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MARCH 1, 2012 9:00AM

Graham and Santorum: Apples Falling Far from Trees

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                                                    Two Good Christian Men talking

Two Good "Christian" Men Chatting

It is said about offspring that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." In the case of Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, however, the apple seems to have fallen in a totally different orchard altogether!

Graham-the-younger  made a fool of himself on MSNBC last week when he told the Morning Joe panel that he didn't think President Obama was a Christian and went on to make assorted other idiotic pronouncements.

His father, who has prayed with presidents of both parties and who has always exhibited the kind of compassionate tolerance and love for his fellow men and women the bible calls for has never engaged in such folly. If Billy Graham didn't think some politician was Christian enough, he never said so publicly.

Followers of Billy Graham should start looking for a new preacher to listen to since Franklin clearly isn't up to his father's standards. His subsequent apology to President Obama is too little too late.

In the case of Rick Santorum, my guess is that he initially fell not too far from the tree planted by his parents Aldo and Kay. By the former Pennsylvania senator's own description, his folk’s attendance at Sunday mass was "more dutiful than intense." 

At some point, however, Santorum's political ambitions had him carrying his "apple" to another planet far from his parents' tree.

Kay Santorum went to college and became a nurse. She even got a graduate degree and earned more than her husband. She worked full time so couldn't care for her own kids.  This means that by her son's current standards the 93-year-old Mother Santorum is a "snob," an selfish and irresponsible parent and probably a pro-choice "sinner." In any case, she doesn't sound like the kind of subservient 50's homemaker her son sanctifies.

Since getting his ass handed to him in Arizona and losing Michigan to Romney as well, Rick Santorum is trying to "soften his message" to women. He's going to have to do a hell of a lot more than that just to insure that the women of Ohio and other states next in line for primaries don't just storm the stage and string him up.

This guy is an arrogant, self-serving liar and political whore who cares more about getting elected than he does about any religious of moral issue he pretends to embrace.

By the way, Santorum was himself "pro-choice" until he ran for higher office in 1995, by his own admission.

This is his opposition:

2004 March For Women's Lives - Washington DC

2004 March for Women's Lives  (click and remember)

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Mary Ann Sorrentino

I heard your voice in Canada

Last autumn on CA CBC program `Q'
I recall the interview was with you?
Is this nation gonna ever be Sane?
a girl praying
for God to choose answers
on her True/False quiz
"This guy is an arrogant, self-serving liar and political whore who cares more about getting elected than he does about any religious of moral issue he pretends to embrace." Very strong language and I love every single word. What concerns me is the number of people on the right that are just as arrogant and self-serving. Check my most recent post for an example of their insanity.
Valid points all. But those who want Obama reelected comfortably will want Santorum to fool just enough of the people to get the nomination.

Those who aren't fooled can chuckle.

I'll be the one crying, though. With all due respect to our president, the final ballot will leave me rather uninspired.
That's the troublesome thing about Santorum. And then I see Romney in his $200 shirt and $400 jeans and $150 haircut trying to be a "man of the people".
Do you think that there's a bunch of Republicans and "teabaggers" who would like a "mulligan" on this whole primary season?
This sort of thing is not exactly unexpected behaviour for either politicians or religionists. Neither would know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the nose...... as it often does.
I caught the Morning Joe interview. My coffee turned to acid in my stomach as I watched.
Thank you, Mary Ann. Santorum was pro-choice by his own admission until he ran for higher office! What is he - a chameleon?
How can the electorate be sure of what he'll change into next, depending on what he sets his sights?
I read somewhere that Santorum's wife lived with an abortion doc before they got together.

Anyway, none of this matters. What matters is a retrograde religious maniac (or the pretense of same) has an apparent chance at becoming head mullah, sorry, president! Incredible.
Santorum is now claiming a win, of sorts, in Michigan as he has evenly split the delegates with Romney. He was actually gloating in the clip I saw.
Sick Rantorum as I call him is so wackadoodle. As much as I do not agree with the Catholic church, the anti-evolution and anti-science is actually counter to current Church teachings-other than what has to do with the lady parts! As for Franklin Graham, he is a panderer of the worst kind! R
Amen! You got them figured out, Mary Ann. They are neither moral nor Christian. Well said. R
Thanks again to all of you for thoughtful reads/comments....The daily news tells us the insanity is growing, not subsiding...very scary. Remember:

The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance!
I hope that's his opposition, Mary Ann. For the life of me, I can't figure how there are enough idiots to keep him in the running. He, Gingrich, Limbaugh...they're like a bunch of sociopaths.