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Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams
New York,
November 09
I work here. In my other incarnations, I'm the culture critic for PRI's The Takeaway, and my book, "Gimme Shelter" comes out from S&S 3/3/9.

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MARCH 3, 2009 12:50PM

The Amazon monkey is on my back!

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Today is my book's official pub date and seriously,  who would like to come to my house and pry me away from the "refresh" button?

Here's what I know now from checking the rankings of other books on the real estate list: a lot of people are buying guides to making money off foreclsoures. And here's what I know from checking the rankings of other books of pop culture list: a lot of people are marijuana enthusiasts.

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Congrats! Now we're all going to follow your progress.
Congrats! It's a great feeling, isn't it?
Cool....which is yours? MJ or real estate? ;)
I should do a book about finding a home WHERE YOU CAN GROW YOUR WEED.
Congrats. Have you had that glitch yet? You know the one, where for a magical three minutes you're at 200. Or does this only happen on Amazon.ca (the Canadian Amazon, which is a little easier to crack, especially if your book is about Canada.)

This makes me think of a great book by Ben Cheever (Selling Ben Cheever), in which he took a job at Borders for a while. At one point one of the other employees asked "you're a writer, aren't you?" He puffed up with pride, figuring this person recognized his name and answered, yes. Then his co-worker said "yeah, the other writer who worked here was always checking his rankings too."
I ronically the bible belt has become the big weed growing region, supplanting northern Cal, in some respects. The landscapes in mountain regions like TN are too hard to patrol and the cops too indifferent to care.
Your book will be a success, or is that the next one? I can't tell from the messy fortune cookie that I have. What I do know is that if it's been published, it's time for you, Scorpio, to move onto your next adventure. We can consult the I Ching if you'd like.