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Mary Ann is a columnist for the Keene (NH) Sentinel, the Providence Phoenix and other newspapers and has appeared on She was an Associated Press Award-winning radio talk host for 13 years and the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of RI 1977-1987. Her most recent book, ABORTION - The A Word (Gadd Books) is available on line and in major bookstores.


MARCH 14, 2012 6:34PM

The G.O.P.'s Terrifying Black Comedy

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Since I tend to sympathize with the platforms of the Democratic Party most of the time, I should be delighted that the Republicans have been shooting themselves in the foot every day since their primary season began. The malapropisms and factual faux pas of Michele Bachmann, the memory lapses and extraterrestrial pronouncements of Rick Perry, the polished shucking and jiving of Herman Cain and the painful-to-watch valiant but fruitless efforts  of Jon Huntsman ought to have made me joyous since every misstep by the GOP field made an Obama victory more inevitable.

But I don’t feel elated: the GOP implosion seems terrifying.

With Mitt Romney barely hanging on to his “frontrunner” status, Santorum poised to take the next several primaries across the extremist South while Newt Gingrich nods off on TV between pedantic quips, I am both afraid and disgusted. (Ron Paul stands for some policies liberals can easily embrace, but-- let’s face it-- he’s not going to be the nominee or the next president.)

What is the nation to think of a multi-millionaire with no clue and no chance of being embraced sincerely by his party? Why is a formerly pro-choice senator now trying to roll back birth control laws to pre-1960’s obsolescence? Who made the former philandering and profiteering Speaker and his third wife poster children for Catholicism?

This week CNN reported that, “Samuel Wurzelbacher, the Ohio Congressional candidate best known as "Joe the Plumber," said Thursday his status as an American citizen was qualification enough to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.” That and having a pulse, I guess, make plunging toilets training enough for interpreting the constitution while passing laws.

Mitt Romney has about 4 “home states,” strapped his dog to the top of his car for a ride to Canada and is incapable of small talk with the average voter. Rick Santorum has the chilling effect of a fascist echo with his determination to return women to total male subservience and to punish and isolate all Americans who do not share his extreme fundamental Catholic views. Newt Gingrich may have converted to the Catholic Church after years of political shell games and marital infidelity but apparently he can’t spell “humility” or “contrition.”

Republicans may end up brokering their convention and Chris Christie’s name is mentioned daily. This raises the other terrifying possibility that the charismatic, conservative New Jersey governor could try to run—all 5 feet 11 inches tall and at least 300 pounds of him (Christie’s actual weight is apparently classified info.) Picking a running mate in this case would be a really crucial matter.  

Why do Americans reject candidates with histories of mental health treatment-- like Democrat George McGovern’s 1972 VP choice, Sen. Thomas Eagleton--  yet embrace candidates who are clearly narcissistic, hysterical, neurotic, unqualified or just plain dumb? Voters deserve better choices—and America ought to have spawned them-- but this is, apparently, the best American Republicans can do. And that, in itself, is terrifying!


(This originally appeared last week as my column in the Keene Sentinel)

graphics credit: wikicommons public domain- by Donkey Hotey ShareAlike



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Oh, Mary Ann, where do I start? Chris Christie is a bully that is no better than a street thug, as evidenced by his latest takedown of a citizen. Doesn't he(and his rabid fan base) realize that treatment like that is for your enemies, not your constituents?) Newt hasn't been able to let go that Clinton was elected, but not him. So he got even by impeaching Bill for inarguably bad behavior. But it should not have reached the level it did just to satisfy his lust for power(he has so much lust, doesn't he?). Romney is like a vapid game show host, except a game show host has a little more charisma. He would be wearing a crown if was able, he is so pompous! Ron Paul is like a grumpy grandfather-you put up with him because of his age, but you really just roll your eyes and wish he would just shut up. Oh, he had also in the past lent his name to racist views-so he is a crackpot. Sick Rantorum is a sanctimonious pisspot-and that is the nicest thing I could think of to say about him. He is so reprehensible-and I don't know what brand of Catholicism he belongs to, but it isn't like anything i ever learned-I only left my church 5 years ago. I was taught it was okay to believe in science-like evolution and global warming. He is pandering to evangelicals that want women to have babies until their uteruses fall out!

