until next January.
Don't think I'm not tempted to write another post about today's NY Times story about the potential rigging of American Idol by AT&T. I'm tempted but letting it go...smacks too much of the sore loser, but I might change my mind.