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JANUARY 18, 2009 11:10AM

Gazan Doctor and Peace Advocate Attacked Asks Why

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Gazan Doctor and Peace Advocate Attacked Asks Why

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish in waiting room of hospital, photo uploaded from NY Times by mashget on Flickr

I wanted the world to see what happened to this doctor and my wish is coming true. There is a most excellent article on Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish in the New York Times.

My only complaint with the article is that it did not make the front page which is where this story belongs. Here is an excerpt of the article by Dina Kraft:

TEL HASHOMER, Israel — Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish is a Gazan and a doctor who has devoted his life to medicine and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. But on Saturday, the day after three of his daughters and a niece were killed by Israeli fire in Gaza, Dr. Abuelaish, 53, struggled to hold on to the humane philosophy that has guided his life and work.

As he sat in a waiting room of the Israeli hospital where he works part time, he asked over and over, "Why did they do this?"

And listen to this, Kraft reports in her article that the doctor recently lost his wife to leukemia.  One tragedy caused by disease, and another by the disease of war inflicted by man, namely the IDF.

Please read the full article by Kraft in the New York Times. Here is the URL to the article.
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Yes, I have seen the video of him on the phone with an Israeli journalist yesterday, thanks to another blogger on OS. He was being interviewd right at the time he was attacked. His daughters died right there and then. The journalists in the Israeli news studio were all choking up, they knew him personally. I had no other comment at the time but my own tears.
hi sarah,
thanks for commenting. i saw judith's post and searched for one in english. found one that showed how the journalist was able to get an ambulance to the doc's home. posted it yesterday if interested in seeing a follow up. war crimes.
This is horrendous. It would kill me to lose my children- I don't know how he's coping. I hope, for him, and so many others, that this ends before any more die. My heart goes out to him and his family.
yes it is just horrible. he has to be in a stat of shock. and he just lost his wife to luekemia. too much.
war crimes. thanks for commenting.
Your heart is in the right place Mary.
thanks for commenting garfish.:) he is the obama cincert just on hbo or is it on cnn? anyone know?
thanks padraig.:) it is important we pay attention to the horrors of war and the innocents caught up in it.
hi yoga fix,
your comment has put me back in the feed. so thanks for that. in regard to my posts, i suggest you don't read them and maybe practice some deep breathing ans stretching for yoga to curb your anger.