It is a clown car, and the sad thing is millions of idiots will vote for them. Also, these same idiots still believe that our President is a Muslim, who wasn't born in this country. Not Manifest Destiny, but Dumbass Destiny! R
I know. It's awful.
Until recently I identified as an Independent. I was intrigued by Huntsman as a candidate, but the the Republican party has just gone off the rails. I am just perplexed by the whole mess.
Mary Ann, I'm going to write in your name.
Outstanding Mary Ann. I appreciate the insight of this as compared to the snarky, smart-assed stuff that's regularly pumped through this site. (witness Jonathan Wolfman's sophomoric humor this morning). I still think that Christie may be in the running if things continue to go to hell for the Republicans--he's certainly positioned himself with his self-effacing denials of interest. And I also think that Gingrich could be the "middle ground" candidate between Romney and Santorum--that in and of itself is a terrifying proposition that Gingrich could be the guy in the middle.
This is excellent food for thought. Thanks.
Perfect Mary Ann. It is hilarious and disturbing at the same time. They are idiots! Let's all laugh at them!

Wait . . . . these are the best our country has to offer for leadership? Oh my, we're in trouble, are we not?
Mary Ann, the previous RNC chairman, Michael Steele apparently was instrumental in changing the rules covering primary elections. He, and other Republicans, thought it would be more exciting to make the race last right up to the convention. Disgusting is more the term most of us would use.
Talk of a brokered convention and Chris Christie's name keep coming up. Surely, this isn't what the RNC has wanted from the beginning; dragging this dog and pony show through 50 states and assorted territories only to nominate someone that no one voted for in the end. If I were a Republican I would be really angry, which may be part of the reason that I'm not a Republican. Republicans seem to have a high tolerance for being fed a line of B.S. thinking it is filet mignon, and then saying thank you when they find out otherwise. R
If Romney has trouble, the Simpsons are willing to put forward Mr. Burns for POTUS.
I LOVE these comments and I thanks all of you for the thoughtful and challenging stuff you've all written for the rest of us to think about!

Welcome onislandtime! jane, walter, rodney and desert thanks for your faithful reads and honest reactions. And Larry...I bet you would, too! Thanks.
PS- The original column did NOT include the graphics...but I loved them so much I had to include the "clowns" here.
BTW, Jane and Walter...though I like Chris Christie as a charismatic figure...he's not too far off from Santorum on women, gays and other issues I hold dear. Plus, his VP choice would be CRITICAL, as I suggest, since he may just explode any day now and that VP would be a heartbeat away from that explosion. So let's not get too excited about the NJ governor as savior. Giuliani has plenty of faults but he might be a better choice-- a neo-fascist fiscally on on law and order, but with 21st century moderate social views.
I'm with you in having mixed feelings about the farce that is the Republican primaries. Not that th system itself is bad; quite the contrary. It gives everyone who cares a good long look at the candidates and it ain't a pretty sight. But one of them has to win and the concern is that if gas starts bumping the $5 a gallon mark, some folks, an maybe just enough, will vote against Obama on that issue alone. Yikes!
Very few in the congress have the necessary qualifications. The majority of our congress could not find a job in retail. I bet you there are many people with history of mental illness that are more sane than these Republican clowns. Food for thought, Mary; well said. R
The Keene Sentinel? I used to read it all the time when we lived in Spofford.

What you describe is all quite mysterious. Lately I'm going for a simple explanation, all the "Christians" aside. Evil. The work of the devil.
I figured these were the choices because the Republicans didn't want to waste a viable candidate against an incumbent that was obviously going to be re-elected. I just hope the constituents got that memo. Any one of them would be wrong. I liked Huntsman.
That opening image and the things that have become to our candidates makes this a truly fine post.
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥R
phyllis- I thought Huntsman had a lot of qualifications too and was very articulate and "presidential". But don't be fooled-- on some issues important to women he is as bad as Santorum. Welcome to you DO THOSE GRAPHICS -- swirls and hearts etc??? Welcome to all the new readers and thanks to all who commented. Thoth, hope your birthday was terrific.
Mary Ann, I hear you, and we all suffer. Sadly, however, as an electorate, we have not demonstrated that we deserve better.
The GOP has shown most of its true colors, but their base doesn't seem to care. That scares me more than anything, not the GOP leaders, but the followers.
I, too, don't get it. The only thing that makes sense to me is that, for some reason, the "powers that be" want Obama re-elected.
As a lifelong (almost) New Jersey resident I am proud of my beautiful state (get off the Turnpike!) and ashamed of our governor. I cannot understand how the words "president" and "Chris Crispy" can even appear in the same sentence. He is a disgrace to our citizens who have already suffered through Tony Soprano and Snooky.

Keep up the good fight! We need more like you!